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Shir Chadash Newsletter
July 9 - July 15, 2020
17 Tamuz - 23 Tamuz, 5780
This Week's Shir Chadash To-Do List
  • July 10: Fancy Friday - Wear White for Shabbat
  • July 29: Tisha B'Av text study + Ma'ariv service & chanting of Eicha
  • July 30: Morning minyan + Eicha
Stay Connected!
Be honest - have you been wearing the same pair of sweatpants for a while? Are you losing track of time because you're not dressing up for Shabbat? Shir Chadash has the answer...


Every week we'll dress to a different theme. Put on your glad rags (and your makeup and your jewelry...), take a photo of yourself/yourselves and send it to us at  shirchadash@shirchadash.org  so we can share it on our Facebook page, or dress to impress for Kabbalat Shabbat!

This week:
Wear White for Shabbat
Spread the Smiles
We know that these last couple months have been unlike any other and that we have all had to adjust to our new way of life in quarantine. We hope that along with all the change we have experienced, there have been moments of laughter and lots of smiles - and we would love to hear about them! Please share a fun moment or experience you have had while staying at home - whether it's a piece of writing, or maybe a photo - we would love to share a smile with the rest of the community.
If you would like to contribute,
e-mail us at shirchadash@shirchadash.org , and spread the smiles!

Here is an entry from this past week:

Pinchas Laybel ben Shmuel Daniel v'Sara Yisraela
פנחס לייבל בן שמואל דניאל ושרה ישראלה

We welcome our newest member, Phillip Leo Kottle, into the congregation! Mazel tov to Stuart and Sara Kottle on their beautiful baby boy! Welcome to the world, Phillip.
Tisha B’Av: Lamentations in Lockdown

Join Rabbi Silver and our community to mark a unique Tisha B’Av. We can’t be together in person, which is a kind of exile. Yet Tisha B’Av is also regarded as the birthday of the Messiah. How do those two ideas speak to our experience of lockdown?

Wednesday, July 29th, 8 PM : Short text study followed by Ma’ariv service and a chanting of Eicha (Lamentations) 

Thursday, July 30th, 8 AM : Morning minyan followed by a chanting of Eicha

Join us at 9:15am for our Sunday minyan followed by a check-in and a virtual L'Hayyim!
Shul School Corner
We welcome Meryl Zimmerman as our new Interim Education Director! She looks forward to making this upcoming year one chock-full of learning and fun for your children. She recognizes the unique challenges that we are facing during this peculiar time, and is committed to working hard, thinking creatively, and utilizing all the resources at her disposal to meet these challenges and provide an exceptional year of Jewish education and holiday experiences for your kids.
PJ Library is offering a collection of ways to keep your family busy over the summer. Check out their June and July newsletters below for crafts, recipes, and more fun activities!
Sisterhood Corner
Join us online for our regularly scheduled Sisterhood Tanakh class in which we will be exploring some of the classic psalms with Rabbi Silver.
Wednesdays at 10 am

We have numerous upcoming events over Zoom that Hadassah is co-sponsoring with Shir Chadash Sisterhood! 

Wednesday, August 12th at 7:30 pm
Book Review with author Roberta Kwall on
Remix Judaism:
Preserving Tradition in a Diverse World

Tuesday, August 18th at 7:30 pm
Talk by Dr. Evan Dvorin
"Taking Charge of Your Health"

Tuesday, September 1st at 7 pm
Panel Discussion on "Me Too Affects You Too"

Wednesday, September 23rd at noon
Book Review with author Rina Neiman on
Born Under Fire

Click here for more information on these upcoming events.

Wanted:  Volunteers to write notes and/or draw pictures for children/teens. No artistic skills needed. It's the thought that counts! Samples provided for those who need them.   

