Volume 20 | May 3, 2019
Weekly News from the Columbus Medical Association and Affiliates
Below you'll find the latest news and updates concerning the good work of Central-Ohio physicians, our affiliate organizations and other healthcare-related issues in our community. These and other stories can be found on our blog site ( blog.columbusmedicalassociation.org ).
Creating and Expanding Your World of Containers
" As an outpatient physician, I now work in the walls of my office. I have fewer interactions with other physicians than when I was in residency or doing both inpatient and outpatient medicine... Becoming aware that my container at work has gotten smaller has made me realize that I need to ensure my containers outside my work environment are nurturing, supportive, and life-enhancing."

Read more about the containers in Dr. Marietta Hofmeister life here.
A Message to Central Ohio Physicians From City Attorney Zach Klein
Downgrading from a felony low-level drug possession charge to a misdemeanor is critical.
As addiction specialists and medical professionals know, the science shows that addiction is a relapsing brain disease, and it’s imperative for those in the criminal justice system to accept that fundamental understanding. Then we can shift from treating individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders (and oftentimes co-occurring mental health problems) like felons towards treating them as individuals afflicted with addiction who need help. We can also retool the criminal justice system to be more effective in treating that addiction.  Read More...
Zach Klein will be at our CMA Gala on May 17th to introduce CMA President (and personal friend) Dr. Jeff Janis
Ohio Department of Health (ODH)
Pre- Pandemic Registration Pilot
To better prepare Ohio for the next pandemic, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is piloting a pre-
pandemic registration website to pre-register healthcare providers who are interested in providing pandemic vaccine to their patients.

The website can be accessed by visiting:  ohiopublichealthreporting.info/Enrollment
A user guide has been created to assist users in navigating the website. The pilot project will run from Friday April 26th, 2019 to Friday May 24th, 2019. We look forward to your community's engagement in this effort.
The CMA's Annual Gala is right around the corner. So boogie on over to our website and grab your tickets today!
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