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August 1st, 2017
Serving Berkshire County Since 2008
This first week of August is kicking off with a bang! Local produce is peaking and we’re bursting at the seams with the best variety and pricing around.

This is another thrilling local fruit week as we welcome NECTARINES, DONUT PEACHES and YELLOW SHIRO PLUMS.
Remember last year we didn’t get to experience the taste of local stone fruit because the local crop was devastated? This year we get to experience the juicy, sweetness in all its glory.

Speaking of taste, have you tasted the local peaches and cantaloupe melon? Both of those items are having a fantastic season. I can’t wait to try the first of the local WATERMELON this week when it arrives on Wednesday with all the other new produce items.

Check out more updates on local produce below.
Best of the Berkshires
We want to thank everyone who voted us BEST PRODUCE in Berkshire County in this year’s Berkshire Eagle reader’s poll. It is quite an honor for a little market like ours to hold the title. Produce can be tough work. It is highly perishable and can change day to day.  We are grateful for all the support and encouragement our customers give us.  It’s what keeps us going.

We also get to work with some truly amazing local farms who take great pride in what they grow. Without those local farms, we wouldn’t be doing this and we are truly thankful to have such a wonderful community of farms and customers surrounding us.
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Have You Tried The Pluot?
If you haven't tried the Dapple Dandy Pluot, now is the time! 
When the season started the price was high at $5.99/lb but this week they are on sale for $2.99/lb! 

Kids will love them!

The strangely named pluot is a hybrid plant grown from a plum and an apricot. The actual ratio works out to around 70% plum and 30% apricot and they mainly look like plums. They have a great deal of nutritious value and are low in fat, making them ideal for snacking or sweetening up other dishes. Pluots are an intensely flavored fruit, often full of vitamins A and C, have a very low fat content, and are sodium and cholesterol free. High sugar content makes them quite sweet, though each one only has about 40-80 calories, depending on size. Many people are suspicious of pluots thinking that this strange fruit must be genetically engineered, but this is not the case.
Featured Local Produce
Certified Organic Now Available
This week are have lowered the price on the
Local, NON-GMO, sweet corn!

It has been crisp, sweet & delicious!
If you happen to get a bad ear or batch, please let us know because this can sometimes happen as the farmer changes fields.

This week we also have certified organic corn.
Is there a difference between the regular corn and the certified organic corn that we offer?
Both are non-gmo and from the same farm.
The certified organic corn is grown in fields that have transitioned over a three year period to all organic growing practices. The regular corn is grown in fields that have not yet completed the transition cycle.

Warner Farm is a 10th generation family farm, where they understand the importance of growing practices that nourish the soil and promote the health and biodiversity of the land. They have been feeding the local community the freshest, healthiest, and purest produce for over 250 years.
Heirloom Sean
All different shapes & sizes of tomatoes are now available.

Mixed New Potatoes
are now available.

Great for potato salads!
Watermelon $4.99 each

Cantaloupe $3.99 each

Libations & Cheese of the Week
Available to market & delivery customers
15% OFF

Berkshire Bloom

Cricket Creek Farm,
Williamstown, MA

Berkshire Bloom is a semi-soft bloomy rind cheese inspired by a Camembert. It has a supple white rind and a creamy, earthy, pungent layer surrounding a mild, firm center. Simple and approachable, it is the bloomy rind cheese that you can count on.

Try it with

these crackers

10% OFF
2015 Domaine de la Bregeonnette Muscadet

Loire Valley, France


Grape Varietal: 100%  Melon de Bourgogne


Designation: Organic (L’Agriculture Biologique)


Notes: Beautiful, elegant pale golden color with green tints. Fresh white flowers and citrus aromas from the glass.  Notes of lemon, lime, green apples and hints of almond.  Mineral driven tones lend a fresh noted balance of citrus. Round and fruity with a pearling finish.


Drink if you enjoy: Lively, exciting, fun, crisp French white wines made to drink young.

10% OFF
2015 Michel et Domaine Pinon Vouvray Tuffo Sec

Loire Valley, France


Grape Varietal: 100% Chenin Blanc


Designation: Practicing organic and Lutte Raisonnée


Notes: Shows a pleasant light yellow hue in the glass. An intense but elegant nose of tropical fruit and citrus with a touch of honey. The mouth is full and balanced with stone fruits, think white peach, tropical fruits and citrus notes of fresh lime, plus wet stone minerality and vibrant acidity. The finish is bright and cleansing!


Drink if you enjoy: A well made French white wines that compliments food very well; there is something for everyone in this bottle!

10% OFF
2015  Serge LaLoue Sancerre

Loire Valley, France


Grape Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blance


Designation: Lutte raisonnée and Organic practices


Notes: Light straw color in the glass. Pleasant white flowers and citrus on the nose. The palate is bright, fresh and intense with lemon, pineapple and fresh herbs, like thyme, driven by the wet stone minerality and cleansing acidity. Pairs well with seafood and fresh goat cheese.   


Drink if you enjoy: Zesty, light bodied white wines that are high with mineral notes. A true-to-style Sancerre from the Loire Valley!

10% OFF
Lime Pilsner

Uinta Brewing Company, UT

Crisp, light-bodied, and immensely refreshing, our small batch Lime Pilsner combines a subtle malty sweetness with hints of fresh lime for a little splash of summertime in a can.


6-pack, 12oz cans

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Grocery Note on Pacific & Organix
A couple weeks ago we announced we would start transitioning the Pacific brand from our shelves because they were recently acquired by Campbell Soup Company. Click here for that newsletter.

So far we have brought in a refrigerated, carageenan free, almond milk from New Barn and canned soups from Amy's. In the next two weeks, we plan to replace the shelf stable almond milk and broths and we will continue to keep you posted on the replacements.

We are also working on replacing the Organix line of Pet Food as it is owned by Purina. We will have more information on that replacement in the next 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for your patience while we make these changes so that we can continue to offer the best organic items from small, independent companies.
We made this for dinner last night and it's so satisfying and flavorful. It's bursting with summer vegetables!
We added some beans and cheddar cheese to make it even heartier. 
  Enhancing the flavor of summer peaches requires little effort. Vanilla and brown sugar cook in the peaches' natural juices, forming a fragrant glaze to coat the soft, warm fruit. Simply top with vanilla ice cream.
Cauliflower raw? Yes, it tastes great especially when you massage it with some sea salt. This salad is light, refreshing and packed with nutrients.
  A French classic, this is a great summer salad that you can customize with whatever you have on hand.

Thank you for supporting a small, locally owned business, our local farms and local food artisans. 
Aleisha, Brian & Grace Gibbons
Owners, Berkshire Organics, LLC

813 Dalton Division Rd.

Dalton, MA 01226