WEEKLY NEWS - May 14, 2019
Com et Parents TO-DO List for This Week!

  • 7th Grade Parents - Sign up now to help out with our 8th Grade Graduation. We are 3 weeks from Graduation! Click here.

  • THURSDAY (5/16) - HOUSE DAY! - Students wear House T-Shirt with regular uniform.

  • TUESDAY (5/21) - Faculty vs 8th Grade Kickball Game, 1:30pm

  • END OF YEAR REMINDER! If your student is missing something - check Lost and Found. All items remaining will be donated on the last day of school!
From Our Principal
Manners are something that are sometimes undervalued in our society, but can greatly benefit our school and families. Good manners provide order and efficiency. They encourage kindness and respect. Manners help us in our Christian duty to think of others before ourselves, treating them like Christ. Some basic manners that even the youngest children can learn include using "please" and "thank you," looking someone in the eye when speaking to them, and using the proper form of address such as "Mr." or "Mrs." toward an adult. As kids grow older, they can learn table manners, firm handshakes, greeting a stranger, proper posture, and responding to an adult with "Yes Ma'am" or "Yes Sir." These seemingly simple gestures can make a great difference in the culture of our home or school. The great American educator, Horace Mann, once said, "Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals."
Last call for volunteer opportunities for the 2018-19 school year!

Finish the year by helping our kids enjoy one of their favorite events of the year:


We have several different ways you can contribute to Field Day including running a game station, providing refreshments for the kids and helping with set up in the morning.
See the link below:


This opportunity is open to parents with kids in Pre-K through 6th grade. Help send off our 8th graders by purchasing the different party supplies needed for the graduation dinner. See the link below:

Make back to school shopping easy by ordering an EduKit for your child. Look for flyers to come home with your student(s) soon!

The PTO Meeting scheduled for this Thursday HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED to Wed. May 29th. Stay tuned for more details next week!
Teacher Appreciation Week -
A BIG Thank You!!
On behalf of the faculty and staff of our school, thank you to all the parents who participated in providing delicious meals and gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. The dinners are something our faculty looks forward to each year, and we truly appreciate the time and effort of our parents in making them so special!
Every year the 7th grade class is responsible for planning and hosting the 8th Grade Graduation reception, (because it will be their children graduating the next year). Every 7th grade family will be involved - this is a passing of the torch and you'll be grateful for that next year! 7th Grade parents are responsible for setting up, serving and cleaning up the reception dinner that is put on for our 8th grade families and their guests.
Click here to sign up for at least one shift. Thank you!
Have you checked out Facebook lately?
We regularly post images and videos from school events and field trips that take place each week. Even if you aren't on Facebook, our school page is public, so check it out! And if you are on Facebook, please support your school by recommending/reviewing us - we're so grateful! Click HERE to check out the latest posts, like Mrs. Herrity's 5th graders visiting the State House and Mrs. Horvath's JK'ers at the VMFA!
Nurses Corner: Get Ready for Next Year!

This is a reminder for all parents with children starting KINDERGARTEN in the fall. They will need a recent physical exam and be up-to-date on their immunizations. And, all rising 6TH GRADE students will need a TDAP booster before the start of the fall semester. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Debbie York , school nurse.
SBCS Parent Prayer Ministry

Starting in May, parents will be gathering once a week to pray for our students, our families, our school, and any intentions that the school community has. The next Parent Prayer meeting will take place Thursday, May 16 at 8:15am in the Mary Garden outside on the N. Sheppard St. entrance to Church. Drop your kids off for school, and join your fellow parents for a time of prayer. In a special way, w e'll be praying for the vocations of our children.  If you have questions or prayer intentions to share, please contact Rhoda Bevc at  rhodabevc@gmail.com .

Friday, May 17
Choir: 5th Grade
Lector: Jessica Bautista
Servers: Hector Cibes-Lee, Noah Mikkelson, Jude O'Herron

Friday, May 24
Choir: 4th Grade
Servers: William Proctor, Tabitha Pickral, Brennan Shea

Please remember in your prayers our 2nd grade class who will be making their First Holy Communion this Sunday!
From the Parish
Visit our parish online for mass schedules, sacramental preparation and other timely info! Also, here's a link to Ida B's Bits ( our parish administrator's weekly email with events and happenings at Church.)

Religious Education K-5 and Edge 6-8
Religious Education and Edge both conclude this week, May 15. Religious Education (K-5) meets from 6:30 to 7:30pm with aftercare provided until 8:00pm for those with siblings in Edge or The Rule or with parents who sing in the parish choir. Edge (6-8) meets from 6:30 to 8:00pm. On May 15, 5th grade students are welcome to start attending Edge and Edge events over the summer. There will be no more meetings for either group after May 15 until the autumn. Have a blessed and fun summer!
Upcoming Dates
MAY 14 - TRACK MEET, 4-6pm @ Benedictine
MAY 16 - HOUSE DAY - Students Wear House T-Shirt with uniform
MAY 17 - SCHOOL MASS, 8:30am, Church