September 29th, 2023


free live performances & listening events!

Jerry David DeCicca

Live in-store performance in support of his new album "New Shadows" out on 09/29!

October 1st, Sunday @ 4PM

John Carpenter

"Anthology II"

Advanced listening party for the new archival release from the iconic composer out on 10/06!

October 5th, Thursday @ 5PM

Gucci Mane

"Breath of Fresh Air"

Advanced listening party for his new release out on 10/13! Giving away posters, shirts, and more.

October 13th, Friday @ 5PM




Tote Bag




(artwork by Eric Berger)



"Alexalone Technical Research"

[Black, Silver, Splatter Vinyl]


Taylor Swift

"1989 (Taylor's Version)"

[Crystal Sky Blue Vinyl]


Prince & The NPG

"Diamonds And Pearls"

[4LP DLX or 2LP Marble Vinyl]


Neil Young

"Time Fades Away"

[50th Anniversary Clear Vinyl]


New Order


[Red / Blue Vinyl]


Cat Power

"Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert"

[White Vinyl]

[Ice Breaker Vinyl]
[11LP Boxset - Clear Vinyl]
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pop / rock

Animal Collective

"Isn't It Now" [Tangerine Vinyl] 2LP (Domino)

2023 release from the psychedelic/experimental pop group featuring Panda Bear and Avey Tare. "Its mix of playfulness and earnestness, glittery pop and tessellated textures seeming to synthesize and update all that has ever made and still makes this band so compelling.."

Auerbach, Dan

"Keep It Hid" [Tiger's Eye Vinyl] LP (Easy Eye Sound)

2009 debut solo album from The Black Keys singer and guitarist, back in print.

Blonde Redhead

"Sit Down for Dinner" [Opaque White Vinyl] LP (section 1)

2023 release from the NYC indie rock band - their first in nine years. "Understated yet visceral melodies charge each song, creating a foil to lyrics about the inescapable struggles of adulthood."

Cyrus, Miley

"Bangerz" 2LP (Legacy)

10th anniversary reissue of the pop star's 2013 release featuring unreleased photos and a bonus track with Mike WiLL Made-It.

DeCicca, Jerry David

"New Shadows" LP (Bwatue)

2023 release from the Texas singer-songwriter is a literary-goth, avant-Americana meditation, surreal and ruminative - featuring contributions from featuring David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin (from Los Lobos), guitarist Jeff Parker, and more.

Dope Lemon

"Kimosabè" ["Sea Blue" Vinyl] LP (BMG)

2023 release from the Australian indie-psych singer-songwriter.


"Stratosphere" [25th Anniversary, Splatter Vinyl] LP (Numero Group)

Seminal 1998 slowcore debut, back in print on color vinyl.


"Get The Message: The Best Of" 2LP (Rhino)

2006 compilation of the late 80s pop duo by New Order's Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr of The Smiths, first-ever vinyl pressing.


"Days Are Gone" [10th Anniversary, Green Vinyl] 2LP (Columbia)

2013 indie-rock debut, reissued in new slip on packaging with a extra vinyl of demos and remixes.

Isbell, Jason

"Southeastern" [10th Anniversary, Indie Exclusive Clearwater Blue Vinyl] LP

2013 breakout record from the singer-songwriter and ex-member of Drive-By Truckers. Reissued with updated album art for its anniversary.

Jesus Lizard

"Goat" [White Vinyl] LP

1991 Austin noise rock, back in print.


"Flaws in Our Design" [Clear Sky Blue Vinyl] LP (Ninja Tune)

2023 release from the EDM duo is a collaborative EP with Yellow House (Cape Town-based songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Emile van Dango). Captures their transformative amalgamation of symphonic compositions with Yellow House's psychedelic alterna-folk.


"Rift" [Bitter Blue Vinyl] 2LP (JEMP)

1993 release from the prolific Vermont jam band - remastered and back in print.

Sheeran, Ed

"Autumn Variations" [White Vinyl] LP (Atlantic)

2023 release from the pop star/singer-songwriter.

Smith, Jorja

"Falling Or Flying" [Indie Exclusive w/ Booklet] LP (Famm Limited)

2023 sophomore release from the London artist broaches gaps between jazz, soul, R&B, andhouse.


"They Want My Soul" [Indie Exclusive Sky Blue Vinyl] LP

2014 indie/art rock release from the Austin band, back in print.


"Planet Brutalicon" [Swamp Green Vinyl] LP

2023 debut release from Australian trio - "equal parts motor city proto-punk and feedback-drenched fuzz on the darker side of psychedelia."


"Cousin" LP (Legacy)

2023 release, the influential indie rock band's thirteenth studio allbum - recorded in the band’s legendary Chicago studio – The Loft – over a period of two years. Ten new tracks written by band leader Jeff Tweedy.

hip-hop / r&b


"My Way" [25th Anniversary] 2LP (Legacy)

The R&B star's 1997 sopohomore release - now with alternative album art and second LP of 3-reimagined tracks for this reissue.

classic rock

Crosby, Stills & Nash

"Greatest Hits" [Brick & Mortar Exclusive Milky Clear Vinyl] 2LP (Atlantic)

2005 compilation, first time vinyl pressing.

