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Welcome to virtual worship for this, the 24th Sunday after Pentecost

You may access the texts for Sunday by following this link:  

This week, we begin with the prophetic mutterings of Zephaniah - easy to see why he was never invited to parties at the Temple or palace - then read further into Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, again, the oldest letter and hence, 'book', in the New Testament. Finally, the Gospel of Matthew gives us one more parable before we yield to Christ the King Sunday next week - this one involving a shrewd and rather intimidating man who goes off on a long business trip and leaves his property in the care of his minions. What is Matthew up to? We'll find out...

Patrick (Zephaniah) and Cheryl (Thessalonians) are our readers and Barbara serves as our prayer leader. Sherrill Munn is our preacher du jour. 

As always, we will open the worship space at 9:45 AM to give everyone a chance to do a little greeting before the service begins at 10.

To join the service by pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:
If you are asked for a password, enter 014954
(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)
To join by cell phone (audio only)
Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  WHen asked for the password, enter: 014954#
To join by landline:
Dial: 1 301-715-8592   Meeting ID: 715 310 766  Password: 014954

Link to our bulletin >>> Bulletin

Communion Wafers are Available for Wednesday Morning and Sunday Eucharists

I have consecrated - i.e., blessed, set aside for this single, spiritual and sacred purpose - an ample supply of wafers and have placed them in small plastic bags. The bags will be in marked baskets - gluten free, 1, 2 or 3 - and those baskets will be placed on the altar in the brick church. They are available now for you to pick up in advance of the next Eucharist. Please take the quantity you need. (If you have more than three in your household, please utilize whatever combination will work for your family). 

A word about the wafers and how they should be handled. In short, with reverence. Which, to begin with, means to not handle them more than necessary. When you arrive at home, find a good spot to place them where they will not be disturbed by daily routines.  

And lastly, please do not take more than you need for more than a service or two. We will try to keep a supply on hand, but the bishop has asked that we not consecrate too many. So, be mindful of others who will want to receive them as well. Many thanks. I look forward to sharing communion more fully with you in our virtual gatherings.

The Annual Community Thanksgiving Service - “Calvert Gives Thanks" - will be conducted virtually on Sunday, Nov. 15, 4 pm, and sponsored by the Calvert Interfaith Council and the Daughters of Abraham. This community interfaith celebration of strength, courage, and healing will feature Calvert County choirs and inspiration from many Faith Traditions. Please register at 

ALL are Welcome!  calvertinterfaith@gmail.com.
Photos are still needed to finalize our new and improved website that is COMING SOON! The Connections Commission is looking for photos related to All Saints' Parish community and outreach activities (especially with Parish members included) as well as Parish events and worship at All Saints. We are looking for high resolution images, preferably at least 1500 pixels wide.

If you have images that we can use, please email them to allsaints1692connections@gmail.com by Nov. 15th. We appreciate any photo contributions that you can send our way. If you have any questions, please call Deb Shupe at 410-231-8150.
Angel Tree news. The Angel Tree will be set up today and available for you to choose your tags. We have 70 tags this year, so you can see the need is great. We will have a "virtual" Angel Tree AND a real one. Please leave all unwrapped gifts at the back of the church NO LATER THAN Monday, November 30, 2020, since the Angel Tree program is running a bit early this season. People are WELCOME to sign up for more than one tag - it's a lot of tags for a small congregation, and each one represents a child that won't get a gift if it doesn't get spoken for!

Link to virtual Angel Tree sign up >>> VirtualTree

Thanks so much for your help!

Amazon Smiles if you'll be doing your holiday shopping online please choose All Saints on Amazon Smiles. A percentage of each purchase you make will go toward funding for our Outreach programs. Consider making your Angel Tree gift purchases online through the Amazon Smiles program.
An invitation from The Worship Commission
Giving Thanks Vespers Service

In Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians, we are reminded to:
'Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.'

