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June 4, 2021

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Basic Vaccination Law Under Threat at Ohio Statehouse:

Act Now to Oppose House Bill 248!


HB 248 not only impacts exemptions for COVID vaccines but all vaccinations by weakening Ohio law by:

  • Authorizing an individual to decline any vaccination based on medical contraindications, “natural immunity,” or reasons of conscience, including religious convictions.
  • Prohibiting employers and businesses, among other entities in Ohio, from requiring any vaccination, including childhood immunizations
  • this bill applies to all vaccinations, not just the COVID-19 vaccines.

The CMA has joined the umbrella coalition of healthcare, business, and public health groups who are opposing this bill. Click here to read this letter.

Proponents of this bill are flooding the Statehouse with personal testimonials supporting individual liberty and attacking the concept of evidence-based public health. Opposition to this bill needs to come from both organizations and individuals.

You can help! Physicians and medical students are asked to consider sharing their personal perspectives on vaccination and the role of science in medicine. Legislators will benefit from hearing from hundreds of individuals on this issue. Click here for the legislation, an analysis of the legislation, and the coalition letter from the CMA, other healthcare, business, and community organizations that are opposing HB 248.

Testimony can be as short as a paragraph or two, or as long as you would like. Click here for a recent CMA testimony letter to a different committee as an example, but yours does not need to follow this particular form. It should be submitted by NOON on Monday, June 7.

Click here for the “Witness Information Form” that needs to accompany your testimony.

Send your personal testimony and the witness slip to the Ohio House Health Committee that is hearing this bill at the email address below. Your testimony will be circulated to all the Health Committee members:

Contact the CMA if you have questions or would like to be more involved in this effort.

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COVID-19 Impact Report-Telehealth has Promising Outlook for Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Provider Access

"The rapid and widespread implementation of telehealth shown in the report demonstrates that providers in the region prioritize the safety and healthcare of their patients..."

Check out this great blog from COPC's Dr. Robert Stone about how quickly practices implemented telehealth services during the pandemic and how it's important to continue to provide them in an effort to move from fee-for-service medicine into value-based medicine.

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CMA in the News: Liston Pushing to Stop Non-Medical Decisions That Switch Prescriptions Mid-Plan

Take a moment to read this great article from Butler County's Journal-News about former CMA President and current Ohio House Representative, Dr. Beth Liston teaming up with Rep. Sara Carruthers to introduce HB 153 to stop mid-year non-medical switching by insurance companies in Ohio.

CMA testimony is also quoted from our CEO Dr. Robert Falcone and our public policy committee co-chairs, Dr. Stephanie Costa and Dr. William Cotton.

Check it out!

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Women In Medicine Event: Happy Hour

happy hour.png

Join the CMA's Women-in-Medicine Community for our June 7th gathering - Happy Hour at Tucci's in Dublin between 5-7pm.

Tucci's has beautiful outdoor patio seating, happy hour drink specials, and great atmosphere! Combine this with connecting with other local female physicians, the evening will a be a well-earned way to relax.

Dr. Catherine Romanos, CMA's President-Elect will also share details about HB 248, which is getting a lot of attention right now, and will offer ways if you would like to get involved.

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Culinary Medicine Community Potluck

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 11.24.28 AM.png

Please join us Tuesday, June 15th from 7-8pm for a fun Evening of Culinary Medicine/Potluck.

The theme of this month is reunification and sharing our favorite dishes. We are asking attendees to bring one of their favorite prepared dishes to share and a recipe sheets (copies can be made at the CMA.)

It needn’t be fancy, complex or difficult. But the dish should be one that brings you joy when you prepare it, eat it and share it. This will hopefully kick off future in person events!

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