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And, welcome, finally, to the 4th Sunday in Advent. 

The texts for the day may be accessed here:

Oddly enough, we begin with 2nd Samuel, and the story of David's desire to build a house of cedar for God to live in... (seriously, we are going to worry about this now with all that we have to get ready for Christmas?) The Psalm is replaced by the traditional canticle - the Song of Mary, from Luke's gospel - and then we move to Paul's final words to the churches in Rome. Finally, we have the story of the annunciation from Luke's gospel. It will be a very Mary pre-Christmas.

Our readers for Advent 4 are Lissi Mojica (Samuel) and Dave Shupe (Romans), and our prayer leader is Deb Watson. The fifth lecture in our adult formation series - Understanding the New Testament - begins at 11:30. It will be a Roman holiday...

To join the service by pc, laptop or smart device, click on this link:
If you are asked for a password, enter 014954
(You may join directly through the Zoom app by entering the Meeting ID: 715 310 766 and then the Password: 014954)
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Call in number: 1-301-715-8592 When asked for the access code, enter: 715310766#  WHen asked for the password, enter: 014954#
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Link to our bulletin >>> Bulletin

Reminder: Christmas Eve - We gather via Zoom at 4 PM for our annual family service, complete with special music and a virtual Christmas Pageant. 

At 7:30, we will gather on the campus to sing some carols and read a lesson or two.

And, this just in... there will be a Zoom midnight service offered beginning at 11 PM. Details to follow. 

From the Rector...

In addition to our Sunday worship, during Advent we will also celebrate Evensong on Sunday nights, at 7 PM. Dec 6, 13 & 20th

As is our recent tradition, we will once again mark the difficulty that some experience during the holidays with a Longest night observance on December 21.

And on Christmas Eve we will gather Virtually at 4 PM, the usual time for our family service. Our musicians will be presenting a musical prelude to the service, of both solo and choral music, and one or two carols to get you warmed up for what comes next...  at 4:30 we will begin the liturgy. One of the highlights will be our Christmas pageant, which will be performed in the place of the traditional Gospel reading. (We all know the story, and trust me, you will enjoy this version).

Eucharist will be part of the service and I mention that so that you will have time to plan to pick up consecrated wafers from the altar in the brick church. It will be fitting that - even at a distance- we will all share in the same bread.

Special note to our families with children: If you have not responded to the invitation to participate in the pageant, please do so, or reach out to Erryn Fleming. (errynfleming@gmail.com) There are plenty of parts to go around, and many opportunities to play more than one role (we want lots of angels for their big scene with the shepherds!!!)

Lastly, links for all of the worship events will be sent out along with reminders. I hope that you will join us as in this season we push back against the growing darkness in anticipation of the coming light.


From our Music Director:

Looking ahead to the Christmas services we'd like to include your favorite Christmas songs and carols. Please email them to me at:  dewatson94@comcast.net
Thanks so much!
Deb Watson
The latest Adult Formation offering is the lecture series Understanding the New Testament by Dr. David Brakke, based on his book. Dr. Brakke is the Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity and a Professor of History at The Ohio State University. Each lecture is about thirty minutes in length and will be followed by discussion of the material presented... at least as our starting point.
We convene on Wednesday mornings at 9 AM with a repeat on Sunday morning at 11:30. Here are the links:
If asked for a password, enter 015568

If you are asked for a password, enter 014954

A study guide will be provided to each attendee (PDF format via email). We hope that you will join us. 
Wine and the Word

If you are like many, if not most people, you probably find the Book of Revelation to be difficult at best to understand. This difficulty has led to many misinterpretations or many who simply ignore it.

However, there are keys to understand Revelation properly. When we learn these keys, the profound meaning and relevance of Revelation opens to us.

Join Dr. Sherrill Munn in a new on-line “Wine and the Word” to discover the message the Book of Revelation had for Christians when it was written and has for us now.

As “Wine and the Word” implies, you can enjoy the study with a glass of wine (some may say one of the keys for understanding Revelation) or beverage of your choice.

Coming soon: Watch for dates and times starting in January.
From our Treasurer:

I just want to provide an update on the status of the stewardship drive for 2021. As of today, December 18th, we have an encouraging 39 pledges totaling $151,840. To those who have pledged, a very grateful thank you. If you are still contemplating or merely on the fence, it is not too late. Below are three ways you can submit your pledge for next year to All Saints.

As we start working to construct the budget for 2021, the Finance crew needs to have an idea of the resources we will have to work with. While we are still working on the numbers, we will likely need pledge comittments of around $190,000 to develop a balanced budget. The Vestry is very committed to a balanced budget. Since much of our expenses are fixed, it is always the programatic areas that are first to be reduced when pldges are not adequate. 

There are several ways to pledge this year. Pledges can be made online from the All Saints website. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the information. I get an email with the information when you submit the Stewardship Pledge form. Returning the pledge card that was mailed out a couple of weeks ago will, of course, work as well. If you want to simply email me directly with the information, feel free to write to me at stevenpwatson522@gmail.com

Our goal is to complete the 2021 budget development process as quickly as possible, starting off the new year with a balanced budget. Please submit your 2021 pledge as soon as possible so we can complete financial plans for the coming year.

The generosity of our All Saints family is always an inspiration. Thank you for your financial support, as well as your "time and talent" support!

