Shir Chadash Newsletter
September 23 - September 29, 2021
17 Tishri - 23 Tishri 5782
Giving Back
As Rabbi Silver mentioned on Yom Kippur, our congregant Amy Lesen has been working with the founders and partners of The Lowlander Center to serve communities in lower Terrebonne, Lafourche, Plaquemines, and Jefferson Parishes which have been devastated by Hurricane Ida. People are unhoused, living in tents, cars, or roofless houses having lost all of their belongings.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. Your gifts are being put to immediate use.

You can still help in the following ways:

1) Gift cards: You may purchase gas cards or gift cards for Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowe's. Please email Amy Lesen at or text her cell number 718-213-1788. Amy or one of her volunteers will pick up from you.

2) You may make a direct donation via Amy's Venmo (@amypuma) or PayPal (7182131788).

3) You may write a check made out to Amy Lesen and same as in #1 contact Amy to get her the check. In case it seems odd, the reason these particular donations are going directly to Amy is that this way she can mobilize the funds immediately.

Donations made to the Lowlander Center non-profit are very important as well (You can donate HERE) but take more time to mobilize for Amy to access the funds for immediate aid. Other donations, such as lots of Damp Rid (expensive and dearly needed), air mattresses, and carbon monoxide detectors, are still very valuable and you may contact Amy directly to get those donations to her. Thank you so much!  

Bruchim HaBa'im 
ברוכים הבאים
Welcome to our new member!
We welcome Hillary Rossman to our Shir Chadash family!
Mazel Tov!
We welcome Amelia Mae Klein who was born on
August 14, 2021.
She is the daughter of proud parents, Mitchell and Ashley Klein, and granddaughter of adoring grandfather Ken Klein. 
Mazel Tov!
Wedding of Jaime Yager to Leo Shcherbakov .
Sunday August 22 in Denver CO.
Jaime is the daughter of
Alan and Liz Yager.
Grand daughter of Bea and Izzy Yager of blessed memory.
Sister of Kyla and Jacob Yager. 
Shir Chadash Calendar
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Thursday, September 23rd
7 pm, YAS (Young Adults at Shir Chadash) Sushi in the Sukkah - Register HERE

Friday, September 24th
6 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, September 25th
9 am, Shabbat Morning Services for Chol Hamoed

4 pm, For Heaven's Cake (in the Shir Chadash Sukkah)

Sunday, September 26th

9:15 am, Minyan with Men's Club
In Person in the Chapel

5 pm, Teen & Tween Learning

Tuesday, September 28th - Shemini Atzeret
9:15 am, Shemini Atzeret Morning Service + Yizkor

6:30 pm, Simchat Torah Service

6:30 pm, Simchat Torah Children's Celebration

Wednesday, September 29th - Simchat Torah
9:15 am, Simchat Torah Morning Service
Thursday, September 30th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan

7 pm, New Member Event "Sangria in the Sukkah"

Friday, October 1st
5:30 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, October 2nd
9:30 am, Shabbat Morning Services celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of Zora! Bagneris

Sunday, October 3rd

9:15 am, Minyan with Men's Club
In Person in the Chapel

5 pm, Teen & Tween Learning

Wednesday, October 6th
10 am, Sisterhood Class: The Five Books of Miriam

Thursday, October 7th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan

7 pm, YAS (Young Adults at Shir Chadash) Happy Hour with Rabbi Silver

7:30 pm, NOLA Nights
Shir Chadash requires that everyone who comes inside the building be fully vaccinated (if eligible). Proof of vaccination will be required and may be provided in advance. Masks must be worn in the building at all times. The Health Committee will reassess the need for these requirements as health conditions warrant.

Please have proof of vaccination with you when you come to the synagogue, or supply this to us beforehand.
Sunday Shacharit Minyan
Men’s Club has resumed in person morning Minyan.

Minyan will be in the Chapel at 9:15 am. Zoom participation remains as an option. 

Everyone welcome!
Thursday Shacharit Minyan - Please join!

Join us at 8 am for our virtual weekday minyan which includes the opportunity to say Kaddish.
Sisterhood Corner
Top 10 Reasons to Join Sisterhood!
10. Sisterhood needs & values you 
  9. Interesting discussions & conversations
  8. Opportunities to learn new skills
  7. Being a part of something bigger than yourself
  6. Connections to individuals around the world
  5. Longest ongoing Torah study class in NOLA
  4. Innovative programming
  3. Increased longevity & decreased stress
  2. Unmatched support system 
  1. Lasting friendships 
For details about membership, dues payments, or contributing, please click HERE.

Information and/or questions, contact Charisse Sands at 504-231-6464 or (Sisterhood in subject line)
Wednesdays at 10 AM
“The Five Books of Miriam”
What if “He” i.e. God is a “She”? What if women were writing and interpreting the Torah, midrashim, etc. from the beginning? 
Join us on Wednesday mornings at 10 for lively teaching and discussion with Rabbi Silver of Ellen Frankel's book The Five Books of Miriam: A Woman's Commentary on the Torah. 
Monthly, Sundays at 10 AM
Good Lookin’ Cookin’

A volunteer Chef du Jour will teach us how to prepare old and new favorites including entrees, desserts, veges, etc. Helpful tips and conversation round out each session.  
Ingredient lists will be e-mailed several days in advance so you will be able to purchase ingredients and prepare the dishes in real time. Voila! Sunday's tasty dinner will be prepared and ready to be eaten!

If you would like to volunteer to be a Chef du Jour, receive ingredient lists in advance, or want more information, please contact Charisse Sands, (Good Lookin' Cookin' in subject line), 504-231-6464.
Monthly, Sundays at 10:30 AM
 WJWD – What Jewish Women Did (& Coffee)
Once a month, a brief bio of one or two Jewish women who have made contributions in science, literature, etc. will be discussed while munching on pastries and coffee. So many women and so little time …  

Shir Chadash Events & Announcements
Young Adults at Shir Chadash,
Come and make your very own sushi rolls! If you've never handcrafted a perfect sushi roll now is the time. Come and join your friends at our Shir Chadash Sukkah for drinks, individualized sushi rolls and let the good times roll! Sushi Rolling Begins at 7:00 pm.
Are you celebrating a simcha and need some bubbly? We have just the thing!

Contact our office for $10 bottles of Kosher champagne!
Community Events and Announcements
Hadassah New Orleans Presents
Living Fully
Living a full life during times of crisis 
A Book Presentation by Rabbi Daniel Kripper 
TONIGHT • September 23
7:00 pm CDT • Via Zoom

Our life and times stand irrevocably changed. Even after lockdowns have been lifted, restaurants and bars are filled with people, and people are meeting in temples again, we will be changed people. Changed for the better though, we hope. Changed through looking at the positive, changed from having learned things, changed from making the best of a bad situation.
Living Fully is a guide to get rid of restricting beliefs that often limit our lives and reduce our potential. In essence, it is an invitation for an integrated life from a spiritual perspective. This means leaving behind excuses and fears in order to take responsibility for steering the ship of our lives, directing the sails towards a place of fullness and meaning. 
The presentation by Rabbi Daniel Kripper will be interactive, using stories, anecdotes, humor, and visual aids, based on insights both from the wisdom of Kabbalah as well as from modern positive psychology.
Online Member Access
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