April 17, 2020
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Update from CMA CEO Dr. Robert Falcone | April 17, 2020
Watch this week's update from Dr. Falcone as he discusses the Greater Columbus Convention Center surge hospital, how the EMA regions can access the surge hospital if needed, and what we can expect in the coming weeks. Also, we put together a timeline that explains the history of COTS and how we've been planning for pandemics for years, Check it out!
Society Groundhog Day Amidst a Prolonged Pandemic
"I am hoping most people become familiar with the practices of social distancing, frequent hand washing, and face mask or shield wearing, for these may continue for a very long time. Strict use of these practices will allow us to restart and reintegrate."

Check out CMA Board member Dr. Sugat Patel's reflective blog on how we might want to go about restarting our society while staying safe in the coming weeks.

Thank You to Our Central Ohio Medical Community
Members of the CMA and Central Ohio came together to create a thank you video for our dedicated and hardworking medical community. During this difficult time you stayed at work for us so we are staying home for you.

Social Media Connects Our Local Physician Community
With everyone doing their best to keep physically distant, social media has become a great way to stay connected and informed, especially for physicians.

Dr. Beth Liston, our incoming CMA President, is an excellent example of using social media (Twitter and Youtube) to help colleagues and the community.

So, take a moment to connect, learn and share with the CMA and our members:

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