Giving thanks is not limited to one day each year, but we are especially thankful for myriad blessings on Thanksgiving Day in this unusual year. To set our hearts on the path of thankfulness, on Wednesday, November 25th at 8pm, please join us on Zoom for a short (virtual) Vespers service to acknowledge and celebrate everything for which we are thankful. We will incorporate the Parish Family Commission's 'Giving Thanks' project into our worship, so this service will be especially meaningful if you participated by submitting a panel for the collage. 

Save the date and time: Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020 at 8pm. The login information and Zoom link will be forthcoming in a parish email. 
New Adult Ed Course Beginning: Understanding the New Testament, Dr. David Bakke  

Beginning on Wednesday morning, November 18 at 9 AM - with a repeat on Sunday mornings at 11:30 - and on successive Wednesdays and Sundays - we will engage Dr. Bakke in a lecture series based on his book. This course investigates the diversity of the New Testament by studying the distinct perspectives of its individual writings in their historical contexts. We will consider the origin of the New Testament as a single collection in the 4th century and the origin of Christianity in the Judaism of the 1st century. We'll then delve into the actual letters of Paul, then explore the diverse portraits of Jesus in the gospels, composed from about 70 to the early 100s. Finally, we'll study the remaining books of the New Testament, in which Christians struggle with the challenges and opportunities of a growing and maturing movement during the late 1st and early 2nd centuries.
All attendees will receive a course guide - a PDF version of the lectures. We will begin each class by viewing that week's lecture - each about 30 minutes in length - then spend time discussing the material that is presented. We hope you will join us. See you on the 18th. (Or for the replay on November 22)
Advent 2020 “Saturday Night at the Movies”

Advent calls us to “trust in the slow work of God.” Its themes include anticipation, preparation, prayer, expectation & hope.

Join the Regional Deacon for 3 movie nights this Advent that touch on these themes. We’ll gather (virtually, of course) on 12/5, 12/12, 12/19 beginning at 7 PM to watch a movie & hang out afterwards to discuss. Details for participating will be announced closer to 12/5.

12/5 – “The Bishop’s Wife” (1947), starring Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven – a sweet, humorous story about an Episcopal bishop’s prayer for help & God’s unexpected response.

We’re still looking at options for the 12/12 & 12/19 features. If you have a favorite film that touches on 1 or more of these themes, please let Lisa+ know (DeaconLisaSoMD@gmail.com). It doesn’t have to be strictly Christmas-themed, but should be 2 hours or less running time.

Regional Lisa+
Upcoming Skills Extravaganza Shows

A Poker Revival

I enjoy playing poker. Not that I am especially good at it, or that I enjoy risking large sums of money (I am a penny ante pro, and if you don;t know what that means, then perhaps you need to read on). But, I do enjoy the competition and the unpredictable nature of the game, as well as the satisfaction of having a particular strategy work out - especially when I play with good friends.

But, I also think that poker has suffered of late and I'll use a musical analogy. 

Stud poker and Texas Hold'em, particularly with the advent of in-table cameras, have become standard bearers for the game. But, to me, they have made poker something akin to opera: lots of glitz, big production values, elite players competing in expensive venues; all of this rendering the game largely inaccessible to the average joe on many levels. (Besides, stud poker is boring) I think the game needs to remember its more modest roots. So, I want to help us forget Don Giovanni and the Met for a while, and focus on who is playing the Rams Head, or the 9:30 Club, or that unknown artist performing on that indy XM station. I want us to go back to the streets of Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville and Harlem... live a little.  Ken+

On November 21 I will happily share a sampling of some of my favorite poker games, from Spit in the Ocean to Broderick (that's right, named for the star of Highway Patrol) all the way to the more exotic games like Roll Your Own, Mississippi 3-Pass, High Chicago and Baseball. These are games that will test your courage and cunning, and your memory, as rules will change as often as the wild cards and the outcome is always in doubt until the last drop or turn or roll. 

