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Jan 5, 2024

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Sunday's Service

Join Us in Contemplation

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Last Month at St. Andrew's


Might well be I saw too plain

Or maybe I was blind

But I'll keep my face to the dawning light

Though the devil stand behind

Though the devil stand behind my back

Shall I see his shadow fall

I'll read in the light of the morning stars

A good world after all

- Garnet Rogers, from "After All"


Well now, the work of Christmas is in the workings of life. Our Sunday worship helps us to move forward, with the music of Garnet Rogers (what a gorgeous song After All), and Susan’s reflection on the three kings of orient aren’t. Join in blessed communion with one another and Emmanuel, God with us.   

See you Sunday. 


Just 20 minutes of mid-week peace. Might make the world of difference.

At Saint Andrew’s we are expanding our worship offering by adding a weekly contemplative service. Starting in January, Susan and Kevin will lead a sabbath service of prayer and simplicity.   

This service follows a structure from the Iona and Taizé communities. The Iona community, located on an island off the coast of Scotland, and the Taizé community in France are internationally known for their worship and prayer services that draw from the ancient traditions of the Christian faith. The Taizé community is also known for their songs of prayer— easy melodies that allow the heart and mind to meditate on the words through the medium of music. 

All are welcome every Wednesday, starting January 24th. 


Open Waters Festival

11 January

7:30 PM

Join Symphony Nova Scotia for their first-ever performance of a new commission!

A large-scale piece by acclaimed French-American avant-garde composer Christian Wolff, this new piece is written especially for Symphony Nova Symphony.

Hear it live and learn more by clicking here.

mainSTAGE with the George Woodhouse & The Public Service

13 January

7:30 - 9:30 PM

For all the details click here.

Bach’s Complete Brandenburg Concertos, Part 1

20 January

7:30 PM

A rare event not to be missed, Symphony Nova Scotia plays the entire suite of J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos over two performances.

One of the Baroque era’s most recognized and popular works, you’ll hear novel combinations of solo instruments and solo harpsichord that was groundbreaking at the time.

Don't forget about part two!

Click here for more information.


With concerts, church, and community filling our halls all through the Christmas season this year, we owe a huge thanks to our sextons and all the volunteers that made our sanctuary a beautiful place to be! Each of you made our holidays all the more bright.

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