Weekly Family Newsletter | September 25, 2020
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Table of Contents
  1. Message from HM Audelo
  2. Car Line Updates
  3. Distance Learning Quarter II Survey
  4. No School Monday, October 5
  5. Literary & Historical Character Dress Up Day
  6. Campus-Based Learning Reminders
7. Picture Day
8. Fall Break October 19-23
9. Book Donations for After School Program
10.Volunteer Opportunities
11.October PSO Meeting
12. Important Dates
13. Quick Links
Dear Founding Families,

It was wonderful to see so many students on our campus today! One consequence of this happy occasion was a delay during drop-off and dismissal, a delay that was further compounded by a technology issue that disabled our electronic dismissal system and significantly extended our dismissal time. While we do not anticipate this same type of delay in the future, please know that there are many pieces of this process which take time to develop, and we appreciate your patience as we enter into this newest phase of welcoming all of our campus-based learners to the building. The window for dismissal will shrink, but in the meantime please know that we are diligently working to ensure a safe, orderly, and joyful beginning and end to every school day. Included in this week’s newsletter are a few suggestions to partner with us in the drop-off and dismissal process.

Also in this week’s newsletter is an important announcement about Fall Break. While the Fall Break is typically the time reserved for parent-teacher conferences, this year Great Hearts Live Oak will be hosting the parent teacher conferences after the first semester during the Independent Study days on January 19-21. This will allow our families and faculty an opportunity to rest and recharge before the start of the second quarter.

Finally, on behalf of the entire faculty and staff, thank you to the many parents who have filled our halls with treats and blessed our office with the gift of their time and service. We deeply appreciate your generous support. It is indeed a good day to be a Live Oak Owl!

Soaring together,
Headmaster Audelo

Car Line Updates
Today completed our GHLO Phase-in plan! Thank you for your patience with us during this transition. We have learned many things over the last two weeks and continue to look for ways to improve our concurrent instruction model. We are truly grateful for the grace you've shown us during this time as we work diligently to make this a great year!

As we continue to improve our systems and procedures, we ask that families partner with us to make drop-off and pick-up as smooth as possible. A few requests and reminders about morning and afternoon car line:

  • Spacing out arrival and dismissal times will help reduce the time spent in the carline. Starting Monday, 9/28 please utilize the following suggested arrival and dismissal times:
  • Drop-off
  • 7:25 am for last names A-M
  • 7:35 am for last names N-Z
  • Pick-up
  • 3:25 pm for last names A-M
  • 3:40 pm for last names N-Z

  • Ensure you have a school assigned car tag in your passenger side windshield. Every student should have received two car tags. If you have not received a car tag, please e-mail [email protected] with the following information: student first and last name, teacher name and class section. (Ex: John Smith, Mrs. Williams Class, 4C). Parents will be asked to park and check their students out without the proper car tag.

  • Please have your children ready to exit the car during drop-off. By the time a staff member opens the door, scholars should have their mask, fanny pack and backpack on and ready to go.

  • Leave less than two feet between cars. We realize this is uncomfortable, however it helps us maximize our carline space.

  • If your student is in Athenaeum or Homework Club after school, please do not come through carline. Arrive through the visitor entrance and park to sign your child out.
Quarter 2 starts October 26th!
Distance Learning Families, you have been sent an e-mail regarding your intent for Quarter 2. Please respond by Friday, October 9th. If you did not receive the e-mail, please click here to submit the form.

Campus-Based Families, we will assume you will attend for Quarter 2. If that is not the case, please e-mail [email protected].
No School
Monday, October 5th
October 5th is a Professional Development Day for all faculty and staff. There will be no campus-based or distance learning that day. Enjoy a three-day weekend! Friday, October 9th is a full school day.
Literary and Historical Character Dress Up Day
On Friday, October 30th, students may dress up as any character from any book on the K-6 Classics to Keep List, Greek or Roman Mythology or a historical character from our curriculum at GHLO and come to school primed for a joyful day filled with reading.
  • Students who do not wish to wear a costume should come to school in his or her regular uniform.

  • Students must fill out a "Costume Proposal Slip" and turn it into their teacher on or before Thursday, October 29th and must be approved by the teacher. Costume Proposal Slips will be sent by homeroom teachers in early October. Please remember: no pop-culture.

  • No character masks or all-over face paint (freckles, mustaches, etc. are okay)

  • Hats, gloves, ears, etc. are acceptable as long as they stay on and are not a distraction (teacher will confiscate if that happens).

  • No props not attached to the costume, such as weapons, baskets, wands, etc.

  • If the costume is such that it needs clothes underneath, it should be their uniform.

  • Please keep in mind students will be going to recess in their costumes, so one that allows free movement is encouraged.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of reading and literacy, as well as your support of this special event at Great Hearts Live Oak! Hoot hoot hooray for great books!
Campus-Based Learning Reminders
For all Campus-Based families, please adhere to the following:

  • Clearly label all items with first and last name (water bottles, masks, headbands, bows, fanny pack, sweaters, etc.)

  • Bring a labeled water bottle to school with your scholar(s). We have touchless water bottle refilling stations for student use. The fountain mouth piece is unavailable due to safety standards.

  • Early pick-up cut off times:
-Full Day: 2:45 PM
-Half-Day: 12:45 PM
Please arrive before the times above to pick-up your student. Parents who arrive after said times will be asked to go through the car line.

  • If your student has an appointment or will need to be picked-up early, please send an e-mail to your student's homeroom teacher as well as [email protected] so we can have your child ready to go.

  • Outerwear: jackets and sweatshirts may only be worn during recess and outdoor transitions for warmth, but must be free of logos and messages, with the following exceptions: small sports teams logos (Owls, Spurs, etc.) and small brand name logos (e.g. Ralph Lauren "Polo"). All outerwear must be solid-colored and free of eye-catching/oversized logos.
Picture Day
October 13th
Picture day is on Tuesday, October 13th for campus-based and distance learners. Further details will be communicated directly from homeroom teachers in the next few weeks.

All photos are individual portraits, not a whole class picture.
Fall Break
October 19-23
There will be no campus-based or distance learning instruction during Fall Break. Enjoy a week of relaxation and come prepared for Quarter 2 on October 26th!
Book Donation for After School Program
Our after school programs, Athenaeum and Homework Club are in search of book donations! Books of all reading levels and genres are welcome, especially chapter books. Please no pop-culture. All books may be dropped off at the front desk or brought to school with students in a labeled bag. For more information, please contact Mrs. Vazquez.
Volunteer Opportunities

For those interested, please sign-up if applicable or reach out to Mrs. Villalvazo-Dick.
Requirements to Volunteer

  • Annual background check on file (e-mail to [email protected])
  • Driver's License scan when entering the building to obtain Volunteer Pass
  • Temperature check and screener upon arrival
October Parent Service Organization Meeting
Thank you to all who joined us for the Parent Service Organization Interest Meeting last week on Zoom. We are looking forward to what's ahead for the PSO and enjoyed meeting and collaborating with everyone!

Our next PSO meeting will be on Saturday, October 10th at 10 AM. There will be monthly PSO meetings on a rotating schedule to provide members with differentiating schedules opportunities to participate.
October 2 | Half-Day
October 5 | Professional Development- NO SCHOOL
October 9 | Full Day
October 10 | October PSO Meeting 10 AM
October 16 | End of Quarter
October 19-23 | Fall Break
October 26 | Start of Quarter 2
October 30 | Literary and Historical Character Dress Up Day
October 31 | Grecian Pumpkin Carving Contest 9 AM-12 PM
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