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January 28, 2022

CMA President’s Message: 2021 Progress Update for the Columbus Medical Association & Affiliates

"I thank the entire physician and health care community. Every little effort to help another is felt and creates a ripple..."

CMA President, Dr. Sugat Patel, has written a great brief overview of all the amazing work the CMA and its affiliates did last year.

Take a moment to check it out and learn more about how you can join the CMA and get more involved.

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Free Spring Professional Headshots for Medical Students

Are you a medical student who needs a professional headshot? Then sign up today for the CMA's free professional headshots.

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Ohio Baby Bag Project


The Ohio Baby Bag Project (OBBP) is co-founded by our 4th-year medical students, Ziyue Wang, Saron Checkole (Co-Lead of the CMA's Medical Student Community), and Alicia Rogers. The aim of the OBBP is to connect with minorities and mothers from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to share their stories on their adversity, grit, and perseverance.

In addition, OBBP hopes to provide new mothers baby bags that contain supplies for immediate needs for their newborn child and continued assistance to reduce rates of infant mortality that arise due to financial and socioeconomic reasons. We use a two-step approach - first, to interview consenting mothers from diverse backgrounds on their experiences in motherhood while caring for an infant. We will share their stories in the media with partnered health centers to broadcast the impact of health inequities. The second step is to fill baby bags with diapers, baby wipes, common infant supplies, and educational resources.

These will be distributed through our partnered health organizations to reach those who are identified through their internal processes as in need. Ultimately, we hope the power of the stories shared and the distribution of infant supplies to families in need will synergistically help to bridge disparities in infant mortality that devastate our state.

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Dr. Ronney Abaza


Why did you become a doctor?

I didn't plan to become a doctor like many of my friends and colleagues who knew when they were kids. I was an economics major in college and kind of decided on medicine at the last minute when I looked at all of my options and compared them with how happy and fulfilled my parents were as pediatricians. So I guess I became a doctor because I realized when interviewing for investment banking jobs that I wanted to more directly help people on a daily basis and because I was ready to make the sacrifices I saw my parents had to make but that most people in this world aren't willing to make for others.

Best part of being a doctor?

I had a patient ask me just this week whether it's "fun" for me when I'm doing robotic surgery on my patients! I explained to him that it's not fun like watching a movie but that I absolutely love what I do because every time I do a robotic surgery for prostate or kidney cancer or something else, I look forward to it even after doing it for 15 years. It doesn't matter that I've already done thousands and thousands. I feel blessed to have the special skills and opportunity to help people at their biggest time of need in a way that few people in the world can. While I wouldn't call it "fun", I would say that it is extremely fulfilling to be really good at one thing and do it every day to be able to do a great job for patients with cancer or other serious problems.

What’s your biggest challenge in practicing medicine today?

I'm sure all of my fellow physicians will agree that medicine is becoming more and more complex with increasing non-clinical responsibilities and administrative stressors that can lead to burnout. We are also feeling the pressure of decreasing autonomy over time as a profession with multiple external entities like insurance companies, hospital employers, or others interfering in the doctor-patient relationship. Many physicians have become pessimistic about medicine because of these trends, and it breaks my heart when I hear a physician say that they would not choose to be a doctor if they had it to do over again! I'm still convinced that being a physician is the best and most fulfilling job in the world, but I do hope that physicians will be able to take back our profession from those who devalue physicians and see us as replaceable cogs in their machine.

Favorite thing to do away from work?

I've been married for over 23 years and am blessed with a very loving family. My kids are getting to an age where soon my wife and I will be empty nesters, so my favorite thing to do away from work is just to spend time with my family before they're all spread out!

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