January 30, 2018
Catholic Schools Week - January 28-February 3
We kicked off Catholic Schools Week with a VERY successful Open House this past Sunday. Thank you to the families who shared information about our Open House with friends, relatives and neighbors.  We had many new families inquiring and learning more about Saint Benedict Catholic School.  Thank you to the PTO volunteers who contributed so much - food, set up, clean up, welcoming, and sharing the parent experience. We will look forward to working closely with the new families in the admissions process and eventually welcoming them to our school community.  
For the remainder of the week, students may choose to participate in the special schedule as follows:  

Wednesday, January 31 - Students may dress up as a CAREER they might consider
Thursday, February 1 - Students may dress as their favorite SUPER HERO
Friday, February 2 - BLUE & GOLD DAY, Pep Rally 
CSW - Celebrating Our Students
This week we want to celebrate our students and recognize their accomplishments, continuing to encourage them to reflect on the benefits of their Catholic education.  Our students are our greatest assets. They are the ones that will continue to spread the seeds of faith and love throughout the twists and turns of life. Long after our students have left our doors, the gift of their Catholic education will help them to go out in the world and embody the Gospel values taught here. 
Catholic Men's Conference
Registration is now open for the 2018 Catholic Men's Conference.  The conference will be held on March 17, at Saint Bede Catholic Church in Williamsburg, VA.  This year’s theme, “Truly Present,” will explore Jesus’ presence to us and our call to be present in all our relationships in the world as husband, father, brother, and friend. A dual-track will be offered with keynote speakers in English and Spanish, breakout opportunities, Reconciliation, Adoration, and Mass. Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers will be the keynote speaker for the English-speaking track.
Comet Campaign
Parents, help your child’s class earn an Ice Cream Social by making your Comet Campaign donation TODAY! Each class that reaches 100% participation will have an ice cream social with all the fixings. We have ice cream thermometers outside each classroom celebrating our progress. Our goal is to have 100% participation from our Saint Benedict families. Gifts of any size are appreciated!

When we ask foundations and businesses across Richmond to support Saint Benedict School, it is important to be able to say 100% of our families support the school above and beyond their tuition.
Once you’ve made your donation, have your child/children stop by the reception desk to get a marker and proudly sign your family name as a Comet supporter! If you have already made your contribution - THANK YOU. If you still need to make a donation or a pledge, you can make it online: http://www.saintbenedictschool.org/giving/donate-now.cfm  or print the  PLEDGE FORM send it to school with your child, see attached form.
IMPORTANT Date For FACTS - March 1
All families should have their application submitted in FACTS by March 1, 2018, even if you are applying in Round 2 and your tax information will be uploaded later. While aid is distributed in all rounds, the total amount of Parish Sharing aid the school receives from the Diocese is determined based on the total need of applications in FACTS  on March 1. Therefore, even if you are participating in Round 2, please have your application submitted by March 1.

More on Tuition Assistance:

All families seeking tuition assistance must complete an on-line application through FACTS and upload the required tax documents. There are two main rounds of tuition assistance. Returning families without business income are only eligible for Round 1 assistance.  All other families are eligible for Round 1 or 2.

Deadlines as follows: 
Round 1 - March 1: Families will be notified in mid-April (2017 W2s and 2016 Tax Return)
Round 2 - June 1: Families will be notified in late June (2017 W2s and 2017 Tax Return)
Please note, The Diocese of Richmond requires that each student apply for aid at only ONE Diocesan School.

Tuition Assistance Policy Updates for the 2018-19 school year:

PreK Students are no longer eligible for Diocesan aid (Parish Sharing, McMahon Pareter, EISTC) but will still be considered for school based aid. The tuition of the PreK student will continue to be taken into consideration when determining Diocesan and school awards for other students in the family.

Who applies?

For Student's Parents/Guardians married, separated, or living together:
Both parents apply. If living apart, they submit separate applications.

Student's Parents/Guardians not married and live apart:
The custodial parent the child spends the most time with applies
(This is the same guideline used for the college Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSFA)). In addition, the spouse of the applicant also applies. Other adults living in the household but not on the same tax return with the applicant need not apply, and since their income is excluded, their expenses are also excluded.
A Reminder about Morning Drop-Off
Students who travel to school by car may be dropped off at the gate of the playground by coming down the Alley from Cleveland toward Belmont. Families using the car line MUST come down Hanover Avenue, turn right on Cleveland, and turn left into the St. Benedict Alley. You MAY NOT turn onto Cleveland from Grove Avenue and take a right into the alley. The police have reminded us that we are only allowed to have the car line go one direction on Cleveland.

Students may only enter through the front doors of the school after 8:00am. If pulling up in the loading zone on Grove Avenue, cars must depart immediately so that traffic will not be congested. If you need to get out of your vehicle and come into the school building before 8:15am, please do not park in this area. All cars using this route must pull in completely out of the traffic lane on Grove Avenue, especially making sure not to block the intersection of Grove and Belmont at the crossing walk.  Please remember that the crosswalk should always be used for crossing the street and that u-turns are not advisable.  

Thanks for helping to keep all of our students safe!!
Middle School Girls Lacrosse
Saint Gertrude High School offers athletic teams for middle school girls from Richmond Catholic, independent and public middle schools. This Middies program is a great opportunity for girls to learn and grow in their sport and meet girls from different schools.
We welcome all 5th-8th grade girls!
PTO News
We have found a parent volunteer to run the Comet Shop.
Thank you parents for sharing your time, talent, and treasure with SBS.
From St. Gertrude's:
All admission testing at Saint Gertrude has been cancelled for this year. Please contact the school with any admission questions. Saint Gertrude will continue to take a holistic approach in their acceptance of students by closely reviewing middle school grades, prior standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, and personal interview with the admission team. O nce students are accepted and choose to enroll at Saint Gertrude, they will host an official placement exam to determine the best fit for students within their curriculum. Information regarding the placement exam will be included with acceptance packets.   

Next week, Saint Gertrude High School will host its last Lunch and Learn for the school year on Tuesday, February 6. A Lunch and Learn is a short and intimate experience and includes a parent tour, a light lunch, and an informal Q&A session, lasting a little over an hour.  To register: www.saintgertrude.org/lunchandlearn    For more information, please call Meredith McNamara, Director of Admission at 804-822-3955 or email mmcnamara@saintgertrude.org
Upcoming Dates
Feb. 2 - Early Dismissal, 1:30pm
Feb. 9 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Feb.15 - PTO, 6pm, CAFE
Feb.16 - 3rd Quarter Interim Grades
Feb. 19 - No School - President's Day
Feb. 23 - School Mass, 8:30am - Middle School Dress Uniform