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June 20th, 2017
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We want to send a big thank you to all of our loyal customers who shop online with us or in our market. Without your support we obviously would not be here.

A lot has changed in the food industry within the last five years. Just last week Whole Foods market was purchased by Amazon.  There's no doubt Amazon will be delivering Whole Foods groceries to people's doors and only time will tell how that will affect us. Stay tuned for some newsletter articles exploring this topic.

This past Sunday the Berkshire Eagle featured us in a meal kit delivery service article which discussed how these national companies have affected small businesses such as ours.

As consumers we all get to vote for the food we want to support with our purchases. When you shop with Berkshire Organics you're not only supporting a small, local, independent market but you're supporting over 100 local farms and food businesses.We are extremely grateful to our local community for their support in truly shopping locally.
Local Strawberries 2016
are peaking this week! Don't miss out on this years delicious crop. The price on pints and quarts has come down so be sure to stock up before the strawberry season ends.

A flat (8 Quarts) can be picked up at our market for $42!
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Featured Local Produce
Farmer Matty harvests his garlic scapes this week!

Garlic scapes are the flower bud of the garlic plant. The bud is removed in late June to encourage the bulbs to thicken up. Scapes are delicious to eat! Scapes taste just like garlic. They can be used in exactly the same way as garlic in any recipe.
Only $2.49 / bunch!
Garlic Scapes Matty
The first of the local peas are arriving to us tomorrow. The pea season is short and there is usually a limited amount. This week we have sugar snap peas.

The sweet and tasty sugar snap pea has an edible pod. they can be enjoyed raw or cooked.
The first local broccoli is available this week.

$2.99 / pound!

Local Fennel arrives to us this week from Markristo Farm, Hillsdale, NY.

If you're looking for produce items from a particular farm, just type that farm name into the search box on our website.
Organic Produce Specials
Broccoli Raab
Queens Greens, Hadley, MA
$2.49 / bunch
Pickling & Regular
North Carolina
$2.99 / pound
Green Beans
North Carolina
$2.99 / pound
Champagne Mango
Fair Trade
2 for $1.99!
$2.99 each
Fair Trade
$3.99 each
Libations & Cheese of the Week
Available to market & delivery customers
15% OFF
Monterey Chevre
Rawson Brook Farm,
Monterey, MA
Simply the best soft, spreadable goat cheese made right here in the Berkshires!

10% OFF

2016 Ameztoi Rosado Rubentis

Basque Country, Spain

SALE Price $19.79

Regular Price $21.99

Grape Varietal: 50% Hondarrabi Zuri and 50% Hondarrabi Beltza


Designation: Lutte Raisonnée and Sustainable


Notes: In the traditional style of Getaria, this light and crisp wine is bottled with a little bit of residual carbon to give it its signature natural spritz. Strawberry aroma with candied red fruits combine with a lime infused edge makes this a wildly intriguing Rosé.


Drink if you enjoy:  Light to medium weight Spanish wines with a little fizz and fun, well made Rosé.

10% OFF
2016 Avinyo Penedès Petillant
Catalonia, Spain
SALE Price $12.59
Regular Price $13.99 

Grape Varietal: 80% Petit Gran Muscat and

20% Macabeu


Designation: Organic


Notes: Petillant is a vi d’agulla, the Catalan name for prickly wine. This vibrant, fresh is the traditional summertime quaffer of the Penedès region of Catalonia, and it's perfect for drinking out of a porrón. Bright honeysuckle and almond on the nose. Bracingly dry on the palate, with flavors of lemon peel and a faint brininess.


Drink if you enjoy: Exciting bright, dry white Spanish wines with tiny bubbles!

10% OFF

2015 Joan d’ Anguera Altaroses 

Catalonia, Spain

SALE Price $17.09

Regular Price $18.99

Grape Varietal: 100% Garnacha


Designation: Biodynamic and Organic


Notes: In the glass the wine is a beautiful cherry-red with purple hues. Fresh wild strawberries, garrigue and warm spices on the nose. On the palate the wine is fruity, with a spicy and toasty, warming finish. Very balanced complexity and great mouth feel. This wine is very expressive. Medium weight, with mouth-watering acidity and soft, warm fruit. Soft tannins and well-balanced structure between acidity, tannin, fruit and alcohol make this extremely gulp-able.  You won’t be disappointed to say the least!


Drink if you enjoy: A well rounded, medium bodied handcrafted Spanish wine made with great technique and integrity!

10% OFF
Fat Boy
Double India Pale Ale
Big Elm Brewing, Sheffield, MA
SALE Price $14.21
Regular Price $15.79 

8% ABV


Our super hopped Double IPA is bursting at the seams with heaps of piney, citrusy and tropical fruit flavors and aromas.  During the brewing process we add a massive amount of hops to give you big bitterness as well as all the flavor of joy.  Once fermentation is complete we dry hop this big boy a ton, giving you the awesome hop explosion.  We use Citra, Simcoe and other hop varieties to create this monster. We hope you enjoy our FAT BOY!


4-pack, 16oz cans

Grocery Sale Items
Sale Online This Week Only
10% OFF
Square Roots Farm, Lanesborough, MA

Chickens raised on green growing pastures. The animals' diets are supplemented with locally grown, non-GMO feed.

Introductory sale this week only. Thank you for supporting our local farms.

20% OFF
Mustard & Ale Cheddar
Red Dragon Somerdale
NOW $2.90 
Regularly $3.62

20% OFF 
Tuna Fish
Wild Planet
NOW $3.79 
Regularly $4.79
20% OFF
Mediterranean Organic
NOW $3.39
Regularly $4.29
20% OFF
Garbanzo Beans
NOW $4.39
Regularly $5.49

 20% OFF
Mediterranean Organic
NOW $7.29
Regularly $9.09
NOW $6.19
Regularly $7.29
 10% OFF - LOCAL
Lakeside Organics, Hadley, MA
NOW $4.49
Regularly $4.99

20% OFF 
Raw Plant
NOW $2.29
Regularly $2.89
Maplebrook Farm
NOW $4.49
Regularly $4.89
Maplebrook Farm
NOW $4.99
Regularly $5.49
It’s time to get better acquainted with favas! An ancient member of the pea family, they have a nutty taste and buttery texture all their own.

Grill up this delicious salad for your next summer BBQ or picnic!

Delicious as is or serve mixed into your favorite pasta dish or on the side of meat/fish.  It also pairs well with mashed potatoes.
There's no use in trying to hide it, so I'm just gonna go ahead and lay it on you from the start. I get a little excited about garlic scapes  and here's why...

Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 
Aleisha, Brian & Grace Gibbons
Owners, Berkshire Organics, LLC

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