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March 2nd, 2022
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Have You Ever Experienced Riding In An Electric Vehicle?
Often, I am reminded in little ways of how fortunate we are here in Escondido. We’re blessed with so many natural things in our lives. We live in a free and democratic country that affords us so many opportunities. Of course, we’re not immune to tough times and challenging issues, but we’re free to voice our opinions and have a path to change.

We are free to explore all opportunities and are given the tools to succeed. There is no guarantee, but there is reason for optimism, and American ingenuity is treasured by many who do not have what we have.

Through the lens of those who do not enjoy our freedoms, we are reminded of our good fortune. Let’s not forget the sacrifices made over hundreds of years to give us the freedom we enjoy right now.
These freedoms allow people to take a dream and turn them into businesses, bring in family and build a future, have access to financial markets, leverage assets to create jobs and take risks to succeed.

Yes, there are obstacles, and hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but we can fall and try again and again and again. This is what we have when we are free to succeed.

The Chamber is here to help your business succeed. Our work is never enough, and we continue to face the challenges enterprises face, whether large or small, day in and day out.

Today perhaps more than ever, I am grateful for the freedoms I enjoy and the opportunities in front of me to make this day the best day possible.

Cheers, JR
Last Week's Poll Results: "How Are You Currently Attempting To Save Water?"
Reducing Irrigation = 40%
Other = 18%
Shorter Showers = 16%
Not Washing Car = 15%
Limiting Laundry = 11%
Chamber Events & Programs
Ribbon Cutting @ Insights
Media Solutions
Thursday, March 10th
10:00am - 11:00am
Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce Open House
Thursday, March 10th
5:00pm - 7:00pm
This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Chamber, and find out how your business will benefit from membership. Meet our Board of Directors, Ambassadors and Staff, and find new ways to market your business and to participate in Chamber events & networking opportunities!

Get Ready for The Inaugural Escondido Transportation Exposition...aka The Green Transpo Expo!

Saturday, April 23rd
10:00am - 4:00pm
Westfield North County
Do you know what a "Caniac" is? How about what is the Mayor's favorite sandwich? Or what led to the creation of The Super Dentists brand?

You can learn the answers to those questions, and SO much more about the business & community leaders of North County...but you gotta listen to find out!
Member News & More
San Diego Symphony @ California Center For the Arts
 Rising-star American conductor Jonathon Heyward and South Korean pianist Yeol Eum Son make their San Diego Symphony debuts in a program of works that includes a composition by Mozart that is widely considered as one of his most advanced in the concerto genre, Beethoven’s musical embodiment of a heroic passion, and one of Shostakovich’s most neo-classical orchestral scores.
Wednesday, March 16th
@ 7:30pm
Classical Academies Presents Super STEM Saturday @ CSUSM
Discover science, re-imagine technology, create engineering, and explore math! Super STEM Saturday is a free educational science festival for children of all ages! Join us for hands-on experiments, live demos, and exhibits that will ignite your curiosity and deepen your love for STEM!
Assemblymember Marie Waldron
Illegal Marijuana Grows in Our Region
The recreational use of marijuana, legalized by Proposition 64 in 2016, has not eliminated illegal marijuana grow sites in many rural areas throughout the state. The illicit marijuana market continues to thrive, financed by consumers seeking to avoid taxes imposed on sales at legal dispensaries.
In our own region, huge illegal marijuana farms have been seized over the past few years...
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Scene In Escondido: Escondido Fire Chief Rick Vogt Presents @ The Chamber of Commerce