March 26, 2021
Advocate for Health: How the CMA and Affiliates Utilize Public Policy to Benefit Patients and the Community
The Columbus Medical Association and our Affiliates (COTS, PCC, PLA, CMAF, and HCGC) work hard to address specific needs in our community while utilizing our advocacy efforts to support all that our affiliates do. 

Take a moment to watch and learn more about advocacy at the CMA and how any physician can become involved.
Watch Now! An Evening of Culinary Medicine: Gardening 101
This past Tuesday, the CMA Culinary Medicine Community met to hear from Dr. Neeraj Tayal about the basics of gardening. Dr.Tayal went over soil testing, seed starting, gardening methods and so much more!

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From Our Sponsors: Coverys Value-Based Care Webinar
Join Coverys on March 30 at 2:00 ET for a panel discussion with experienced healthcare professionals on the latest value-based care (VBC) program news and the emerging market dynamics that are driving increased provider participation.

Sign Up Today! CMA's Virtual Legislative Meeting Program
Sign up today for our new legislative meeting program!

When you do, you'll get the opportunity to participate in a 30-minute virtual meeting with a state legislator, 1 to 3 physicians, and CMA public policy staff consultant. These meetings are for education and awareness that will help prepare for any potential future request for support. Topics will be tailored to balance our agenda and legislators' interests/position. Topics will be outlined in writing to all meeting participants

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Women's History Month: Jane C. Wright
Join the CMA as we celebrate Women's History Month all March by highlighting important women physicians throughout history.

This week we have Jane C. Wright who was a pioneering oncologist who made significant contributions to chemotherapy treatment options and by 1967, was the highest-ranking African American woman in a United States medical institution.

Take a moment to learn more about this amazing physician.
Upcoming Events

CMA's Women in Medicine Community: Wardrobe Therapy

April 12
Evening of Culinary Medicine: Bread Baking

April 20
CMA Practice Manager Meetup

May 12
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