I'll supply the cards and the chips. You turn mother's picture to the wall and take one last shot of courage before we sit down to some serious cards...

Patti's December 5th Christmas designs presentation will focus on your Christmas decorating. More information coming soon!

Brighten your holiday season with your own creations, thanks to Patti's guidance. We have so much to be thankful for, especially as God is bringing us through this pandemic and closer to each other.

Join by clicking here:
Password: 844126
OR Use the Zoom App 
Meeting ID: 83771253857;
Password: 844126
OR, call from any phone: +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 83771253857
Password: 844126
There will be no cooking show this Saturday. Stay tuned for details about the next one.
The Diocese is hosting an online Youth group on Thursday afternoons, from 4:30 until 6 PM. There are programs and online activities for both middle school and high school students and this is your chance to interact with students from around the Diocese. 

You can use this link to register. This will be offered weekly through May of 2021.

SPECIAL REQUEST: Anyone know someone who is crafty and wants to make a wreath for Calvert Hospice upcoming Festival of Wreaths? We are looking for wreaths to help make our event successful. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the decorators form to fill out. Wreaths are not due until the week of Nov. 16th. Please spread the word, thanks so much for any help you can provide! November 21 10-3 pm call for info 410-535-0892
Conference Call for Prayer, Thursdays 7- 8 PM, Dial-In-Number: (701) 802-5452, Access Code: 4672453. People are welcome to contact either Barbara or me with questions, prayer requests, etc. Our contact information is: Prayer Warden, Barbara Brown, barbara_brown1@verizon.net; Deacon, Rev. Lisa Siciliano, elizabeth.d.siciliano@gmail.com 
Virtual coffee shop  We gather virtually for coffee, tea and conversation on Thursday mornings. The Coffee Shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 11. Pop in anytime and stay as long as you like.
To access the coffee shop on your pc, laptop or smart device, just click this link: 

Or... If you have the Zoom app, open it and enter the Meeting ID: 878 1395 1329 and then the Password: 027593

Or...you can also join us on your cell phone (audio only) 
by dialing 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the access code: 87813951329#  and then the password: 027593#  
I Am Thankful For....
We will celebrate Thanksgiving very soon. (Can it be that Thanksgiving is less than 2 months away?) Even though this year has been difficult for all of us, we have so much for which to be thankful. Giving thanks is a part of our daily lives, but it plays a major role in any Thanksgiving celebration. This year at All Saints', we would like you to share with all of the parishioners some things that you are thankful for. click https://conta.cc/3hKpaPe to find out about the parish-wide project that the Parish Family Life Commission has in store for us!
Thanksgiving Baskets
A time-honored All Saints tradition is to provide “Thanksgiving Baskets” to individuals and families who would not have a bountiful Thanksgiving meal. If you would like to join in this tradition, please send a check to our Treasurer at the church address, or make a donation via Easy Tithe at the Parish website. The amount for each basket is $50. Whether by check or online, please note that the contribution is for “Thanksgiving Baskets”.
Parish buildings are not open now. Only individuals specifically authorized for an essential service may be in them (e.g., Heartfelt food packing). Those authorized individuals must wear masks, must practice social distancing and must sanitize touch areas as they enter and as they leave. This is not a matter of personal choice and applies to everyone including volunteers, business suppliers, and contract personnel. If you note a deviation, you may politely remind the individual. If you are not comfortable doing that or doing so doesn’t correct the problem, please contact a church officer. A sign in sheet Is at each entrance. Please fill it out with your name, date and time in/out of the parish hall. Thank you.
Reminder From the News Team. Info and flyers to be published in the December monthly newsletter needed to be received via email by Tuesday, November 24. Please send information to allsaints1692@allsaints1692.org AND allsaints1692connections @gmail.com. This allows time for editing and clarification when needed. Please submit your event in the form you wish it to appear and complete. Example: If it's a cooking show, please include the recipe with the copy.
All Saints Coronavirus Helpline

Birthdays In November