Prayers for comfort and peace for family and friends of Jan Buntebart, and her CEC family as we mourn her unexpected passing; especially for her nephew Adam and his wife as they mourn the loss of their beloved aunt. May our sister, Jan, rest in peace in God's eternal loving presence; prayers of comfort and peace for the family of Robert K. as they mourn the passing of their loved one, especially Monica as she mourns her father’s passing; for Elaine, Jobie G., Barbara S., Nancy H., Duane, Art B., Velma B., Barbara B., Dan M., Nita, Jesse M., Michaela H., Jeff W., Barbara B., Marlene, Jeff B. Sr., Dave G., Kevin, Tom F., Bob P., Mike F., Macy, Aaron, Craig L., Rick T., Stennett, Cindi, Angela; for protection, safety, and peace for the people of Ukraine; peace for those who are alone and unsettled.