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Oct 6, 2023


Thanksgiving Sunday and Brunswick Street Mission

Ben is Back

Site Development Update

Affirming 2SLGBTQ+ Ministry

Active Hope Book Study

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THIS SUNDAY, celebrate Thanksgiving with Saint Andrew's. The music, the prayers, the intentional orientation to sacred relationship! Let this service uplift and inspire you. Members of the band are back, the choir will bolster our singing, Susan will reflect on the sacred (and linked) postures of gratitude and generosity. AND we welcome guest speaker Lisa Harrison, Executive Director of Brunswick Street Mission.

Grateful for you, and our community of faith. See you Sunday.

Upcoming Services you won't want to miss ....

Oct 22 Celebrating Sunday Suppers

Oct 29 Vote on Affirming 2SLGBTQ+ Ministry (when the rubber hits the road)

Nov 5 Music Guests: Polaris Choir



The Brunswick Street Mission Annual Breakfast major fundraiser is fast approaching. Our congregation has always been a strong supporter of the Mission and we are hoping for a good turnout this year.

The theme for this year's breakfast is Belonging Matters.

April Howe will share her perspective on the different dimensions of belonging and how it impacts our lives. As an African Nova Scotian, she'll share her story and lived experiences with belonging and how we all can contribute to creating inclusive spaces where every part of a person can feel valued and welcomed. You will leave feeling challenged and inspired@

This year's Breakfast will be held at 7:30am at Pier 21 on Thursday, October 19. Tickets are $125, parking is provided.

To purchase your tickets, please call (902) 423-4605 ext. 6 or purchase online by clicking this link

Be sure to mention you want to be seated at the Saint Andrew’s United Church table.


We're so pleased to welcome back our Student Minister, Ben Kinsey. Ben spent a fruitful and formative summer in Ontario, serving as supply minister to a very lucky congregation.

Ben will be wearing two hats at Saint Andrew's this year. He is our student minister, and our newly hired congregational administrator. This is new ground, but Saint Andrew's is always looking at the new!

The congregational administrator is a 60% time position, and the first contact for St A's members and partners who worship with us, support our mission, share our space, or reach out to us for any other reason. He'll answer or forward all your inquiries, and provide logistical support to committee activites. Ben will also maintain our rental database, which in this place is not small task.

And will attend to the overall administration of church records and reports.

The office admin contact is

The St. Andrew's Council and Site Development Committee



7:00 PM in the Mary Holmes Room

A great deal of work has been done over the past few months. Join us October 10th for information, updates, and the 'where are we now' in our Site Development efforts. It's a good time to ask your questions. There will be representatives of Council, the Building and Site Development Committees and the Consultation Team will be present to fill us in and bring us all up to speed.



7:00 PM in the Mary Holmes Room

Filled in and brought up to speed, on the 17th it will be your turn to give feedback and input. Consultant Wayne Marsh will facilitate a session with all those who are interested, involved, and invested in the future of Saint Andrew's.

This is an exciting time, full of possibility. We'll have regular monthly meetings - always on a Tuesday evening - for communication, discussion, direction, and spiritual reflection. We'll post the dates after the Oct. 17th consultation session.



Saint Andrew's will host representatives from more than 50 organizations working in Queer Community. Please offer some volunteer time to this important event. We need support with Set-up, hospitality (refreshment table), and note-takers for small group discussions. Our presence, more than our building, shows our committment to affirming and encouraging the community within and beyond our congregation.

To volunteer, contact Patricia Neves Thank you!


4 Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Look at this book, written by eco-philosopher / buddhist scholar Joanna Macy and resilience specialist Dr. Chris Johnstone.  

It’s more than an interesting read, or a(nother) call to action, it’s a spiritual and intelligent look at changing ourselves to be strong enough to not only face climate disaster, but contribute to the social and ecological change urgently needed. 


At the heart of this book is an antidote to despair: the idea that Active Hope is something we do rather than have.


"When our responses are guided by the intention to act for the healing of our world, the mess we’re in not only becomes easier to face, our lives also become more meaningful and satisfying." Joanna Macy is quite the force.


This November, the St. Andrew’s Book Club re-activates with a series of encouraging reads.   We’ll start with Active Hope, a book study co-led by Susan Chisholm and Joanna Bull of the Ecology Action Centre.   


Looking forward reading, talking, and hoping with you!

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