October 9, 2018 Weekly Newsletter #9
Happy Birthday, Fr. Robert!
October 4
Principal's Message
Dear Families,

Attached is an important letter from Bishop Barber addressing the sexual abuse reports and the Catholic Church. This is a difficult time for many and please know that we remain committed to providing a safe environment for your children here at Saint Philip Neri. October 2nd Letter from Bishop Barber

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences: As you know, this week is a noon dismissal on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so we can have our parent/student/teacher conferences. This is a time for the teacher to review progress to date and for the student to set goals going forward for the remainder of the trimester. Thank you for your partnership! There will be no Chess class on Thursday and Share and Care is available all week.

Dine and Donate: Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Wednesday, the 17 th. The PTG is hosting its first Dine and Donate for the year. Remember to bring a copy of the flyer provided below and enjoy a dinner out at MOD Pizza. SPN will receive 20% of the proceeds.

Come Play in TK/K: Our first big admissions event is on November 14 th. We host a day where families are invited to come experience an hour of TK and Kindergarten. The event begins at 8:30 am. Please spread the news! If you can help out by dropping some of our fliers off at a preschool, please let me know.
Mindfulness: Our school counselor, Shauna Bergh, will lead the middle school students through an 8-week Mindfulness course. Our 6th grade class began their course today and below is more information:

Mindfulness, the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something in the present moment, is an opportunity to slow down and check in with our experience and ourselves. The benefits are many: improved concentration, decreased stress and anxiety, better problem solving, improved impulse control, better sleep and stronger relationships. It soothes our nervous system and provides a space for deep relaxation for our body, mind and spirit. Mindfulness helps us learn how to deal with difficult situations and tough emotions and teaches the skills needed to respond to circumstances rather than react.

In this 8-week mindfulness course, middle school students will learn how to be the non-judgmental observer of their experience in order to differentiate between thoughts, emotions and body sensations. They will learn how to identify and access their unique inner resources that they can call upon at a moment’s notice.

The intention of doing this work is to help students learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions and develop greater self-esteem in order to navigate life’s challenges and live more purposefully. 
Halloween, October 31/Noon Dismissal: Parents, before you shop for your child's Halloween costumes, please take note of our school's Free Dress policy (see the Parent & Student Handbook, page 42). In addition to the dress code, if the costume comes with any type of weapon, please leave the "weapon" at home. Costume make-up is acceptable.

Our school parade starts immediately following our morning prayer and Pledge. You are welcome to join us!

Peace and blessings,

Jessica Murray
Counselor's Corner
If your child has a cell phone or you are thinking of getting your child a cell phone please consider the following information. Among the increase in teen anxiety and depression associated with cell phone use, there are other common dangers involved such as unwanted sexual communications, predators and cyber bullying. As a therapist who primarily works with children, I have seen firsthand all of the above with my clients and it is alarming. 

Children of today are savvy, often creating multiple accounts, and some apps creating the illusion that it is a regular app, for instance it could look like a calculator on your child’s phone but open it up and you would be surprised. 

The information and list of apps below has been provided by the Alameda Police Department. Along with the apps below, there are a few others to be aware of: Sarahah, Amino communities, Tik/Tok, Musically, Yellow, After School, SayAt.Me, Live.Ly. Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most popular apps children are using and can be addicted to. 

Check out commonsensemedia.org under the “Parents” tab for great information and support regarding kids and technology and media. They recommend Bark.us and Limitly to monitor your children’s activity, though a trust relationship is even more essential. 

From the Alameda Police Department:
There are millions of apps out there and some can expose children to a range of things from bullying to unwanted sexual messages. Some apps can even give a child the capability to secretly hide content from guardians and to share locations with strangers. 

When giving your child the responsibility of a cell phone, here are a few tips on how to help protect your children: 
• Approve every app on your child’s phone
• Stay educated on popular apps for teens
• Establish strong privacy settings
• Talk with children about appropriate phone, app, and social media use
• Encourage your children not to share personal information 
• Remind your children once “send” is clicked there is no undo button. 
Blessing of the Animals
October 4
PTG Fundraiser
Dine and Donate
Classroom Scenes
Oct 10-12 - Noon Dismissal Days
Oct 10-12 - Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences
Oct 17 - Dine & Donate/MOD Pizza/PTG Fundraiser
Oct 19 - 4th Grade Field Trip
Oct 19 - Being Adept Lessons Start/Middle School
Oct 22 - Free Dress for October Birthdays
Oct 24 - 8th Grade Tour/Bishop O'Dowd High School
Oct 25 - Picture Re-takes
Oct 26 - Family BINGO
Oct 31 - Noon Dismissal
Oct 31 - Halloween Parade @ 8am
Admissions Events
Come play in TK K
High School News
ICA Cristo Rey Academy
Open House - Sunday, October 28
10am to 2pm
If you are looking for an affordable, college-prep education that offers students the chance to gain valuable work experience? Then ICA Cristo Rey Academy IS the right school for you! At ICA Cristo Rey Academy, we empower girls to become confident young women able to realize their full potential…
  • Tuition is $2,900/year
  • 100% of students are accepted into college
  • ICA works specifically with students from low-income households

Carondolet High School
Open House - Sunday, November 4
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Carondelet is more than a gateway to college and a successful career. It's a place where lives are transformed, where character is built and where lifetime friendships are forged with 800 fellow students. It is a school that is passionately and personally dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. How will Carondelet bring out the best in you?

Sacred Heart Prep
Sacred Heart Preparatory
Open House - Saturday, October 20
9am to 11am
SHC's student body is comprised of bright, energetic and engaged students who are challenged and supported by rigorous academics and co-curricular activities, dedicated and enthusiastic faculty, cutting-edge classroom technology and a community focused on their educational and personal success.

Bishop O'Dowd High School
Open House - Sunday, November 4 12:30pm-3:30pm
HSPT 8th Grade Practice Workshop
Saturday, December 1st, 2018, 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. (8th Grade Students Only).

Apply here. Courtesy deadline Dec. 11; final deadline Jan. 8

HSPT Exam - Jan. 12 Register online here.
Open House - Oct 21, 3pm-5:30pm

Apply here. Early bird deadline Dec. 7;final deadline Jan 8

HSPT Exam - Jan 12 Register online here.
Parish & Community News
Parent Resources
Treating ADHD & Related Conditions
Growth Mindset
Sometimes my students (and my own children) tell me they are not good at something, like reading, talking to a group, or catching pop flies. “You’re not good at it yet,” is my response. “What steps could you take to improve?” Continue reading here....
Siblings and Screentime
Last night one of my good friends came over with his kids. We were visiting when he turned to my son and said, “Don’t take for granted your relationship with your sister.” I asked him where this heartfelt advice came from. He said something we were talking about reminded him of the time years ago he and his older brother had a falling out. “My brother told my parents something I didn’t want them to know,” he said. ”I remember my brother getting real joy seeing me get in trouble. We haven’t been close since then.” Read more here...
Common Sense's Research Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Teens' Use of Social Media in 2018 https://www.commonsensemedia.org/