The District Connection exists to inform and inspire the congregations and partners of
the Ohio District LCMS in fostering the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
The District Connection
November 30, 2021
President Wilson's Weekly Message
Read the weekly devotional message from Ohio District President Kevin Wilson HERE
Peace and comfort for the family of Rev. George Buck, EM who was recently called to glory.

Check out the congregations and school we are praying for in the upcoming week. SEE REQUESTS
LCMS Foundation
In a complex world, each of us need trusty advisers to lead us to proper decisions and actions. Your LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor does not see you as a task, but as a brother or sister in Christ, with whom to grow in relationship so that the goals woven into the fabric of your soul can be expressed in plans that will be implemented someday, as you seek to honor God. The peace and joy of a godly plan builds confidence that you have prepared well. Contact Eileen Fitzenreiter at or 419-822-6461.