July 3, 2020
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Wear a Mask - A Message from Dr. Falcone
This week Dr. Robert Falcone is back to remind everyone to wear a mask.

With Mayor Ginther's executive order, Dr. Falcone encourages physicians to lead by example and ask their family, friends, colleges, and patients to wear masks.

COVID Shedding Light on the Injustices of Youth Incarceration
"Our communities have failed to adequately protect some of our most vulnerable youth, but we cannot continue to fall short."

Forth year medical student at the Ohio State University, Christopher Diaz, wrote an insightful blog on the physical/mental hazards in juvenile detention and correctional facilities that this COIVD-19 pandemic has highlighted.

Policy & Politics - CMA Policy Update - July 3, 2020
The CMA is starting a new series of short videos on policy and politics that physicians should know. This week's video is on two important policy items that came up in the Ohio Senate's session on 6/30 that have to do with legal liability relief for physicians and other service providers as well as a bill that would weaken the authority of public health order issued by the State Health Director.

Be Smart, Not Fearful
"Therefore, the rules that mandate self-quarantine for the asymptomatic and restrict interstate travel are not necessary, in fact, they somewhat belittle the important precautions."

CMA Board member, Dr. Sugat Patel, is back with a follow up to a blog he wrote in April on restarting Ohio. This time he discusses his concern for condemning those traveling from "hotspot" states and mandating them to quarantine for 14 days.

We have some new members that recently joined the Columbus Medical Association! Learn who they are below and be sure to welcome them to the CMA community!
Eric A. Sribnick, MD, PhD
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Nationwide Children's
Wanjiku Kabiru, MD
Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Mount Carmel Health System

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