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July 15, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE: All about CMA's Women in Medicine Community 

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Women in Medicine

“It is not easy to be a pioneer – but oh, it is fascinating!”

-Elizabeth Blackwell

First Woman to Earn an MD in America


At the Columbus Medical Association, we know how important it is for physicians to cultivate hobbies and community outside of work. So, as an additional benefit of CMA membership, we have various community groups available for our physicians to join. This week we are focusing on our Women in Medicine community that aims to connect and share stories unique to women navigating a career in medicine


In this group, women physicians meet to discuss topics such as stress management, personal/professional fulfillment, work/home life balance, self-care, burnout, and so much more. See below to learn more or click the button below to join today!

Join the CMA's Women in Medicine Community Today! 

At the CMA, we have amazing women physician members! In addition to their practice of medicine, they are mothers, leaders, and trailblazers. These fantastic women have valuable experiences to share and there are local medical students who want to absorb this knowledge as they embark on their future in medicine.


So, we developed the CMA Women in Medicine Mentorship Program. If you’re a woman physician, you can sign up to be matched with a student mentee. If you’re a medical student, you can sign up to be matched with a physician mentor.


Through these one-on-one interactions (in a style you agree upon with your mentee/mentor) you’ll be improving the future of women in medicine, so sign up today!

Volunteer as a Mentor
Medical Student Sign Up to Get Mentor Matched

Women In Medicine Future Events Poll

What kind of Women in Medicine events would you like to participate in?
Free two birds with one key: Events that involve physical exercise (yoga, walking, running)
“I’m still learning:” Events that involve learning (leadership, work/life balance)
Wired for connection: Events to share, ideas, resources and connect with other women physicians

Women in Medicine WhatsApp Group

The CMA’s Women in Medicine Community has set up a WhatsApp group chat! This is an easy way for women physicians to stay connected with local colleagues, to learn about upcoming WiM events, and share resources.


Scan the QR code above to join the group chat or click the button below.

Join WIM WhatsApp 

Women in Medicine Past Program:

Financial Health with WesBanco

Take a moment to get a taste of a past Women in Medicine Event by watching last years presentation on Financial  Health brought to us by WesBanco. 

In this event the speakers cover strategies for student loan debt, buying a home, planning for children's college, and so much more. 

Check it out!. 

Watch Now

From our Sponsors: WesBanco

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