Prayers for comfort and strength for the MacFoy Family as they mourn the loss of their beloved Aunt Vivian; especially for Joyce, her niece; for comfort and peace for the family of Samantha Hein who mourns her loss, especially her mother, Tish R.; for Mary K., Mike F., Mary Jo, Allan, Chip, Vivian W., Velma B., Macy, Sarah G., Tony A., Gene A., JoAnne, Aaron, Joyce M., Cynthia M., Jill Mc., Craig L., Jil, Pat H., Arthur E., Yvette, Rick T., Juli, Judy G., Joan & Larry E., Cindi, Angela, Frank W., Stennett, Dave, the Pelkey family, peace and healing in our nation, comfort and peace for families of those lost in the Surfside, FL condominium collapse; for all persons (Both military and civilian) who suffer from the devastating effects of PTSD, wisdom, strength, and purpose for all leaders and medical workers in communities where Covid cases are rising.