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October 22 - October 28, 2020
4 Cheshvan - 10 Cheshvan, 5781
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Shir Chadash Calendar
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Friday, October 23rd
9:30 am, Yoga for the Jewish Spirit with Rabbi Silver

4:45 pm, Family Kabbalat Shabbat

5:15 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, October 24th
10 am, Shabbat Morning Services

7:15 pm, Community Havdalah

Sunday, October 25th
9 am - 11:45 am, SHUL SCHOOL
**individual class times can be found on our website

9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan with Men's Club

10:15 am, Coffee with Ken

Tuesday, October 27th
7:30 pm, Election-Year Politics - Jewish-style!

Wednesday, October 28th
10 am, Sisterhood class - Read & Lead series

Thursday, October 29th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan
Friday, October 30th
9:30 am, Yoga for the Jewish Spirit with Rabbi Silver

4:45 pm, Family Kabbalat Shabbat

5 pm, Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday, October 31st
10 am, Shabbat Morning Services

7 pm, Community Havdalah

Sunday, November 1st
9 am - 11:45 am, SHUL SCHOOL
**individual class times can be found on our website

9:15 am, Shacharit Minyan with Men's Club

Tuesday, November 3rd
6 pm, Happy Hour from Home!

Wednesday, November 4th
10 am, Sisterhood class - Read & Lead series

Thursday, November 5th
8 am, Shacharit Minyan
Sunday Shacharit Minyan

Join us at 9:15 am for our virtual Sunday minyan followed by a check-in and a L'Hayyim!
Thursday Shacharit Minyan

Join us at 8 am for our virtual weekday minyan which includes the opportunity to say Kaddish.
Children's Corner

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Sisterhood Corner
Join us online for our regularly scheduled Sisterhood "Read & Lead" series.

Wednesdays at 10 am

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Shir Chadash Events & Announcements
Coffee with Ken
Sunday, October 25th, 10:15 am
What's on your mind when you think about Shir Chadash? As we plan a vibrant future together, it's vital to me to hear your thoughts, your concerns and your aspirations for our community. We only grow stronger by addressing each other's needs.

So please join me in a zoom room and let's talk.

I'll be there with a listening ear...and please bring a cup of coffee.

I look forward to seeing you.

Ken Klein
The Rabbis of West Esplanade Present:
Election-year politics - Jewish-style!
In this short series, three of your West Esplanade rabbis will explore the Jewish approaches to these hotly debated topics.

We will be leaving contemporary political debates and political parties at the door, exploring the values that motivate each side of the issue, and how those values are expressed and prioritized in our tradition. We will get a case to explore, and will break up into small groups to explore how our tradition might respond to it. Please come with an open mind - not to have your opinions changed, but better to appreciate the perspective of your neighbor with whom you might disagree.

Session 3: Tuesday, October 27th at 7:30 pm: In what circumstances is abortion appropriate?
Do you miss Jennie Lavine?
Enjoy her recent Sukkot Klezmer Concert!
Yoga for the Jewish Spirit
Fridays at 9:30 AM
Starting TOMORROW, October 24th
Yoga and Judaism are different traditions but they share some profound truths about the human spirit. Join Rabbi Silver for a weekly one-hour yoga practice to get us physically and spiritually ready for Shabbat. You will need only a yoga mat and your curiosity. (Please note that while this class is suitable for beginners you should check with a medical practitioner that it will be safe for you.)
The Deep Dive - A Book of Life
Thursdays at 7 PM
Starting November 10th
One of the worst effects of the pandemic has been its impact on communal gathering.  How are we supposed to maintain a nourishing, meaningful Jewish life when we can’t be together?  This weekly class will use Michael Strassfeld’s A Book of Life to help illuminate and re-ground our personal spirituality, enriching both our own practices and our connections to each other.
Mazel Tov

Mazel tov to Dana Keren and Toby David on getting married this past weekend!

On October 18, Dana and Toby had a ceremony in their back yard, officiated by Rabbi Silver.

May they live a long and happy life together!
Mazel tov to Mark Schleifstein, our top-notch reporter, on winning multiple awards from the Press Club of New Orleans this past week at the 62nd annual Excellence in Journalism Gala. Not only did Mark place 3rd in the Environmental/science reporting category and 1st in the investigative reporting category, but he also was awarded the Alex Waller Memorial Award, honoring the best of the best in print reporting. Mazel tov, Mark, on this outstanding achievement.

To learn more, click HERE.
Machzor Returns

Now that the High Holydays have come to an end, if you were lent a prayer book (Machzor), please return it to the synagogue at your earliest convenience. If you are unable to make it to the shul, please contact the front office to arrange alternative plans.
Calling All Etrogs!

Are you done with your etrog?
If so, please bring it to the synagogue so we can give it to people who will transform it into tasty treats!
Community Events and Announcements
On November 5 at 7:00 PM, National Council of Jewish Women, Greater New Orleans Section will present a webinar "The Treasure Hunt for Nazi Looted Art" on the recovery of priceless paintings (and other pieces of art) pilfered by the Nazis. Between 1933 and 1945 thousands of paintings and other art objects were stolen by the Nazis. Museums and homes, mostly Jewish, were systematically looted, and the artwork stored often in caves and salt mines. Jewish art collectors, as well as Jewish art dealers, had their art confiscated. 
JTS, Ziegler, and the Conservative Yeshiva bring you virtual learning opportunities designed to bridge our Jewish experiences with our pressing challenges in the modern day, and providing intimate spaces for Torah Lishma, the study of Torah just for the sake of learning.
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