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July 12, 2018
Summer Services held at 10:00 A.M.

July 15 
Unplug to Reconnect
Rev. Lissa Gundlach, Senior Minister and George Scherer

Can you remember the last time you spent 24 hours away from technology? How about just one hour? As we lament the daily injustices and moral failings of our nation, we need tools to help us respond faithfully, connected to our Unitarian Universalist values. Come explore the spiritual practices of digital sabbath and meditation led by Rev. Lissa and member George Scherer, with music by Toni LeBel.

Upcoming July Worship Services

July 22 
Final Gifts: Stories of Loss and Remembering
Linda Doran's Chalice Circle

J uly 29 
Poetry is Not a Luxury: Summer Poetry Jam
Rev. Lissa Gundlach, Senior Minister

"Poetry is Not a Luxury," wrote author Audre Lorde, "Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought." Poetry inspires, uplifts and challenges us. It soothes us and calls us to action. Indeed, poetry is not a luxury, it is a necessity and can be a tool of sacred resistance. This Sunday will be dedicated to the experience of poetry, both spoken and set to music, with Rev. Lissa Gundlach and vocalist Carla Jamie Perez.

Invitation to Participate in Upcoming Summer Worship
Have a favorite poem you wish to share with the NUUC community?  We will be collecting poems for the Summer Poetry Jam and then compiling them into a collection. Add your poem(s) at: or email Rev. Lissa at
Sunday, August 5th member Wendy Hunter and Rev. Lissa explore the topic "Sources of Inspiration." Email Rev. Lissa at to volunteer to offer a personal reflection, reading, or chalice lighting.
Want to catch up on previous services?
Text and audio can be found HERE
Upcoming Events

July 12 - July 15
  • Friday, July 13: Creative Meditation, 7:00 p.m., Room 23
  • Sunday, July 15: Sunday Worship, 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary
  • Sunday, July 15: Single & Over 60 Group, 11:30 a.m., NH Dining Room
  • Sunday, July 15: Writing as a Spiritual Activity, 11:30 a.m., Music Library 
  • Sunday, July 15: Young Adults Group, 11:30 a.m., NH Upper Room
July 16 - July 22
  • Tuesday, July 17: Sailors of Sadness, 7:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, July 19: White People for Racial Justice, 7:00 p.m., NH Living Room
  • Friday, July 20: Creative Meditation, 7:00 p.m., Room 23
  • Sunday, July 22: Sunday Worship, 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary
  • Sunday, July 22: Neighborhood People of Color Meeting, 11:15 a.m., NH Dining Room
  • Sunday, July 22: Writing as a Spiritual Activity, 11:30 a.m., Music Library
  • Sunday, July 22: Bridging Class, 11:30 a.m., NH Living Room
July 23 - July 29
  • Tuesday, July 25: Social Justice Knitting, CANCELLED FOR THIS WEEK
  • Friday, July 27: Creative Meditation, 7:00 p.m., Room 23
  • Sunday, July 29: Sunday Worship, 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary
  • Sunday, July 29: Writing as a Spiritual Activity, 11:30 a.m., Music Library
  • Sunday, July 22: Bridging Class, 11:30 a.m., NH Living Room
July 30 - August 5
  • Friday, August 3: Creative Meditation, 7:00 p.m., Room 23
  • Sunday, August 5: Sunday Worship, 10:00 a.m., Sanctuary
  • Sunday, August 5: New to Neighborhood, 11:15 a.m., NH Living Room
  • Sunday, August 5: GLOBE Forum, 11:15 a.m., NH Dining Room
  • Sunday, August 5: Writing as a Spiritual Activity, 11:30 a.m., Music Library
Visit our  web calendar  for more upcoming events.  
Congregational Life

As part of our faith, it is our duty to answer these calls to action and to rise up for the continued injustices that are occurring. These are some actions that Neighborhood members are participating in. This is not a comprehensive list and details will be updated as we get more information. Please visit our websiteFacebook page, or Twitter for more information and to communicate with members and friends! 

