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Shir Chadash Newsletter
April 30 - May 6, 2020
6 Iyar - 13 Iyar, 5780
This Week's Shir Chadash To-Do List
  • May 1: Fancy Friday - Jazz Fest Chic
  • May 3: Coffee with Ken
Stay Connected!
Be honest - have you been wearing the same pair of sweatpants for a while? Are you losing track of time because you're not dressing up for Shabbat? Shir Chadash has the answer...


Every week we'll dress to a different theme. Put on your glad rags (and your makeup and your jewelry...), take a photo of yourself/yourselves and send it to us at  shirchadash@shirchadash.org  so we can share it on our Facebook page.

This week's theme is: JAZZ FEST CHIC  

And remember...over the top isn't far enough!
Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 10:30am
What’s on your mind when you think about Shir Chadash? As we plan a vibrant future together, it’s vital to me to hear your thoughts, your concerns and your aspirations for our community. We only grow stronger by addressing each other’s needs.

So please come and let's talk.
I’ll be there with a listening ear…and please bring a cup of coffee.

I look forward to seeing you.

Ken Klein
Shul School Corner
Sisterhood Corner

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Shul School Newsletter

Join us online for our regularly scheduled Sisterhood Tanakh class as w e continue our journey through the book of Judges.
Wednesdays at 10 am

For questions or for more info about Sisterhood, contact Charisse Sands
Join us at 9:15am for our Sunday minyan followed by a check-in and a virtual L'Hayyim!
Looking Ahead
(Click on the bold writing to join the ZOOM meeting)

Friday, May 1st

6:15 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, May 2nd

Sunday, May 3rd
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan

10:30 am, Coffee with Ken

Shul School
9:30 - 10 am,  Kabbalat Kehilla
10 – 11:15 am,  Parparim/Devorim  
11:30 am – 12:15 pm,  Nesharim  
1 – 2:15 pm, Ha Ya’ar  

Tuesday, May 5th

Wednesday, May 6th

Thursday, May 7th

Friday, May 8th

6:15 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, May 9th

Sunday, May 10th
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan

Shul School
9:30 - 10 am,  Kabbalat Kehilla
10 – 11:15 am,  Parparim/Devorim  
11:30 am – 12:15 pm,  Nesharim  
1 – 2:15 pm, Ha Ya’ar  

Tuesday, May 12th

Wednesday, May 13th

Shabbat Shalom!
Dear Shir Chadash community,

I feel like this is the week when many of us have rather hit the wall. Too much time at home, too many directions we are pulled in, too much uncertainty…so I want to start this email with a real success story.

Over Pesach, the Jewish community of New Orleans banded together behind an initiative we called, Kol Dichfin: Come and Eat . I’m delighted to report that this donation initiative to Second Harvest raised $50,000 and with a partial match from Entergy, the total will be even higher.  We may be grounded - but we can still do so much good.

If you need another boost, try looking at Rabbi Michael Cohen’s video of making falafel with his daughters:
And please don’t forget to get into your Jazzfest glad rags and send us a photo to share on our facebook page for Fancy Friday!
I wish all of you a Shabbat shalom and hope to see you at either or both of our Kabbalat Shabbat service and our community Havdalah - the links are below.   

I wish you a peaceful Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi Silver
Virtual services and
pre/post Shabbat materials
We hope that playing these in the background has been getting you in the mood for Shabbat!

Here  is our Shabbat playlist and for our younger members,  here  is the Shir Chadash Youtube page, where you can spend some time with Miss Meryl and the Shabbat dinosaur!

And for this week - a little bit of Shalom Sesame for Shabbat!
Please use this link for Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday night at 6:15pm.

Our community havdalah this week will be at 8:30 pm.
Shabbat morning liturgy at home
I hope that by now we are in the habit of making a computer-free time on Shabbat to pray, to reflect and to study.

You can find an online Siddur here - please download before Shabbat.

At the end of this article is Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s prayer to say in place of Kaddish.

And here is Alden Solovy’s prayer for healing at this time:

Healing from Coronavirus
Source of healing,
Cast the light of health and well-being
On those who’ve been exposed to coronavirus,
Those who have contracted the disease,
And those — God forbid — who contract the disease in the future.
Bless them, protect them and bring them speedily to full recovery.
Bless all who are ill
With healing of body,
Healing of soul
And healing of spirit.

. ברוך אתה ה’, מקור חיים
Baruch atah Adonai, m’kor chayim.
Blessed are You Adonai, Source of life.
Parashot Acharei Mot + K'doshim
Torah: Leviticus 16:1 - 17:7
Maftir: Leviticus 17:5-7
Haftarah: Ezekiel 22:1-19
Torah study

The Torah reading for this week is in the red panel above. If you do not have a Humash at home you can find it on the link below. We are reading Triennial Year 1, but you might like to read the full portion (“ Full Kriyah ”). It’s a long parashah this week but there is some very good stuff in there!

My Jewish Learning has curated an excellent collection of parashah study websites to browse at your leisure (please note that you might want to download some of the materials before Shabbat).

Our Shabbat brochure with the Verse To Live By, yahrzeits, and simchas for this week is attached . You might wish to take special notice of those who are sick and take a moment to direct your thoughts towards them.
Prayer for Medical Workers
And finally - I created a prayer for medical workers before Pesach. It is just as relevant now. Please take a moment to add it to your prayers, for Shabbat or during the week.
Holy One
We ask your blessing for our doctors
for our nurses
for all our hospital workers
who stand between the living and the dying
as Aaron once stood.
Help them to know they are not alone
as they undertake the overwhelming holy work
of deploying and organizing,
of caring and healing and comforting.
Bring them strength
and fortitude
and grace.
May the work of their hands be blessed.
And we say,
Giving Back
Jewish Community Health Care Workers
Take Home Meal Program

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans is pleased to announce the launch of the Greater New Orleans Jewish Community Health Care Workers Take Home Meal Program. This program will benefit Tulane Medical Center, Touro Infirmary and Ochsner Health System. Over the next eight weeks, this program will serve 5,000 take-home meals to frontline medical staff and healthcare workers.