Dr John

"Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack" 2LP (Sundazed)

Reissue of 1981 solo piano performance features a bonus LP of unreleased tracks.

Grateful Dead

"Wake of the Flood" [50th Anniversary Remaster] LP (GD Productions)

Remastered reissue of 1973 release that introduces Keith and Donna Godchaux on keys and vocals after the passing of founding member Ron "Pigpen" McKernan.

Mitchell, Joni

"Court & Spark" [Brick & Mortar Exclusive Green Vinyl] LP (Elektra)

"Ladies Of The Canyon" [Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl] LP (Elektra)

"Miles Of Aisles" [Brick & Mortar Exclusive Sea Blue Vinyl] LP (Elektra)

"The Hissing Of Summer Lawns" LP (Elektra)

Back in print!

Steely Dan

"Aja" LP (Geffen)

1977 jazz rock masterpiece, remastered, finally back in print.


Crockett, Charley

"Live From The Ryman Auditorium" [Indie Exclusive Stained Glass Vinyl] 2LP (Thirty Tigers)

2023 release - live recording from 11/14/22 at Nashville's historic venue. "These recordings capture the live energy and raw talent of one of modern music's best live performers..."

Nelson, Willie

"Bluegrass" [Electric Blue Vinyl] LP

2023 release - the 74th solo studio album from the living legend. Captures a dozen of his classic compositions--including "On the Road Again," "Yesterday's Wine," "Still is Still Moving to Me," "Good Hearted Woman" and more -- interpreted into bluegrass with an ensemble of crack players.


Celtic Frost

"Emperor's Return" [Green w/ Black Swirl Vinyl] LP (Noise Records)

Reissue of the second release from influential Swiss black metal band - features American drummer Reid Cruickshank (a.k.a. "Reed St. Mark"). Back in print for the first time since its 1985 release.


"Massive Killing Capacity" [Yellow Orange Marble] LP (Nuclear Blast)

"Death Metal" [Purple Marble Vinyl] LP (Nuclear Blast)

"Hate Campaign" [Clear Orange w/ Black Splatter Vinyl] LP (Nuclear Blast)

'95, '97, and '00 releases from the Swedish black metal band, back in print.


"IMPERA" [Indie Exclusive Aqua Blue Vinyl] LP (Project M)

2022 release from the Swedish hard rock/heavy metal band, back in print on color vinyl.


"6" [White & Sky Blue Marble Vinyl] LP (Nuclear Blast)

Moody and intense 2023 release from Swedish hard rock band.


"Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. I" [Blue Splatter Vinyl] LP (Noise)

1987 sophomore release from the German power metal band. Considered the album responsible for the European-style of power metal.


"Pleasure To Kill" [Clear Red Splatter Vinyl] LP (Noise)

Landmark 1986 sophomore release form the German thrash metal band, back in print.

Municipal Waste

"Waste 'Em All" [Orange Swirl Vinyl] LP (Nuclear Blast)

2003 debut release from Richmond VA's trash metal band, back in print.

Superjoint Ritual

"Use Once And Destroy" [20th Anniversary, Indie Exclusive Green] 2LP (Project M)

2002 debut from the sludgy hardcore supergroup, reissue with new art, hand-numbered.


"Dimension Hatross" [White Purple Splatter] LP (Noise)

1988 concept album from the Canadian heavy metal band - back in print.

punk / garage / hardcore


"Eye" (Prank)

2023 release from the Tokyo metallic hardcore band - their first new recordings in twelve years. "Crow’s origins are in the legendary mid-1980’s golden era of Japanese punk, formed in Osaka with an intense influence of guitar driven UK hardcore."

Green Day

"Dookie" [30th Anniversary, Baby Blue Vinyl] LP (Reprise)

1994 iconic pop-punk release - back in print on limited color vinyl.

Rudimentary Peni

"Farce" LP (One Little Independent)

1982 relea first released on 7", now remastered for 12".

gothic / darkwave

Die Selektion

"s/t" LP (Der Katalog)

"Zeuge aus Licht" LP (Der Katalog)

The long out of print 2011 debut from the German minimal synth/EBM group, back in print. Alongside with a long awaited 2023 full-length release with "synthesizer sounds in the great tradition of '80s Wave and Pop, combined with hard-hitting drum machines."

jazz / improv

Vambe, Lori

"Space Time Dream Time: The Four Dimensional Music of" LP (Strut)

1982 private press albums from the self-taught drummer and experimental sound artist. A unique figure in British music, tghe creator of his his own instrument, the drumgita (pronounced ‘drum-guitar’) or string-drum. First ever reissues.


Gou, Peggy

"(It Goes Like) Nanana" 12" (XL Recordings)

2023 Eurodance release from the Korean deep house artist.


Hisaishi, Joe

"Symphonic Celebration: Music From The Studio Ghibli Films Of Hayao Miyazaki" [Sky Blue Vinyl] 2LP (Deutsche Grammophon)

2023 release - symphonic arrangements for Ghibli films the composer has become synonymous with - including Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro. Recorded in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Bridges, Leon

"Coming Home"

Crystal Castles


Earl Sweatshirt

"I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside"

Earl Sweatshirt



"Left Hand Path"

Hill, Lauryn

"Miseducation of"

Linkin Park


Viagra Boys

"Cave World"

Wu-Tang Clan

"Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)"

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