Visit Immigrants in Detention Centers
by Stephanie Ballard, Social Justice Coordinator

For nearly a year, three Neighborhood Church members have been doing just that. The nearest detention center is 75 miles away in Adelanto. One morning a month, these folks pile into a mini-van and make a two-hour drive to the high-desert town. After stopping for lunch, they proceed to Adelanto Detention Center with a list of undocumented immigrants (male or female) to see. They register at the desk and wait to be called. Then they are escorted into a visiting room, where they greet their "friend". The pairs sit together and chat. The detainees are mostly from Mexico or African nations, and speak a bit of English. Some have been in the U.S. only weeks, others for decades with families and deep roots here. Some are charged with minor crimes, others simply had the bad fortune to be caught without documents. Some have modest resources, others have none, and request legal information or a Bible or another small item to be sent. For a few, this is their first friendly visit in months or maybe ever at Adelanto. All seem grateful for a stranger's concern. After an hour, the visitors say "goodbye", sign out, and return to their vehicle for the drive back to Pasadena. They leave with new perspectives and are transformed in ways that only come from real-life, personal experience.

CLICK HERE to continue reading Stephanie's blog post and find out how YOU can get involved.

Pathway to Membership: Bridging Groups
Classes held on July 22 and 29 (2 Sundays)

If you are ready to make Neighborhood Church your spiritual home and explore membership, this two-part class - July 22 and July 29 - is the next step on your journey. Our Bridging Groups explore the theological history of Unitarian Universalism, our seven principles and sources of inspiration, and the idea of covenant, a central part of our faith. Connecting with lay leaders and our ministry team, you will also spend time exploring your own spiritual path and how it has led you to Neighborhood. The Bridging Groups are the best way to create an important foundation to be meaningfully involved in the Neighborhood community. Whether you are new to our faith or a longtime member, you are welcome and encouraged to attend. Childcare available.

Contact  Liz Murphy , Membership and Stewardship Assistant, to register.

Joint Neighborhood People of Color/ White People for Racial Justice Group Meeting on Worship with Rev. Lissa
Sunday, July 22, 11:15 a.m.
Neighborhood Dining Room

NPOC is a fellowship group for church members and friends who identify as people of color. We welcome members to join our meetings for fellowship, spiritual rituals, sharing and reflection, and working on issues of diversity, multiculturalism, and justice. Contact  Rev. Christina Shu,
Summer Camp at deBenneville Pines Spots Available

Surprising but true. A few openings remain for this year's Summer Camp Weekend at deBenneville Pines, August 24 to 26. Dreams do come true.  You can rub elbows with veteran and new campers at 7,200 feet. We don't know why you would want to rub elbows with others, but our campers are so mellow, they will allow it. Your first step in finding a space for you and your loved ones is writing Michelle Shechtman at .

Disturber of the Peace Film Screening

Thursday, July 12, 7:00 p.m., 

UU Church of Verdugo Hills 


We're invited to a private screening of this documentary about social justice warrior, author, and priest Malcolm Boyd,.

Info: Anne Moratto:

 The Floral Committee seeks your help in finding this vase!
If you have seen this missing church vase please tell Taylor at the church office at 626-449-3470 or or Irene Burkner at 626 319-1969 or

You can return the vase to the Sanctuary kitchen. Thank you.

Chalice Circles 

Chalice Circles bring groups of 8-10 members and friends of Neighborhood together in a regular spiritual practice. They provide a means of fostering a small-church feel for the congregants of our large church and draw members into mutual ministry. While sharing their thoughts and feelings related to monthly themes, members connect with their fellow participants at a deeper level than can be achieved through conversation over coffee on the patio. Many have reported the joy of getting to know other members that they might never have met outside of their Circle and of getting to know long-time acquaintances in ways that can't be achieved in casual discussions.

Circles meet once a month at a specific day and time and it's important to choose one that you know you'll be able to attend regularly. Hope you can join us.

Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up for Chalice Circles!

Out of the Darkness Walk

Saturday, November 3, 8:30 a.m.


