November 6, 2020
Election 2020 - Central Ohio Results
CMA Public Policy Consultant Malcolm Porter is back with a quick update on who won out of the endorsed Central Ohio candidates, who might be facing a recount, and what issues the CMA is looking to cover in the upcoming "lame duck" session.

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RSVP! Virtual Practice Manager Meetup - Wednesday November 11
Have an HR issue or question? Join us for a special HR roundtable where you can ask an expert from Employers Resource Association and brainstorm with industry colleagues to help find solutions and figure out what to do.

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SWACO Offers Free Election Yard Sign Recycling Event to all Franklin County Residents
On Saturday, November 7, SWACO, with support from the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and city of Columbus, will hold a collection and recycling event for election yard signs at the Bill McDonald Athletic Complex in North Columbus. The event is free and open to any resident or campaign in Franklin County. All paper and plastic signs, including coroplast, and metal sign stands will be accepted free-of-charge. Materials collected will be recycled. 

Election Yard Sign Recycling Event
Saturday, November 7, 2020 
8 am to 12 noon
Bill McDonald Athletic Complex
4990 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, OH 43214

Residents unable to attend Saturday’s recycling event, are encouraged to recycle paper signs in their curbside recycling cart. Stretch or film plastic signs can be recycled at a variety of grocery stores as part of the film plastic recycling programs, and the metal stands can be taken to local metal recyclers. To find film plastic and metal recycling locations, visit the Reuse and Recycling Search Tool at
Mary Jo Kendrick, MD
  1. Where were you born/raised? On a dairy farm outside Washington Court House (Ohio, of course)
  2. What was your first job? My first job was twirling my whistle in the lifeguard chair at Jeffersonville Swim Club. 
  3. What’s your favortie meal to cook? Homemade meatballs! Cooked down to perfection with peppers and...
  4. What's your favorite thing in Columbus? Biking the Olentangy trail, shopping Easton, swimming at Lifetime...
  5. What’s the last TV show you binged? ABC6 News. That main anchor Bob... :)
  6. What is your favorite part of being a physician? Conversation with my patients, teaching, learning nuggets of advice from those with more life experience.
  7. Do you have any hobbies? Swim, dance, cook, sew, practice French 
  8. When you’re able to travel freely again, where is the first place you’d like to go? I would go to Vienna, Austria and see THE KISS
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