St. Joseph Elementary School
Weekly Newsletter
March 6, 2020
Student Learning Expectation (SLE) of the Week: Saint Joseph students are academically confident.
They think critically and creatively.
Principal Newsletter
Dear St. Joseph Elementary School Families,
This afternoon, our whole school was treated to watching the debut performance of our school musical, Willy Wonka Jr.! The performance was fantastic, and we have members from all classes TK-8 in the show. I am so proud of how many of our kids are participating in the musical this year. I think this show truly celebrates the hard work, team spirit, gifts, and talents of SJES students. Artistic talent is alive here at St. Joseph!
I want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Sierra Dominguez who directs the musical, works tirelessly with our kids, and has helped to make our school musical a reality every year since we started this program 4 years ago! Thank you also to all the parents and volunteers who have helped lead our kids to create this year’s musical. This has certainly been a team effort.
We have performance scheduled both this weekend and next weekend. Please, join us for one of these performances. Come offer your support and see our hard working, talented kids! You can purchase tickets here: 

Peace and Blessings,
Ms. Francisco

Upcoming Events

Fri. March 6 - 7:00pm Musical Production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Sat. March 7 - 7:00pm Musical Production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Sun. March 8 - Second Sunday of Lent
Mon. March 9- Minimum Day, Extended Care is OPEN
Tues. March 10- 1 :15pm Stations of the Cross, Bell Ringing Elective Field Trip,
Wed. March 11 - 8:00am Coffee with the Parochial Administrator and Principal
Thursday, March 12- 6:00pm Lenten Soup in Notre Dame Hall
Friday, March 13- 8:00am Town Hall, 8:45 am Liturgy, 7:00pm Musical Production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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Congratulations to our Super Kids!

Kindergarten- Maxwell Wenzel
1st Grade- Kiara Chinnavaso
2nd Grade- Thanh Giao
3rd Grade- Emma Rocha
4th Grade- Abeam Obolu
6th Grade- Timothy Latham
7th Grade- Serena Hogenboom
7th Grade- Anne Obuchi
7th Grade- Ariane Mendez
8th Grade- Jack Kenny
Middle School Honor Roll
Second Trimester
6th Grade Honors
First Honors: Jake Chiu, Nikko Flores, Jack Gonzalez, Mateo Guimet-Keeney, Timothy Latham, Hailey Le, Julie Macaulay, Will Merritt, Mary Rose Nguyen & Paige VanDerveer
Second Honors: Evelyn Alexander, Francesca Boccucci, Kenneth Dang, Riley Duncan, Samantha Gomez & Eva Youngquist.
7th Grade Honors
First Honors: Marco Garica, Thao Giao, Claire Hume, Samantha Mercado, Kevin Nguyen, Alexandra Roben, Carrie Truong, Jack Vo
Second Honors: Alexandra Blatney, Declan McFarland, Melina McKinney, Ariane Mendez, Anne Obuchi, Mira Ramos & Natalie Wright.
8th Grade Honors
First Honors: James Alexander, Hailey Browning, Joy Chang, Charlotte Cohen, Alexis Dollar, Lindsey Duncan, Anthony Garcia, Ethan Gonzalez, Jack Hume, Richard Kamau, Jack Kenny, Miranda Massie, Alexis Olsen, Max Olsen, Kayden Paydo, Daniela Petersen, Ariana Trammell & James Witherspoon
Second Honors: Malani Mastora, Owen Merritt, Sydney Obligacion, Jolie Parandian & Marion Williams
Rockin' Around the Clock Auction
Become an Auction Sponsor
Want to Sponsor the SJES Auction? A sponsor can be a business, a family, a classroom, an anonymous donor. We appreciate any and all sponsorships! If you have any questions please reach out to someone on the auction team:
-Sierra Dominguez,  
-Olivia Cortez,
-Andrew Engebreston,  
Classroom Spotlight
It's Great To Be In Eight
In Eighth Grade Math, our students experience a unique differentiated math program. They are split between eighth grade math and Algebra 1. We even have some students taking a zero period Algebra extension at St. Joseph Notre Dame High School. This allows for our students to get the challenge level that is appropriate for their learning style.

I n 8th grade math, students are learning representations of functions and ways to compare linear and nonlinear functions.

In Algebra 1, students are learning how to solve quadratic equations using a variety of methods.
Students in our school M.U.S.E. Band Program participated at the annual Winter Band Concert on Sunday, February 9th at Bishop O'Dowd High School. Over 150 students from 10 schools participated. All Intermediate and Advanced Band students are looking forward to marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown San Francisco on March 14th. 

If you think your child would like to learn an instrument and be a part of the band next fall, be on the lookout for information that will be sent out this spring. You can visit the M.U.S.E. website at  for more information". Email Mr. Allard, the director, if you have any questions at
Safety Reminder for Parents During Pick Up/Drop Off
Please remember that safety is our top priority at SJES, and we know it is your top priority as parents also! A few gentle reminders of how we can all work together during pick-up time to keep our kids safe:
  • Please drive around the block instead of making U-turns in the middle of the intersection
  • Please only park legally, and avoid parking in resident driveways or blocking driveways. We want to be good neighbors
  • Please wait your turn in the pick-up line, and refrain from cutting by picking up in the crosswalk
  • Please be mindful of our children who are walking in the crosswalk, and our staff who are holding up stop signs to help our children cross safely
Thank you for helping us keep all members of our community safe!
Don't Forget! SJES students should be funneling in and out of the gates on the Lafayette side of the building. Chestnut St. side is for SJND!

Please be kind and respect faculty and staff when they give you guidance and reminder regarding pick up and drop off.

Our Family on the Block
SJND Weekly Newsletter
  • Take the Practice High School Placement Test (HSPT) to prepare for the test in the fall.

  • Enjoy lunch and explore our beautiful campus

  • Experience our student life and academic programs, including athletics, science, and more with SJND faculty and staff!

The cost to register for the HSPT Practice Test is $50.00.
St. Joseph Basilica
Come have dinner and then see the show!
Enjoy a delicious St. Patrick day dinner before you head off to the musical production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Children 6 and under eat FREE!
Parent To Do List:
  • Order your Scrip Gift Cards
  • Collect and turn in BoxTops
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