May 5, 2021

You can download the service sheet through our website here. Our Sunday morning service will be live streamed at 10:30 am through our CEC Facebook page and our CEC Youtube Page.

The Morning Prayer Rite I Service is held on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am via Zoom. You can download the service sheet through our website here.

Meeting ID and Passcode are available on request. Please email our Executive Coordinator.
SWAT Team Training at Christ Episcopal Church – Thursday, May 20

We are pleased to partner with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to offer our facilities and campus for a training exercise on Thursday, May 20th. The church campus will be closed for the full day.

The SWAT team will be training for a gun violence event like what had occurred at a church in Southerland Springs, Texas. It is the kind of thing no one wants to think about, but it will be a great gift to our local law enforcement agencies to train for such an event at an actual church. This is an opportunity for us to help our whole county, with the hopes it will never be needed at our church or any other church.

Fr. Richard, Deacon Jan, and Craig Strauss, our Senior Warden, have all met with the training coordinator from the Sheriff’s Office. Out of bounds areas have been designated and provisions will be made to secure the reserve sacrament. The entire church, buildings and grounds and contents, are all precious to us and the Sheriff’s Office gives us their assurance that nothing will be damaged. We are confident in the Sherriff’s Office’s ability to train in a professional manner in public settings. They will honor the sacred nature of the church. They will clean up and leave the church better than they found it. The Sheriff’s Office will also give notice to our neighbors.

Again, the entire church campus will be closed on May 20th. Do not come to the church for any reason that day. We do not want to distract from the training in any way. If you have any questions about the training event, email Fr. Richard at
I am Cindy Wells, one of the Prayer Shawl Ministry knitters and crocheters at CEC. We are a group of friends who crochet and knit lap blankets, shawls, scarves, and caps for those around us who need to know they are loved during a difficult time. To the knitters and crocheters it is a relaxing and fulfilling hobby with a product to share. 

CEC’s Prayer Shawl Ministry began about 10 years ago as a way of sharing our love of knitting and crocheting. One of our church members showed me a Prayer Shawl blanket she had received during her illness and I realized we could do this ministry for others.

When our group meets we share our work, get inspiration from each other, and learn new needle skills, meanwhile socializing and getting to know each other as we work. Anyone can participate in this ministry. Youth and adults are all invited. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to participate; those new to the hobby learn from one of our experienced participants. All are welcome!

Cindy Wells
Don't forget - confirmation classes are being held from 1:00 to 2:00 pm in the youth room, Family Life Center on Sundays. Adults and those confirmed in other traditions who would like to be received or reaffirm their baptismal vows are invited to attend this class as well. The confirmation service with Bishop Ryan will be May 16th. Stay tuned for more details! Any questions about the youth / adult confirmation classes can be sent to Sarah Martinez. Please remember the classes will be a hybrid event (in-person and virtual). In person teens / adults will be required to wear masks and keep social distancing.
African Team Ministries provides funding for children's ministries in East Africa, partnering with bishops to provide school fees, tuition, books, and uniforms to orphan and refugee children. This year, instead of the usual display at the church, African Team Ministries is offering a virtual store.

You can visit The website here.
You can visit the store here.

Don't forget you can give online at OR you can mail your check to 3520 W. Whitestone Blvd., Cedar Park, TX 78613.
Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another
with whatever gift each of you has received. – 1 Peter 4:10
praying hands black
PRAYERS FOR: Prayers for the Davies family, especially Christian and Kathleen, who mourn the loss of their father, Bernie; Charity W., Robert C., Jan S., Jan B., Craig L., Tamara’s mother, Barbara S., Andrew V., Ebelyna W., Bob W., Jil, Pat H., Arthur E., Yvette, Rick T., Chip, Juli, Judy G., Joan & Larry E., Cindi, Angela, Frank W., Stennett, Kevin, Sarah G., Dave, Cindy; wisdom and provision for our clergy, patience, and encouragement for parents and grandparents schooling children at home, safety of children, teachers, and staff who attend on-campus schooling; peace and healing in our nation; blessings for all mothers!  
Discipleship Group - This group meets every Sunday at 6:00 pm. It includes study of the Sunday service gospel readings and is open to anyone wishing to participate. Please contact Bill Sterling at for more information.
Coffee Hour: Don't forget to join us for the weekly Virtual Coffee Hour via Zoom after the 10:30 service for fellowship. Hope to see you there! Click here to join. Meeting ID and Passcode are available on request. Please contact our Executive Coordinator.
Our Tuesday Book Club is reading Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ. They meet on Tuesdays from 10:30 AM to Noon in the library (stone building). Please wear masks and remember we will be adhering to CEC COVID guidelines. Hope to see you there! Questions, please contact Mary Wybenga at or at 303-850-7347.
Our Sunday morning service will be live streamed at 10:30 am through our CEC Facebook page and our CEC Youtube Page. Please visit the CEC Website to download the service sheet. This service will be recorded so that it can be watched later.

Check out the Formation Fun Page here for activities, lessons, videos and more!

Roots Youth Group
April Activities

Roots Youth Group is getting ready for spring activities! All teens, grades 6 and up, are invited to get involved!
Sundays through May 9 — From 1-2:30 pm in the Roots Room in the Family Life Center at CEC, in anticipation of the Bishop’s May visit, we will be meeting to discuss topics relating to confirmation. Any teen who would like to go through Confirmation in May should attend these classes and notify Sarah Martinez so that your name will be included on the Confirmation list. Teens who are not yet ready for Confirmation or who have already been confirmed are asked to attend the meetings to support their friends, gain/refresh the information, and join in on the fun. The classes will be a hybrid event (in-person and virtual). In person teens will be required to wear masks and keep social distancing.

Questions can be sent to Sherrie Hill or Sarah Martinez.
All third party events held at the church are listed here. For parents, if at the church campus while the event(s) is taking place, children should be supervised by a trusted individual, as Safeguarded personnel / volunteers will not be present.