Three local kosher restaurants and caterers – Kosher Cajun, Rimon and Dvash – are collaborating to provide healthy, delicious meals to all three hospital campuses each Tuesday evening.
Community Events and Announcements
Tonight, April 30th - 8pm EST/7pm CST

Rabbi Josh Warshawsky is back again for another
weekly virtual concert with Ramahniks across the globe!
We will be singing songs to prepare for Shabbat,
as well as your favorite camp hits!
Chevra Thilim Memorial Park
Cemetery Plot for Sale

A plot at Chevra Thilim Memorial Park at Iberville and Helena streets has become available for sale at a discounted price.

If interested, please contact Alvin Lamert at  alvinlambert77@aol.com  or (850)368-7580.
Due to the current shelter-in-place restrictions, our community publication, Southern Jewish Life magazine, is distributing its next couple of issues entirely online. The new edition is currently out, you can follow  this link , or go to the  Southern Jewish Life website  for a version that is downloadable. They also offer a weekly e-mail newsletter that you can sign up for by emailing  subscribe@sjlmag.com . You may also use that address to request that the PDF version be emailed to you.
NOLAJewishWomen is an online exhibition based on the 2018 New Orleans Tricentennial Exhibition, l’dor v'dor, that highlighted the critical roles Jewish women have played in shaping the New Orleans public sphere over the past 120 years. Their goals are to preserve and share Jewish women's leadership that has made New Orleans a dynamic Southern city, capture new stories, and inspire new leadership. In addition to the website, you can like their Facebook page and sign up for their monthly newsletter .
Have you ever used ZOOM ? We are holding meetings and classes using this online program. Please look at this tutorial so you can join us! We hope to see you soon!
Thank you to all our generous donors. We are deeply grateful for your support.
Sponsored Kiddush

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Nathan & Robin Lew

Landscaping Fund

From: Sheldon & Irene Hersh

Building Fund

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Charles & Rita Manning

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Mark Kline

Caring Committee

To: Allan Lehmann
In memory of your beloved father, Rene
From: Bock, Dreyer, Gamzu, Goldman-Yassen, Grill- Abramowitz, Hoffman, Israel, Mesch, Rhodes, Rosner-Schapiro, Safran, Slotnick, Smith, and Ziff families

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Elliott and Joan Bain

Emanuel Steinberg Education Fund

In loving memory and great respect of Rene Lehmann
From: Sylvan & Judy Steinberg

Endowment Fund

In memory of Rene Lehmann; one of the dearest and inspirational men.
From: Harry & Marcie Katzen
To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann. He touched my life and set a fine example for all of us.
From: Thomas Wolf

General Fund

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Warren Manning

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Ricardo & Marcela Totah

To: Allan Lehmann
In memory of Rene Lehmann. His son Allan has been my teacher and a regular co-participant in our morning minyan here in Newton, MA
From: Donald Freedman

Gilda Finkelstein Gift of Israel Fund

In memory of Linda Dulitz Hirsch's yahrzeit
From: Harris & Rosalie Dulitz

Nat Leon Education Fund

To: The Lehmann Family
In loving memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Renee Sabel
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Rene Lehmann, from the friends of his grandson, Elie.
From: Gail Fogel

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In Memory of Rene Lehmann. May his memory be a Blessing
From: Frima Fox Hofrichter

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Carolyn Lenz

In memory of Rene Lehmann. May his memory be a blessing.
From: Arthur & Bonnie Lustig

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Carol Emery

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In Memory of your beloved father, Rene Lehmann
From: Dale & Carol Newman

To: Larry Lehmann and Family
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Celia Katz

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Kenneth & Melanie Ehrlich

Stan Bleich Lagniappe Fund

In memory of Dorothy Joseph
From: Caron Bleich

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Anthony Bibus

In memory of Rene Lehmann. May his memory be a blessing
From: Sanford Pailet

To: Lawrence Lehmann & Dashka Roth
In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Julanne Isaacson

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: El & Sandy Raisen

In memory of Bill Goldsmith
From: El & Sandy Raisen

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Hal & Linda Becker

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Nita-Joan Sams

In memory of Mildred Lubritz Covert
From: Celia Katz

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Sessions Law Firm

In memory of Rene Lehmann
From: Stanley & Anne Levy

In memory of our dear long-time friend, Rene Lehmann
From: Milton Scheuermann Jr.
Chaverweb Online Member Access
ChaverWeb Tutorial Video
Watch the video above that another congregation put together with some basics about how to use ChaverWeb. (Please note - some of the functionality in this video is specific to the Beth Chaim Congregation and not yet available to Shir Chadash at this time.)
Did you get your welcome email?
If not, please contact the synagogue office.

Subject line: Welcome to Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation's Online Member Access!
From: donotreply@chaverweb.net

With this online portal, you can manage your personal synagogue business online:
  • Manage your account online
  • Set a secure private password
  • Update your info (name, address, photo, link yourself to family members and Yahrzeits)
  • Check your account balance
  • Make payments and donations
  • RSVP for upcoming events (coming soon)
  • and so much more!

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