Join Team Lukas! Neighborhood Church is coming together as a community to participate in the 2.4 mile Out of the Darkness walk at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 3rd. We are walking in honor of Lukas Pender, who our community lost to suicide in 2012. Sign up to join our team at Contact: Matt Vasko,

An Update from Kat, RE Program Assistant

I thought it was official when I got my new SS card, and then again when I got my new Driver's License, but NOW I have a new email address and so it is now TOTALLY official that I am back to my maiden name of Mueller. 

A few notes on pronunciation:  I grew up with it pronounced "Miller" but I've sort of given up on pronouncing it that way myself and just going with the easy to pronounce "Mule-Er."   

And although I have nothing but love for our esteemed Special Council of the same name, it is definitely NOT pronounced "Muller."
Anyway, please make note of my new email address, and official old-is-new-again last name.

Neighborhood Church is a caring congregation. The Pastoral Care Team and minister are here to help you in times of crisis or need and to rejoice with you in times of celebration. We can provide meals, rides, run errands, and offer one-on-one support.  Please contact Sue Iri , Pastoral Care Coordinator, if you or someone you know needs assistance.

Our minister, Rev. Lissa, is also available for pastoral care visits and counseling sessions for members. Sunday worship is a time when we witness the joys, sorrows, and life-transitions of the congregation. Do you have a life event (birth, marriage, illness, death, milestone or celebration) which you would like shared in the order of service or lifted up in the prayer? 
Social Justice
House Our Homeless Seniors  
Tuesday, July 17, 5:30 pm
Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. Garfield (2nd floor)
The homeless rate for seniors in Pasadena has soared 65% in the last three years. Come to an Ed Tech Meeting and let our elected officials know that you support housing our homeless seniors. Heritage Square South is a city-owned property at Orange Grove and Fair Oaks (near Church's Chicken) purchased 15 years ago for affordable housing. Pasadena City Council recently passed up $472,399 in redevelopment funds slated for permanent supportive housing. They may sell Heritage Square South to a commercial developer, forfeiting a million dollars to HUD. We have the land, community support  and can access the funding. All that is needed is Council's approval-but they need encouragement from people of faith to do what's right.
Can't make it Tuesday? Then send your comments to City Clerk, Mark Jomsky at If you need talking points, contact Jill Shook at  (626) 675-1316
Help Raise Funds for Hydrocephalus 
"This Summer I had the privilege of attending the Hydrocephalus Association Conference in Newport Beach with my husband Eugene. I heard stories of others living with hydrocephalus. I attended information sessions and heard about the latest research and initiatives for treatment and daily living. I learned about the necessity of longitudinal care as more people with hydrocephalus progress in age. Most importantly I watched as my pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. J. Gordon McComb received recognition for his pioneering work in the young field of pediatric neurosurgery. This was the same doctor who performed my fourth shunt surgery 21 years ago."

Please join Maria on September 8 in a walk to End Hydrocephalus. Or donate to help reach her $1000 goal. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will go far in finding a cure and improving the lives of people living with hydrocephalus. CLICK HERE to donate or sign up to walk!

Whether you live, work, play, or pray in Pasadena, Pasadena Water and Power wants your opinion about renewable energy. The NUUC Green council encourages you to take the PWP Integrated Resource Plan survey at  or stop by the Social Justice table on Sunday to complete a survey.

We also encourage you to attend community meetings on Wednesday July 18, 6:00 p.m. at the Pasadena Central Library, or Thursday August 23, 6:00 p.m. at the Hastings Branch Library. Together we can reduce and reverse climate change and pollution! 
Religious Education

Creative Meditation for Beginners 
Fridays at 7:00 p.m.
Room 23
Join Mindful Change Educator and Life Coach Christine Jary for meditation. Creative Meditation for Beginners is designed for people who find it hard to stop their minds from thinking or to sit in the Lotus pose (cross-legged) for an extended time. The class provides alternatives to both these beginner challenges and help you learn to develop a practice that brings peace, clarity, and the much needed pause to modern life. No experience necessary. For more information contact Christine Jary at
Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church
301 North Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103
626.449.3470 |
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