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Weekly Newsletter · March 6th 2018

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Wednesday, March 7
5:00 pm · Yoga Class · Phoenix Yoga Project · Library

COMING UP!!  Our longest-standing tradition at Roycemore!
PALIO — Friday, March 16
On Friday, March 16, students in Grades 1 through 12 will present Palio. One of Roycemore’s longest running traditions, Palio is our annual showcase of physical education, athletic, tumbling, and dance skills. There will be a ½ day of school, with all students leaving Roycemore at 11:30 am and returning for the performances in the evening. Please mark your calendars now and join us for this long-standing annual event.

Check the online calendar at for more information. Athletic practices are on the school calendar page.

From the Head of School


Think Win-Win

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”—Mother Teresa

I’ll admit it. I am a competitive person. I am not sure what made me so competitive. Perhaps having an over-achieving older brother who I was both inspired and frustrated by. Whenever one has a sibling, there are natural comparisons. Even with parents who work hard to avoid those comparisons it’s difficult. My parents were great at encouraging me to pursue things that they saw that I had natural inclinations with and supported both my brother and me as we discovered those things that we both loved and had strengths in. They supported the development of our passions. I would have benefited greatly as a teenager if I had been introduced to the 7 habits—especially “think win-win.”

In a school setting, we support our students to think win-win and “fill each others buckets” by acknowledging the individual strengths and talents of their classmates. A win-win approach is an attitude that embraces others’ success, believes that there is “enough for everyone”, and fosters collaboration for the good of all. People with a win-lose mentality can become jealous and envious when something good happens to another student. They might try to gain recognition or achievement at the expense of others. They might even spread rumors about others. On the other hand, people with a lose-win mentality tend to have low self-esteem, give in to peer pressure, and allow themselves to be walked on by others. A lose-lose mentality is even worse and can be identified when an individual seeks revenge on another, has a desire to win at all costs, and has the belief that if they are going to suffer, then everyone should suffer.

This past week, the Lower School participated in Theme Week with the theme being Climate Change. Students created inventions, often in teams to combat climate change.  Innovations included a Turbofan Condensing System, a Satellite Holding Building and “Cities Savers” an invention that identified a way to pump water from the ocean, filtrate it for people to use, and then recycle appropriately to go back to the sea. The students identified problems of coastal cities such as Seattle, Portland, Miami, New Orleans and Houston and developed a win-win invention for them.

Also, this past week, a number of members of our community joined us for the showing of the film, Most Likely to Succeed to serve as a catalyst for further conversations this spring we’re calling, NextGen Roycemore. The subtitle of the film and book is “Preparing our kids for the innovation era.” Thinking win-win is an important element to the kinds of shifts in our educational system that are being proposed in the film. As Harvard’s Tony Wagner says in the film, “To have good prospects in life—to be most likely to succeed—young adults now need to be creative and innovative problem solvers.” Our Lower School students were deeply engaged in this kind of problem solving—tackling one of the most pressing problems that their generation will have to work together, and creatively solve—climate change. As Mother Teresa wisely said, “Together we can do great things.” We teach our students that. And I invite you to be part of the continued conversation of NextGen Roycemore.  

I am still a competitive person, but I am focusing this natural tendency of mine toward a win-win, of working in partnership with our community to make Roycemore the unquestioned choice if you want your children to gain the skills to be creative and innovative problem solvers. Join us on Tuesday, March 13th in the school library from 6:00–7:30 pm to participate!

“Great things are done by a series of small things that are brought together.”—Vincent Van Gogh

In partnership for our students,

Adrianne Finley Odell
Head of School

Adrianne Finley Odell Signature

Important Reminders


Parents, as we look ahead to the future of Roycemore School, we are dedicated to continuing to provide your children with excellent opportunities to succeed. The deadline for re-enrollment was February 28th. If you have not yet re-enrolled for 2018/19 please do so as soon as possible, as you will not only be securing your child's spot in their class, but also assisting the School in preparations for next school year. Roycemore now requires that all custodial parents submit an enrollment packet for their child. In many cases where two parents are responsible for a child, this will mean submitting both a primary and a secondary packet for the child in order for them to be considered 100% enrolled. (The completion of the "secondary packet" must be done through the ParentsWeb login for that parent and takes less than 3 minutes to complete.) This requirement aligns with best practices in independent schools and we appreciate your flexibility as we continue to take steps to strengthen our process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Heather Lucey.

Featured Events

Annual Scholarship Dinner & Auction

“A Night To Remember”
On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Roycemore's long-standing tradition continues with the Annual Dinner and Auction. At the event, current Parents and Grandparents will rub elbows with Alumni and leaders from our community. The night features a silent auction, wine bar, and seated dinner with catering by The Hearty Boys of Food Network fame!

The Scholarship Dinner & Auction committee is seeking donated items to offer at the silent and live auctions. These lively events are fun for guests and they help raise much-needed dollars to replenish the Scholarship fund. We especially need sports tickets (Cubs, Sox, Bulls) and tickets to Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Ravinia, or other similar performance events. We are also seeking donations of cooking lessons, spa day packages, jewelry, housewares, toys, and unusual items from near and far. Did you receive a new Cuisinart as a holiday gift and already have one in your cupboard? Donate it to the Roycemore Auction and take a tax deduction! A win-win all around. To donate, please contact Sara McGuire, Director of Development or visit our website to download a donation form!

Spring Break Camp Information

Spring Break Camp will take place the first week of Spring Break, March 26–30. We will be open our usual hours from 7:30 am–6:00 pm. There will be some field trips, and also a wide variety of interesting daily recreational activities planned in and around the School. A hot meal will be provided on all days. You received a separate email with the flyer a few days ago.

Summer Camp Registration

Roycemore School's Two Excellent Summer Programs, Inspiration Factory (IF) and Camp Griffin information is on our website!
Also this year, Inspiration Factory will have an Extended Day Option to 6:00 pm. Registration is open!

Community Happenings

Phoenix Yoga Project at Roycemore

Wednesdays from 5:00–6:00 pm in the library—Classes are FREE and open to the public. To receive sign-up information before each class, visit and sign up for emails under “Join the movement today!”

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