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August 20, 2021

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Dr. Nick Kman | Variants, Vaccines, Back to School 2.0

The great Dr. Nick Kman is back this week with another one of his amazing updates. This time it's all about vaccines, variants, and back-to-school 2.0. Check it out!

Update to this Video Blog from 8/18/21:

Health Officials continue to emphasize that vaccinations remain effective at preventing hospitalizations and death. That said, emerging data including that cited here in the Mayo clinic study show that immunity wanes over time. This is especially pertinent against the variants. Given this fact, the CDC is recommending booster shots for those over 8 mos out from their second shot of mRNA vaccine in a yet to be defined rollout (likely starting 9/20/21). This will be especially relevant to health care workers who were among the first to get vaccinations.

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Columbus Medical Association Statement Regarding Vaccinations and HB 248

The surge of the Delta variant is a sobering reminder of the health risks that are still prevalent in our community. The Columbus Medical Association stands in full support of vaccination as the primary way to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us and avoid the return of more stringent public health measures.

The CMA’s support of vaccination is rooted in the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the consensus input from all leading American healthcare organizations representing physicians and other healthcare providers, as well as hospitals and other healthcare facility operators.

Everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated. The underlying science...

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Act Now to Oppose HB 248!


Next week the Ohio House of Representatives will again hold hearings on legislation that will restrict vaccination opportunities in Ohio. This legislation is opposed by all leading healthcare organizations (including the CMA - click here for CMA's testimony) and employer groups.

The CMA fundamentally believes that everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated. The underlying science and medical experience of millions of patients is clear – COVID-19 vaccines work to protect patients from illness and death. 

The two members of the Health Committee from Franklin/Delaware Counties (Liston and Russo) already oppose HB 248. CMA members are urged to contact the Committee Chair or any other member of the committee they might have a connection to, asking for their opposition to HB 248.

Click here for that contact information.

Culinary Medicine Corner: Fattoush Salad with Dr. Razan Alkhoury

Welcome to our newest addition to the e-news: The CMA's Culinary Medicine Community Culinary Corner.

This week Dr. Razan Alkhoury, a Primary Care Pediatrician at Nationwide Children’s & a Clinical Associate Professor at OSUMC, shares a tasty recipe from her childhood in Syria, Fattoush Salad!

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From our Sponsors: Employee Retention Credit with GBQ

The Employee Retention Credit is a federal payroll tax credit that encourages businesses financially impacted by COVID-19 to keep employees on their payroll. 

In 2020, many companies did not consider the ERC because PPP loan recipients were ineligible for it. Now, with the change in eligibility requirements, the ERC may provide companies with an opportunity to conserve cash and help keep their businesses running.

GBC offers ERC services to yield maximum benefits.

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The Columbus Medical Association and affiliates (COTS and the PCC) have joined together to form a local political action committee (PAC) that raises funds to support elected officials who are supportive of our work. 

RSVP today to our annual PAC Fundraiser on Monday, September 20th, 6 - 7:30 pm. Commissioner Kevin L. Boyce has been invited by the committee o discuss the pandemic response, disaster/emergency planning and local healthcare equity issues.

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