A Message from Cantor Kurt R. Schmidt

A point of pride in Judaism is that Jewish traditions and faith practices are passed " ledor vador " - from generation to generation. This mindset recognizes that the past, the present, and the future are all part of the life and story of a community.

Here at Zion, we have inherited not only traditions and practices of our Christian faith, but a specific legacy at the intersection of 10th Street and 6th Avenue in Deerfield Beach that has carried us for over 62 years.

We are all a part of that legacy. I was baptized, communed, and confirmed at Zion. I was a student in the school and returned 20 years later as a teacher. My mother worked here for almost 30 years. My parents renewed their wedding vows here, And, my father rests in the Memorial Garden. I have specific memories from specific places at Zion. My story is not unique.

On Zion's campus, there are almost 50 boxes of files filled with the names of students that attended Zion for a part of their educational journey. We have 3 tall filing cabinets filled with transcripts from our graduates. Our church records are overflowing with names of individuals and families who are part of the story of Zion - church, preschool, school, and community. Our heritage is a point of pride, but we also look to the future that God has planned for us.

We have a campus, an identity, and a legacy that we have inherited from the generations that came before us, and our charge and challenge remains the same. What will we do today that will allow us to pass on the story of our faith " ledor vador ," from generation to generation?

Everyone that has ever been a part of Zion has a "Zion story."
What's yours?
Inviting, Equipping, and Serving at Zion
Phase 1 : Katie Luther Chapel (our first worship space on the property), the administrative offices, and Evergreen Academy received a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to Pastor David Potter, David King, and David Clancy for refreshing the landscaping in front of Katie Luther Chapel.
Week 2 of Drive-Up Communion:
32 individual kits distributed!

Thank you to those who have taken communion kits and devotional materials to their extended families and our homebound members.

If you have a friend or neighbor or colleague that would appreciate receiving a home communion kit, please ask Pastor Potter on Sunday for an extra or two...!
This week's life verse addresses God and invites God's grace into our lives. Where have you seen God's grace in your daily life?

Over the next week, think about who has been on your prayer list. Have you followed up with these people? Do they know you're praying for them? Creating community in this way can be very comforting and reassuring.
The August Prayer List is in the final stages. Do you have names to add? Names to remove (because, thankfully, a prayer has been answered)? E-mail Cantor Kurt Schmidt by Friday at noon. Check the website by Sunday morning for August's prayer list. Thank you for all of your prayers!
Reminders, Upcoming Dates and Quick Links
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