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November 15, 2019
SLE of the Week: Saint Joseph students are intelligent communicators. They use technology responsibly
Principal Newsletter
Dear St. Joseph Elementary School Families,
As we approach this Thanksgiving season of gratitude for all that we have, I want to remind you about the Thanksgiving Food Drive that our wonderful students are currently participating in. We are asking that each student bring in the item that they are assigned based on their grade level.
This is a wonderful opportunity to serve others and to give back to our larger Bay Area community, and those who are in need. There are many moments throughout the day that I pause, look around at our kids, and recognize with deep appreciation how fortunate we all are. We are fortunate to have each other and our community. We are fortunate to have rooves over our heads and food to eat. We are fortunate to belong to a school where education of the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – is valued and worked toward each and every day. And within each of our lives, there is so much more that each of us individually is fortunate enough to have.
It is because of these blessings that I know it is so important that, as a community, we give back. When I walk through the hallways and classrooms of our school every day, I am reminded of how natural it is already for our kids to give back. Our students are so generous, and kind-hearted. I am often in awe of how I see this generosity in their actions – big and small – throughout each day. They have embraced our theme of “Kindness,” and it permeates through each of their generous acts.
So, thank you to all of you parents for helping support our school’s efforts to give back through our Thanksgiving Food Drive. And in the spirit of this season of gratitude, I also want to say “thank you” to all of you! I am very, very grateful for our community, and all of its members. Go Royals!
Peace and Blessings,
Ms. Francisco

Upcoming Events

  • Sat. Nov 16- Girls Volleyball Games
  • Sun. Nov 17- Girls Volleyball Games and Boys Basketball Games
  • Tues. Nov 19- November birthday free dress, T1 Report Cards go home, 7:00pm PTG General Meeting
  • Wed. Nov 20- PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES, Minimum Day (12:00pm Dismissal)- EXTENDED CARE IS OPEN
  • Thurs. Nov 21- PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES, Minimum Day (12:00pm Dismissal)- EXTENDED CARE IS OPEN
  • Fri. Nov 22-PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES, Minimum Day (12:00pm Dismissal- EXTENDED CARE IS CLOSED, T1 Honor Roll at Town Hall at 8:00am, 8:45 am Liturgy


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This week's Super Kids are:

TK- Matteo Rocha
1st Grade- Hana Wajler
2nd Grade- Karis Awayan
3rd Grade- Lily Huerta
4th Grade- Tristan Gutierrez
5th Grade- Nico Irving
6th Grade- Juan Avitia

Congratulation to all of our Super Kids!
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Classroom Spotlight
In TK/Kindergarten, we have been busy learning about the season of Fall. We did a pumpkin investigation and decorated our own pumpkins. We even celebrated our first Halloween together with a party.

In math, we have been learning about different 2D shapes. We made our own shape robots! In language arts, we have been working on writing our names using both uppercase and lowercase letters. Our high school friends came over and taught us some letters and words in sign language. We have learned so much this first trimester! We look forward to learning more everyday! 
Royals Athletics
Royals Athletics Sports Schedule for the week of 11/15-11/21
Girls Volleyball
Saturday, November 16
4th Grade vs. Corpus Christi @ 9:00am at St. Theresa gym

Sunday, November 17
4th Grade vs. SPN @ 1:00pm at St. Joseph gym
5th Grade vs. SPN @ 2:00pm at St. Joseph gym
6th Grade vs. SPN @ 3:00pm at St. Joseph gym
7th Grade vs. SPN @ 4:00pm at St. Joseph gym

Boys Basketball
Sunday, November 17
4th Grade vs. Madeleine @ 2:00pm at St. Patrick gym
6th Grade vs. Madeleine @ 3:00pm at St. Patrick gym
Sign up for PTG Hot Lunch
Gentle Reminder and thank you for your support... It's not too late to sign up for PTG Hot Lunch! (if you've already signed your child up for all dates, you may disregard this message).  

The PTG Hot Lunch days occur four (4) times a year. PTG Hot Lunch is a annual fundraiser and provides the kids a fun lunch! We have three (3) days left on the school calendar, so if you missed the first notice and have not signed up yet, there's still time. The next one is  December 11th !   Dates & Menu items for each date is in the online order form.
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