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October 22, 2021

Advocacy at the CMA: Limiting Mandatory Vaccine Practices


There has been no change in current Ohio law. And it appears as though formal legislative efforts to restrict mandatory vaccination policies by organizations or businesses may be suspended for now.

That is the current status. 

If you are a consumer of Statehouse intrigue, read on, at your own risk.

In recent weeks there have been two failed attempts by the Speaker of the House to craft compromise language that balanced the competing interests of "medical freedom" advocates and a coalition of healthcare organizations (including the CMA) and business groups. Both sides of this issue held firm in their positions, and there were not a majority of House members who could agree on acceptable changes to current law.

After the many hours invested in hearings and informal stakeholder meetings, the Speaker declared that enough is enough and it is time to "move on to other issues."

Following this announcement by the Speaker, last week the Chair of House Health Committee scheduled HB 248 for a hearing, and possible vote. This is the original bill on vaccines. It would limit more than COVID-19 vaccines but would include all other vaccines as well. The Speaker intervened and put out a public statement calling for the hearing to be canceled. After a relatively brief period, the Chair canceled the hearing for this week. A very public and unusual drama for the Ohio General Assembly.

Feelings remain strong on both sides. Many "medical freedom" bills have been introduced and some legislators are still talking about introducing even more. Click here for coverage of an example from earlier this month of a bill that is yet to be introduced.

The Vaccine Coalition, of which the CMA is a member, remains intact and is vigilant on this issue. 

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Practice Manager Luncheon - November 10th


Practice managers join us at the CMA offices on November 10th from 1130 am - 1:00 pm for a presentation on Cybersecurity Threats and Legal Considerations in a Post COVID World: Assessing Legal and Compliance Risks.

This presentation will discuss how COVID-19 has changed data privacy and security, as well as certain telehealth requirements.

We’ll go through fundamental cybersecurity and compliance risks, pitfalls to avoid, and what to keep in mind going forward in a “post-COVID world.”

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WIM Event - Financial Health for Women in Medicine

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Join us on November 8th from 6 - 7:30 pm for a hybrid in person/online event focused on financial strategies for women in medicine. 


The interactive session will include topics such as:

  • How to go from high income to high net worth;
  • Strategies for student-loan debt;
  • Buying a house;
  • Planning for kids college;
  • Topics/questions submitted from audience members
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