Volume 34 | September 6, 2019
Weekly News from the Columbus Medical Association and Affiliates
Below you'll find the latest news and updates concerning the good work of Central-Ohio physicians, our affiliate organizations and other healthcare-related issues in our community. These and other stories can be found on our blog site ( blog.columbusmedicalassociation.org ).
When All Else Fails, Pitch a Tent
It's Preparedness Month and we're going focus on just some of the ways CMA program COTS prepares Ohio for any disaster.

This week Laura George, Coordinator for the Southeast/Southeast Central Regional Healthcare Coalition, highlights the medical tents in that region and when they'd be put to use.

Stayin' Alive: CPR/AED Training at the Columbus Medical Association
“AEDs were intended for the lay public. So, the important part is that everyone understands that the AED is going to do all the work.."

This past Wednesday the CMA and Affiliates gathered for CPR & AED training provided by OhioHealth EMS.

Learn more about the experience and how you can get the training at your workplace.
Exercise can make your body feel younger ... and (maybe) actually make it younger?
"We know that lifelong regular exercise can reverse many of the effects of aging – at least in “elite” or professional lifelong athletes. But what about “regular people” who commit to a lifestyle of regular activity? Can their bodies become “younger” too?"

Check out Dr. Kenny Grewal's blog on exercise and how that can aid in healthy ageing.
Can Ohio Physicians Stand United?
The CMA says yes! The "Move the Needle Challenge" is a simple way physicians across Ohio can stand together around one issue: flu vaccination. Also, it's an easy way to earn a MOC Part IV credit through the CMA.

The COPC is the first one to take the challenge and you can be next. Click here to read all about it.
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