This week our campus will be STAAR testing. Please take a look at the details below.  

Scholars must arrive on campus on time. Any testing scholars that arrive after 9 am will not be able to test that day. If they miss the test, they will have to take the test during the make-up day. 

  • Please ensure your scholar comes to campus in their school uniform with a mask, a water bottle, and a book. They do not need to bring their backpacks on their perspective STAAR testing days. 
  • Our campus is considered a closed campus on the STAAR testing days. No volunteers will be allowed on campus (this includes lunch volunteers). 

Please ensure scholars have a hearty breakfast and get plenty of rest the night before each test. 
Spartan Families, please begin to return borrowed materials to the Western Hills campus.

If your scholar was loaned a laptop, you are responsible for returning the laptop or paying the cost of the device. You can either:

  1. Drop off laptop and cords bundled and clearly labeled with your name at the Western Hills receptionist between 8 am to 2:00 pm.
  2. If you are a Distanced Learner, you may drop off the laptop at Western Hills on May 31st between 9 am to 12:30 pm.
Additionally, if you were loaned a book or other supplies, please begin to return the school property with the Western Hills receptionist.

Borrowed materials would include Core Knowledge readers, whiteboards, Classics to Keep novels, Biology and Math textbooks, etc. Please place these items in a bag and clearly label them with the scholar's name and their class section or teacher.
Prospects are dimming at the state Capitol for our elected officials to pass a bill protecting public charter schools from discrimination at the city and municipal level. This priority bill was killed on the point of order in the Texas House Thursday morning after failing on the House floor by 3 votes Wednesday night. Thank you to all the parents who participated in TPCSA’s call to action this week. They made a significant impact on our lawmakers.

Stay up to date with charter school legislation and action alerts on this priority legislation through the Texas Public Charter School Association by signing up here.