Shir Chadash Newsletter
June 3 - June 9, 2021
23 Sivan - 29 Sivan, 5781
Mazel Tov!
Join us in wishing a great big Mazel Tov to Daniel Coman on graduating college! Daniel has graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Congratulation on this wonderful achievement!

Many of us in the community are receiving the vaccine. If you wish to mark this holy moment in your life, rabbis all over the country and the world have been creating prayers for you to do so.  
Shir Chadash Calendar
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Friday, June 4th
6 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, June 5th
9:30 am, Shabbat Morning Services

10:30 am, Junior Congregation + Mini Minyan

9 pm, Community Havdalah

Sunday, June 6th
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan with Men's Club

Tuesday, June 8th
10 am, Good Lookin' Cookin' with Sisterhood

Wednesday, June 9th
10 am, Read & Lead with Sisterhood
Thursday, June 10th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan

Friday, June 11th
6 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, June 12th
9:30 am, Shabbat Morning Services

9 pm, Community Havdalah

Sunday, June 13th
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan with Men's Club

Wednesday, June 16th
10 am, Read & Lead with Sisterhood

Thursday, June 17th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan
Sunday Shacharit Minyan

Join us at 9:15 am for our virtual Sunday minyan followed by a check-in and a L'Hayyim!
Thursday Shacharit Minyan - Please join!

Join us at 8 am for our virtual weekday minyan which includes the opportunity to say Kaddish.
Children's Corner
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Sisterhood Corner
Tuesdays at 10 AM

Each Zoom session will be approximately an hour long.
Ingredient lists will be e-mailed several days in advance so you will be able to purchase ingredients and prepare the dishes in real time. Voila! Tuesday's tasty dinner will be prepared and ready to be eaten!

If you would like to volunteer to be a Chef du Jour, receive ingredient lists in advance, or want more information, please contact Charisse Sands, (Good Lookin' Cookin' in subject line), 504-231-6464.
Wednesdays at 10 AM

Now that Rabbi Silver's Psalms class is taking a hiatus for the summer, please join us for the reboot of our Read & Lead series!

This week Fran Simon will lead us in discussing A Month on Greene Street from the book Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks.
For details about membership, dues payments, or contributing, please click HERE.

For questions or for more info about Sisterhood, contact Charisse Sands

Attention parents with a kid heading off to Overnight Camp this summer!
If you would like your child to receive a bit more mail while away, Sisterhood is glad to help! Email Charisse Sands at with your child(ren)'s:
  • Name(s),
  • Age(s),
  • Camp name and address,
  • Bunk numbers(s), and
  • Arrival/departure dates
and someone from Sisterhood will send them a handwritten letter! Happy Camping!
Shir Chadash Events & Announcements

After Shabbat Morning Services
- announcing Trey's Traybakes! 

Take home a delicious treat baked by Trey Rintala in our own back kitchen! Trey is the former sous chef and pastry chef of Meauxbar. After he lost the restaurant due to the pandemic, he focused his energy on feeding those needing help by establishing Tres Bon Food Fund, a nonprofit that allowed him to prepare meals for unemployed musicians and service industry workers. He now runs Happy Breakfast Trey, a popup that allows him to engage his more whimsical creative side. 
"The Bad Luck Spirits' Social Aid and Pleasure Club" by Andrew Fox
For those of you who were able to join Tablet Magazine senior editor Liel Leibovitz and Andrew Fox, author of the new contemporary fantasy novel set in the Big Easy, The Bad Luck Spirits' Social Aid and Pleasure Club, this past Sunday - Signed copies of Fox's novel are available through local independent books retailer Octavia Books, either for store pick-up or on-line order.
Member Questionnaire Returns- Last Chance!

All members should have recently received a questionnaire form to fill out to help keep our office's database complete and up-to-date. This information helps our office run more smoothly, so please return it to the synagogue at your earliest convenience. Don't hesitate to contact the front office if you have any questions.

Our Office Hours are 9 am - 2 pm, Tuesday - Friday.
Are you celebrating a simcha and need some bubbly? We have just the thing!

Contact our office for $10 bottles of Kosher champagne!
Community Events and Announcements
A Powerful and Inspiring Video by Rabbi Yoav Ende, Executive Director of the Hannaton Educational Center
At a time of challenge and suffering in Israel, the Masorti Foundation brings you one of the most meaningful voices of Masorti Israel. It's a part of our effort to share the variety of views and perspectives of leading thinkers and activists from the Movement.

In this exceptional, moving first-hand account, Rabbi Ende shares a vision of what kind of society he hopes to build in Israel.  With humanity and heart, he reaches out to the Arab communities surrounding Hannaton. 

As he said in a speech at joint gathering of Jews and Arabs in the village of Kfar Manra: "I am looking forward to a future where we work together, a shared life based on respect, truth, and acceptance. I believe in this path, the path of peace, and I know most people are willing to walk this path with me."
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