Prayers for comfort and strength for the Sanders family as they mourn the loss of their beloved mother and grandmother, Ida, may she rest in God's nearer presence and peace; prayers for peace for the Schrock family who mourn the tragic loss of their mother, Kim, and youngest child, Peyton; for Haley H., Kevin, Mary W., Peggy T., Dave & Cindy G., Bob P., Baer, Anne, James B., Sue B., Reny, Laurie Mac., Jeff B. Sr., Mike F., Chip, Macy, Sarah G., Aaron, Joyce M., Craig L., Jil, Pat H., Arthur E., Yvette, Rick T., Juli, Judy G., Joan & Larry E., Cindi, Angela, Frank W., Stennett, peace and healing in our nation; wisdom, strength, and purpose for all leaders and medical workers in communities where Covid cases are rising; peace, safety, and protection for all students, teachers, and administrators in our schools.