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April 18th, 2017
Serving Berkshire County Since 2008

Warm sun and longer days are bringing the local farmer's fields back to life.

Some local produce items are sizing up and getting ready for harvest soon. We're looking forward to the local growing season officially beginning for 2017 and it looks like next week we will have locally foraged ramps and fiddle heads to kick off the season. Local asparagus, peas and greens will come next followed by local strawberries in several weeks.

Organic Produce & Affordability

One of our main missions over the last nine years has been to keep our organic produce prices as low and competitive as we possibly can. We try to do a produce price check with other markets a few times a year to make sure we're still offering a good deal on organics as well as maintaining high standards on produce quality. It is important to us that the members of our community, especially children, have access to a great variety of fresh, organic produce year-round.

As I've learned this past year with having my own baby, making homemade baby food and feeding our children fresh produce as their first foods is easier than we may have been led to believe. Obviously food companies want us to buy their packaged and prepared foods but with a little planning, a food mill or a blender, and a Berkshire Organics produce basket, you will be amazed at the healthy plant foods you can feed your family each day. We thank you for your continued support!

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Organic Produce Specials
Florida or Imported
$1.99 / pound
Grape Tomatoes
Florida or Imported
$2.99 / pint
 Fair Trade
$1.99 each
$1.99 each
Gold Beets
$1.99 / pound

Red Peppers
Fair Trade
$3.99 / pound
Fair Trade
$4.49 each
Brussels Sprouts
$4.49 / pound
Grocery Sale Items
Sale Online This Week Only
NOW $4.99 
Regularly $6.19
Gluten-Free Pasta
Ancient Harvest
NOW $3.69 
Regularly $4.09
NOW $2.49
Regularly $2.79
NOW $4.09
Regularly $4.49
Cheese, Cider, Wine & Beer of the Week
Available to delivery & market customers
15% OFF
Regular & Smoked

Gouda is sharp yet sweet at the same time. It is usually described as caramelly, nutty and buttery.

10% OFF
Safety Meeting
Store Hard Cider

from Stowe, VT
SALE Price $12.32
Regular Price $13.69

Hard Cider with Hops, 6.5% ABV 

Our flagship tips up dry hopped with the finest citra & galaxy hops. One of a kind & delightfully hoppy. 

4-pack, 16oz cans

10% OFF

2013 Penada Ensaio Tinto

from Portugal

SALE Price $12.59

Regular Price $13.99

Grape Varietal: Touriga Nacional and Tinta Amarela 

Designation: Sustainable 

Notes: Intense aromas of red plum, black cherry, violet, tomato leaf, rosemary and a touch of freshly turned earth and mushroom. Dry, medium body with well integrated acidity. Mouth filling, ripe but fresh black fruit aroma lingers on the palate and evolves into lilac and savory herbal aroma on the finish. The weight, aroma and acidity make this a superb red wine for the table. 

Drink if you enjoy: Lighter medium bodied wines like a fresh Sangiovese or Beaujolias style wines.

10% OFF

2014 Penada Ensaio Branco

from Portugal

SALE Price $12.59

Regular Price $13.99

Grape Varietal: 50% Fernão Pires, 30% Malvasia Fina and 20% Moscatel-Galego-Branco 

Designation: Sustainable 

Notes: Flora aromatics with notes of grapefruit, citrus peel and honeysuckle as well as tropical fruits and hints of white peach from the glass. Pleasing  mouth feel with this wine. Medium-dry on the palate, white fruits, delicious floral notes as well as ripe peach, papaya come with a spray of freshness to give this wine some lift on the finish.  

Drink if you enjoy: Medium bodied wines such as Torrontes or still (no bubbles) Moscato.

10% OFF
Jack's Abby
Excess India Pale Lager

Framingham, MA
SALE Price $11.42
Regular Price $12.69 

India Pale Lager, 7.2% ABV, Bitterness: 80 IBUs 

We’re celebrating hop-mania with our outrageously hoppy lager, Excess IPL. Various methods of hopping throughout the brewing and lagering process maximize the aromas. With bold hop aromatics and flavors, this India Pale Lager is packed to the brim with intense hop goodness. 

4-pack, 16oz cans

Mashed sweet potato, crumbled sausage, onion and cheese makes a fun, delicious dinner.

10% OFF
Orange segments, toasted walnuts and tangy goat cheese brighten up this simple salad. 

20% OFF
Green Bin Reminder
Please Return Our Green Bins
Many of you may have noticed we are using more cardboard boxes lately because we are missing many of our green bins.

If you regularly receive an order, please remember to leave your green bin out for our drivers to pick up.

If you are not planning to order for a while and can not return the bin to our market, we are happy to stop by and pick it up. Please email us at info@berkshireorganics.com

Cardboard boxes can also be returned to us. Thank you!
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Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 
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