August 28, 2020
Update from Dr. Falcone with Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff
This week Dr. Falcone sat down with OhioHealth's Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff.

They discussed the state COVID-19 testing in Ohio, testing innovations, how OhioHealth is approaching testing at Ohio University, and the testing concerns as winter and flu season approaches.

Culinary Medicine Event Recap - A New (and Tasty) CMA Community
Dr. Elizabeth Lottes and Chef Laura Robertson-Boyd hosted our first of many culinary medicine events last week. The session featured a menu of Summer Salad Peaches & Tomatoes with Feta and a discussion about 'food as medicine'. Participants provided feedback on how the CMA's Culinary Medicine community can continue to learn about and enjoy healthy fare.

Feedback from the evening included:
"I'd like to learn more about ways to prevent disease before it happens."; "This is a great way to connect medical families."; "You could provide resources/recipes that we print off and provide patients."

How Can the CMA Culinary Medicine Community help you? Take our poll below.
Please respond
Teach me how to cook healthful meals for myself/my family
Provide me with tools to engage my patients in healthful eating.
Teach me the science/curriculum of Culinary Medicine
All of the above
Election 2020: Rep Adam Miller | District 17
Recently the OSMA released their list of endorsed Ohio candidates for the upcoming 2020 election. The CMA's PAC was involved in the recommendation process for the legislators in Central Ohio.

Over the next few weeks we will be providing quick 1 minute video overviews of each of the endorsed Central Ohio candidates so you can be more informed when it comes time to vote.
VIRTUAL EVENT: Advocating For Health: Legislative Training for Physicians
Do you have issues that you care about on a professional or personal level? Are you interested to have your voice heard by those elected officials who make decisions on those issues? Want to learn more about public policy and how it directly impacts physicians and their patients?
The CMA is ready to provide doctors training and information to empower physicians to work individually or help connect with like-minded colleagues, on issues of importance to you.
Learn more in a one-hour virtual forum that will be hosted by the Columbus Medical Association, featuring CMA President Beth Liston, MD, who is also a current member of the Ohio House of Representatives.
This forum will provide basic background training on the public policy process and explore the next steps for participating physicians.
New to public policy? That is okay, as no previous experience with public policy or politics is required.
From Our Sponsors: Are Scholarships Tax-Free Or Taxable?
COVID-19 is changing the landscape for many schools this fall. But many children and young adults are going back, even if it’s just for online learning, and some parents will be facing tuition bills. If your child has been awarded a scholarship, that’s cause for celebration! But be aware that there may be tax implications...
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