For questions or for more info about Sisterhood, contact Charisse Sands at
504-231-6464 or annsandsc@aol.com
Looking Ahead
(Click on the bold writing to join the ZOOM meeting)

Friday, July 10th

6:15 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, July 11th

Sunday, July 12th
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan

Tuesday, July 14th

Wednesday, July 15th

Thursday, July 16th
Friday, July 17th

6:15 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, July 18th

Sunday, July 19th
9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan

Tuesday, July 21st

Wednesday, July 22nd

Thursday, July 23rd
Buy Your Own Siddur Lev Shalem

Thanks to the generosity of our donor, we are able to offer the Siddur Lev Shalem for purchase at a price of $40.00 (a discount of $9.00 from the list price).
Additionally, anyone who wants to can borrow an 'old' Siddur Sim Shalom.
Please email the office if you would like to arrange a purchase or pick up –   shirchadash@shirchadash.org
Shabbat Shalom!
Dear Shir Chadash community,
There are parts of this week’s Torah portion that are read so often that the Torah seems to fall open at that place.  At Shir Chadash we have one Torah that is permanently rolled to a few columns at the end of parashat Pinchas.  They set out the sacrificial calendar for the Israelite year and we read a paragraph or two as the maftir aliyah for every festival.  We’ve used it so much that the parchment is flimsy in places, and only recently the older children from Shul School helped me repair a little hole in the scroll that was close by, too.
This week marks the entry into the period the Jewish calendar calls “the three weeks”.  The period between the minor fast of 17 Tammuz and the major fast of Tisha B’Av are marked by a sense of mourning and travail.  Indeed, the period is known as beyn ha-metzarim - “between the straits.”
I’m struck by the sense of constriction in the Hebrew.  It feels like such a poignant reflection of our own frustration and angst as we wait to see what the rising coronavirus figures around us portend.  It seems that we started out using the wrong preposition to describe the times in which we are living: it’s not so much about getting through the virus as it is about living with it.
But encountering those Torah readings might give us a sense of hope.  Virus or no virus, the Jewish year is unfolding.  The three weeks in their turn will give way to the seven-week run up to the High Holydays, for which we are already beginning to plan.
And on Rosh Hashanah, and on Yom Kippur, and on Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, we will turn to those readings once again, and look at the repair we made, and perhaps smile.
I wish us a hopeful, forward-looking Shabbat.

Rabbi Silver
PS - I always provide a few new links for Shabbat, so please scroll down…
Virtual services and
pre/post Shabbat materials
We hope that playing these in the background has been getting you in the mood for Shabbat!

Here  is our Shabbat playlist and for our younger members,  here  is the Shir Chadash Youtube page, where you can spend some time with Miss Meryl and the Shabbat dinosaur! We welcome Miss Meryl to Shir Chadash in her new role as Interim Education Director!

On every minor fast day we read the part of the Torah that tells the story of Moses’ return from Mount Sinai. Here is the Shalom Sesame version.
Please join us for Kabbalat Shabbat at this link on Friday night at 6:15 pm.

Our community havdalah this week will be at 9 pm.
Shabbat morning liturgy at home
I hope that by now we are in the habit of making a computer-free time on Shabbat to pray, to reflect and to study.

You can find an online Siddur here - please download before Shabbat.

At the end of this article is Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s prayer to say in place of Kaddish.
Parashat Pinchas
Torah: Numbers 25:10 - 26:51
Maftir: Numbers 26:48-51
Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1 - 2:3
Torah study

The Torah reading for this week is in the red panel above. If you do not have a Humash at home you can find it on the link below. We are reading Triennial Year 1, but you might like to read the full portion (“ Full Kriyah ”).

Here is a contemporary Israeli viewpoint on Pinchas from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem.

And since we are now in the Three Weeks - the period between 17 Tammuz and 9 Av - you might want to take a look at this collection of materials about 17 Tammuz.

