Prayers of comfort, strength, and peace for the family of Rick Trahan as they mourn his passing. May Rick rest peacefully in the light of God's eternal presence. Prayers of comfort and peace for the family and friends of Darry Lee as they mourn his passing, especially his children, Ann and Paul; may Darry rest in peace in God's eternal presence; for William C., MR, Bert P., Allen S., Addison, Jake, Frances, Barbara S., Jeff B. Jr., Velma B, Cindy G., Dave G., MJ, Hilary, Scarlett, Blake, Mike F., Baer, Larry, Cindi, Angela, Nita M., Dan M., Don P, Mike M., Nicole, Omar, Michaela H., Tom F., Bob P., Macy, Aaron, Stennett. 
*Prayers for the election results - Help us Lord to support and encourage with prayers and gracious intent the leaders who have been chosen through our vote, no matter the office. Give us eyes to see our neighbors as ourselves, equal in dignity and worthy of compassion, so that we might live in peace and civility as one nation under Thy loving watch, Oh Lord. Let us seek to create paths of kindness and walk in the ways of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and all his Apostle, for Your glory. Amen.