Amazon Smiles If you'll be doing your holiday shopping online, please choose All Saints Episcopal Parish on Amazon Smiles. A percentage of each purchase you make will go toward funding for our Outreach programs. Consider making your Angel Tree gift purchases online through the Amazon Smiles program.
Dear All Saints Friends,

Thank you so very much! 

All year long, members of our congregation created goodies for the Calvert Arts Festival and then the Christmas Market. COVID canceled them both but did not cancel your enthusiasm to help the ECW. Saturday's Parking Lot Christmas Market showed how much you care about each other and our church! We had a wonderful assortment of crafts and baked goods and even narcissus bulbs (which are still available to anyone wanting to plant them). Even though the Market was only advertised to our congregation, a few folks passing by stopped to buy local at our physically distanced event. We were thrilled to see so many of you "in the flesh" and not just on Zoom! Special thanks to Father Ken for getting Diocese approval so quickly and to Kip, Penny and Lissi for manning our booths with Sherrill and me. Thank you for helping the ECW raise more than $2000! Merry Christmas!

Sherrill and Mary Ann Munn
Advent 2020 “Saturday Night at the Movies”

Join Regional Deacon Lisa tomorrow evening, Sat., 12/19/20 beginning at 7 PM for the 3rd of 3 movies this Advent. We’ll watch “War Room” (2015). If you are planning to watch with Lisa, please send her an email at elizabeth.d.siciliano@gmail.com and she will send you the login information.

This week's movie selection is:
12/19 - “War Room” (2015), starring Karen Abercrombie, Priscilla Shirer, T. C. Stallings, Alena Pitts – a couple with seemingly everything going for them is really very divided Wife Liz’s bitterness over their situation is understandable. Enter Clara, an older woman of strong faith, who teaches Liz to pray for her family & trust that God is at work. See this family’s life transformed as they learn to pray for each other’s wellbeing.tallings, Alena Pitts – a couple with seemingly everything going for them is really very divided Wife Liz’s bitterness over their situation is understandable. Enter Clara, an older woman of strong faith, who teaches Liz to pray for her family & trust that God is at work. See this family’s life transformed as they learn to pray for each other’s wellbeing getting back on track.
Skills Extravaganza - Ship in a Bottle

Saturday, December 19th at 10:00, the tricks and tips for building a Ship in a Bottle will be revealed! Kip At Lee will show you how, for centuries, mariners passed the time aboard sailing ships by putting miniature boats in bottles. You’ll learn how to prepare the parts of the ship, assemble them into a bundle of sticks and cloth, slide them through the narrow neck of whisky bottle, and transform this bundle into a fully rigged boat – in this case a simplified replica of “Shamrock V”, the Americas Cup Challenger sloop of 1930. At least that’s the plan…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll be on the edge of your seats at the critical moment!

To join this All Saints Skills Extravaganza, click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83771253857
and use this Passcode:  844126
OR use the Zoom App with this information:
Meeting ID: 837 7125 3857
Passcode: 844126
OR call this number from any telephone: +1 301 715 8592 and provide this information when asked: 
Meeting ID: 837 7125 3857
Passcode: 844126
Visit our YouTube Channel, All Saints Parish 1692, to see earlier Skills Extravaganza and All Saints' Cooks episodes.

We have two new videos up on our YouTube Channel thanks to Patti At Lee and Norm Flora. There is still time to get your Christmas decorations together with Patti's help.

ASC14 - All Saints' Cooks - Chicken French by Norm Flora

SE16 - Christmas Decorations by Patti At Lee
Conference Call for Prayer, Thursdays 7- 8 PM, Dial-In-Number: (701) 802-5452, Access Code: 4672453. People are welcome to contact either Barbara or me with questions, prayer requests, etc. Our contact information is: Prayer Warden, Barbara Brown, barbara_brown1@verizon.net; Deacon, Rev. Lisa Siciliano, elizabeth.d.siciliano@gmail.com 
Virtual coffee shop  We gather virtually for coffee, tea and conversation on Thursday mornings. The Coffee Shop opens at 9 AM and closes at 11. Pop in anytime and stay as long as you like.
To access the coffee shop on your pc, laptop or smart device, just click this link: 

Or... If you have the Zoom app, open it and enter the Meeting ID: 878 1395 1329 and then the Password: 027593

Or...you can also join us on your cell phone (audio only) 
by dialing 1-301-715-8592. When prompted, enter the access code: 87813951329#  and then the password: 027593#  
Parish buildings are not open now. Only individuals specifically authorized for an essential service may be in them (e.g., Heartfelt food packing). Those authorized individuals must wear masks, must practice social distancing and must sanitize touch areas as they enter and as they leave. This is not a matter of personal choice and applies to everyone including volunteers, business suppliers, and contract personnel. If you note a deviation, you may politely remind the individual. If you are not comfortable doing that or doing so doesn’t correct the problem, please contact a church officer. A sign in sheet Is at each entrance. Please fill it out with your name, date and time in/out of the parish hall. Thank you.
Reminder From the News Team. Info and flyers to be published in the December monthly newsletter needed to be received via email by Tuesday, December 29. Please send information to allsaints1692@allsaints1692.org AND allsaints1692connections @gmail.com. This allows time for editing and clarification when needed. Please submit your event in the form you wish it to appear and complete. Example: If it's a cooking show, please include the recipe with the copy.
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