Our Shabbat brochure with the Verse To Live By, yahrzeits, and simchas for this week is attached . You might wish to take special notice of those who are sick and take a moment to direct your thoughts towards them.
Prayer for Medical Workers
Please continue to say this prayer for all those who work to keep us healthy and safe.
Holy One
We ask your blessing for our doctors
for our nurses
for all our hospital workers
who stand between the living and the dying
as Aaron once stood.
Help them to know they are not alone
as they undertake the overwhelming holy work
of deploying and organizing,
of caring and healing and comforting.
Bring them strength
and fortitude
and grace.
May the work of their hands be blessed.
And we say,
Giving Back
The Blood Center  needs your help to address New Orleans’ critically low blood supply at the start of hurricane season. Blood already on the shelves saves lives, and maintaining a sufficient blood supply is essential to ensure patients in need receive optimal treatment. Successful whole blood donations will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies.
Community Events and Announcements
TONIGHT, July 9, 6 - 7:30 PM CDT
Although many summer activities will be different this year, I’m pleased to share that we can still enjoy a little bit of baseball! We invite you to join us in an upcoming discussion on the life and times of baseball great  Hank Greenberg , as part of a biographical series presented by Park Avenue Synagogue and Jewish Lives, and co-sponsored by USCJ.

Led by subject experts, each discussion in the series will be held on Zoom. Registration is required (see below) in order to receive viewing links. If you are unable to attend live, all events will also be recorded, and the recordings will be posted at jewishlives.org/video   within 2 weeks after each program.
The Hadassah Readers Circle
July 14, at 7:30 pm

Join us to discuss APEIROGON by National Book Award winning author, Colum McCann. This multi-faceted, complex novel has at its heart the story of two men, Israeli Rami Elhanan and Palestinian Bassam Aramin, who both lost their daughters to violence and have come together to work for peace.
Their inspiring story will be also be addressed in a live webinar with these two men on August 5 at noon .

If you would like further information on participating in one or both of these events, contact Briann Shear 504-495-5552 or briannshear@gmail.com .  
To learn more about this four-part series, visit their website!
JTS, Ziegler, and the Conservative Yeshiva bring you virtual learning opportunities designed to bridge our Jewish experiences with our pressing challenges in the modern day, and providing intimate spaces for Torah Lishma , the study of Torah just for the sake of learning.
Have you ever used ZOOM ? We are holding meetings and classes using this online program. Please look at this tutorial so you can join us! We hope to see you soon!
Thank you to all our generous donors. We are deeply grateful for your support.
Fred Bronfin Torah Preservation Fund

In memory of Fred Bronfin
From: Danny & Melanie Bronfin

Caring Committee

In memory of William Lassen
From: Elliott Lew & Sandy Lassen

In memory of Sol Gothard. May his memory be a blessing
From: Elliott & Sandy Raisen

General Fund

I take Rabbi Silver's Intro to Judaism class and it's wonderful. Thank you!
From: Thomas Wright

In memory of Ken's beloved mother, Sylvia Ehrlich
From: Kenneth & Melanie Ehrlich

In memory of Melanie's beloved mother, Tina Schneider
From: Kenneth & Melanie Ehrlich

For a speedy recovered of our Shir Chadash treasure, Will Samuels
From: Kenneth & Melanie Ehrlich
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

To: Deborah Silver
From: Bruce Samuels

Sandy Kahn Memorial Lecture Fund

We hope Will Samuels has a speedy recovery
From: George & Elaine Haas

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of my father, Clarence Alvin Smith III on his first yahrzeit. He encouraged me in my journey to Judaism and supported the Jewish people.
From: Victor Dovid Smith

In memory of Morris Polewoda
From: Rose Cohen
Chaverweb Online Member Access
ChaverWeb Tutorial Video
Watch the video above that another congregation put together with some basics about how to use ChaverWeb. (Please note - some of the functionality in this video is specific to the Beth Chaim Congregation and not yet available to Shir Chadash at this time.)
Did you get your welcome email?
If not, please contact the synagogue office.

Subject line: Welcome to Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation's Online Member Access!
From: donotreply@chaverweb.net

With this online portal, you can manage your personal synagogue business online:
  • Manage your account online
  • Set a secure private password
  • Update your info (name, address, photo, link yourself to family members and Yahrzeits)
  • Check your account balance
  • Make payments and donations
  • RSVP for upcoming events (coming soon)
  • and so much more!

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