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March 22, 2024

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We're very fortunate this Palm/Passion Sunday to welcome guest preacher Dr. David Deane.  Dr. Deane is a Theology Professor, writer, podcaster, and widely regarded speaker.

Reflecting on Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem, Dr. Deane invites us to really face up to Christ and ask ourselves "Who is he?" and "Do we want to follow him?"

This service will turn us toward Holy Week.


Upcoming Services you won’t want to miss...

March 29        Good Friday Tenebrae Service, 7:00 pm.  Tenebrae is a traditional and stirring Service of Shadow. Scripture, Music, and Diminishing Light on this deeply meaningful day.

March 30        Easter Sunday. With all the joy of resurrection.

EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:00 – 6:30   Contemplative Service: A brief sabbath in the middle of the week



Social Justice Committee


Donations taken on Sunday March 24th

Sunday School


There will be no Sunday School on Easter Sunday (31 March). Children are invited to sit with their guardians through the service.

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Sunday School. We are an all inclusive program for all ages! Our program is filled with laughter and learning. Click or tap the button below to go to our sign-up app - anyone is welcome to join. 

We hope to see you next Sunday

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The Welcome Project

What's the first thing you do when you get to church on Sundays? Grab your name tag, right? And there's always a smiling face there to welcome you!

The Greeting Committee is looking for volunteers to help all those who come to worship feel comfortable and welcome. You can brighten someone's day!

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Milestones - Celebrating the 5th & 20th Anniversaries of HGMC and Nova Voce

22 March - 7:30 PM

23 March - 3:00 PM

This March, come warm up from the winter cold and join HGMC and Nova Voce as they present a joint concert “Milestones – Celebrating 20 years of Nova Voce and 5 years of HGMC”.

This ‘Best of’ performance marks the start of exciting new chapters for both choruses, each of which will perform audience favourites from past concerts.

The two choirs will join together for a grand finale, including a newly commissioned piece by Nova Voce’s Director Emeritus, Terry Hurrell.

Check out all of the HGMC's upcoming performances by clicking here!

Lenten Carols - Songs for the Journey to Easter

23 March - 7:00 PM

5666 Sebastian St.

An evening of unique folk music for the season of Lent presented by Halifax musician Mark Amadeus Flowerdew, featuring Mark's stories and original gospel songs (and some classics) designed to challenge your assumptions and prompt reflection ahead of Good Friday. In this 8th annual event, Mark is joined by Emma Carline (violin) and Emma Yeo Flowerdew (singing).

Lent is about radical self-examination — a time to look at the things we spend our time and money on and consider whether they matter in the long run. For Christians, it's time to ask what we'd need to leave behind to follow the path of humility Jesus leads us on.

For all the details - click here.

Passion: Music of a Thousand Years

24 March - 4:00 PM

1330 Cathedral Lane

PASSION: Music of A Thousand Years’ is a concert presentation with a millennium's span of rich and beautiful choral music. Directed by Paul Halley, The Choir of All

Saints Cathedral will showcase choral works in a fluid choreography that surrounds the audience with powerful and ethereal music, sung from various locations within the magnificent landmark building.

Among the many a cappella musical gems in this year's presentation will be Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei, (a marvelous transcription that Barber himself made from his famous Adagio for Strings), Arvo Pärt’s The Deer’s Cry and the second set of Tallis’ Lamentations of Jeremiah.

Get all the details by clicking here.


Our bike rack arrived!! And it's been installed outside the front doors by our Robie Street entrance. 

The green music note was provided and installed by Music Declares Emergency Canada. We were one of the spots chosen for a note because of our partnership with them.

We're all called to be mindful of how we're using energy and impacting the planet. Have you considered biking for your next visit to the church?

There's always something happening at St. Andrew's!

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