August 22, 2019

Vestry Meeting
Wednesday, August 28 - 6:00-8:00pm - Nale Hall

Agenda items will include a report on the recent Diocesan Stewardship Workshop, By-laws revisions, planning for CAT follow-up meetings, facility
and financial follow-up discussions.
All are welcome.
Holy Communion Classes
During the months of September and October, catechism classes will focus on the importance of Holy Communion and the Mass/Lord's Supper/Holy Eucharist for we Christians. This time will help prepare some of our children to receive communion for the first time. There will be a Holy Communion Sunday celebration for all on October 27. 

Support Liz, Our Child Care Attendant

Chula Vista Production Drama Class is presenting
OUR TOWN , by Thornton Wilder 
September 4-7 and 13 th at 6:30pm  
September 6, 7 and 14 th at 2:00pm also
Dessert shows on the 6 th and 7 th  
$10 adults/$7 students...$12 Dessert Theatre (September 6 & 7)
Performances are at the Chula Vista High School Little Theatre, on K Street between 4 th & 5 th
See Liz on Sunday mornings to purchase tickets
Welcome, New Members
On Sunday at the 10:00 service, we will celebrate the baptisms of Gabriel and Dashawn Eldridge,
and at noon we will celebrate the baptism of Luna Palaylay.
We receive you into the household of God. 
Confess the faith of Christ crucified, 
proclaim his resurrection,
and share with us in his eternal priesthood.
Back 2 School Bash Update
Norma Dunn, Nancy Painter and Joanna Ward saw first hand how our $830 donation was spent when they participated in the Back 2 School Bash on August 17th.  Nancy and Joanna packed and served brown bag lunches for the children and Norma helped many of them create Thank-you cards to send to the generous folks who made the event possible.  It was a busy and rewarding experience  for everyone.

House Meetings 2019
The purpose of these gatherings is for parishioners to explore further some of the responses to the CAT survey. The reasons why folks rated some questions differently from others are not necessarily clear. The House Meetings will encourage conversation around identified priorities so that the Vestry can gain a better sense of "the mind of the parish." The information gained from these meetings will be used to create an action plan for Saint John's to become a more vital healthy, and energized congregation. The information will also be important to the Calling Committee as they prepare to interview candidates. Finally, this information will also help the new permanent priest to gain some insights into the parish
The gatherings will last no more that 90 minutes. People will be asked to sign up for a specific date/time. Two Vestry members will be present at each gathering: one to facilitate the conversation and one to take notes. Potential meetings groups could be: choir, Daughters of the King, bible study groups, Men of St. John, Women of St. John, residents of Fredericka Manor, etc. Meetings can be scheduled during the day for folks who don't like to drive at night. Other meetings can be scheduled in the early evening to accommodate those who work during the day. Saturdays or Sundays are also possible meeting dates. Some meetings could be held at St. John's. Other meetings could be held in private homes.

Calendar of Events:

Office hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday.
The office is closed on Fridays. 

Morning Prayer and Bible Study
Wednesday, August 28, 9:30-11:00 am
Vestry Meeting
Wednesday, August 28, 6:00-8:00 pm
Healing Service
Sunday, September 1, 11:30 am
Labor Day Holiday: Office Closed
Monday, September 2
Tuesday Night Bible Study Resumes
Tuesday, September 3, 6:00 pm
Morning Prayer and Bible Study
Wednesday, September 4, 9:30-11:00 am
Parish Council Meeting- new date
Saturday, September 7, 9:00 am
Kick Off Sunday &
Daughters of the King Service of Admission
Sunday, September 8


We Are Available in Your Time of Need

If you have a pastoral emergency when the parish offices are closed, 
please call 619-483-7883 or email

Prayer List
Today and every day include some time for prayer, for yourself,
for your church family, and for those in need.  

For our Military
Matt, Drew, Cody,  Cameron,  Chariti, 
Mark,  Sean, Jonathan,  TK,   Christopher, 
Timothy,  Jeremy,  David,  Jonathan,  Nick, 
Jamal,  Matt, Daniel,  Jocelyn, Devon, 
Taylor, Jorge, Katherine, Sebastian and Richie.

  For Strength in Time of Need

Scott, Betty,   Rob,  Eva, Becky, Irad,
Fr. Jack, Florence, Deb, Bill, Regina and Patricia

Those unable to come to services, but thankful
 for their continuing connection with Saint John's, 
 especially Lois, Roland  and  Juanita.   

For Churches in Transition in our Diocese

All Saints', San Diego

St. Thomas, Temecula

Christ Church, Coronado

St. Paul, Palm Springs

St. Margaret's, Palm Desert

St. John's, Chula Vista

St. David's, San Diego

All Saints', Vista

St. Paul's, Yuma

Holy Cross, Carlsbad


From Bishops United Against Gun Violence August 4, 2019

Following the murder of thirteen precious children of God in Thousand Oaks, California in November 2018, Bishops United Against Gun Violence offered a litany in the wake of a mass shooting to commemorate the dead, to comfort their loved ones, and to honor survivors and first responders. Today, the litany has been updated to include two more mass shootings that took the lives of 31 precious children of God in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio within a single 24-hour period
We offer this litany, once again, with the reminder that one does not pray in lieu of summoning political courage, but in preparation for doing so. Bishops United Against Gun Violence invite you to join in this litany and our commitment to take action so that our country can be freed from the epidemic of gun violence.

Litany in the Wake of a Mass Shooting

Opportunities For Service

Pill Bottle Ministry

Did you know that in developing countries, the pill bottle and cap is often more expensive than the medication inside. You can donate your empty prescription bottles! Just drop off your empty prescription bottles in our collection bucket located in the foyer- no need to peel the information off.  Our volunteers will take care of that for you! We will wash them and ship them to Matthew 25: Ministries.  Matthew 25: Ministries accepts donations of empty plastic pill bottles for inclusion in shipments of medical supplies and for shredding and recycling. Our pill bottle program fulfills the dual needs of improving medical care in developing countries and caring for our environment.

Please note that we can currently only collect the clear orange prescription bottles.  We have found that the others do not benefit the program.
Thank you for your support!
Emergency Food Pantry:

Jesus said, "Feed my sheep." John 21:17
The South Bay Community Services "Emergency Food Pantry" needs donations every month. It's easy to donate! We will focus on a different food category each month. Pick up a flyer from the narthex, carry in your car until your next trip to the market, purchase the food, and place it on the table in Nale Hall before the end of the month.  During the month of August, our featured items will be diapers and baby food.  Thank you for your support!
Thank You From Making Miracles Gala
March 29, 2019 
Saint John's Episcopal Church

On behalf of the clients, staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors at Episcopal Community Services, thank you for Saint John's generous in-kind donation of an autographed and framed Xolos soccer team jersey for our 2019 Making Miracles Gala. For over ninety years ECS has been a source of hope for people in need, and your generous contribution continues the legacy of excellence, compassion, and service for our community. 

With your support, ECS can provide vital, high-quality social services that focus on early childhood education and development, homelessness, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment. Moreover, your partnership inspires children, empowers adults and transforms communities. Your investment in our mission enables us to provide therapeutic support, transitional housing, a safe and supportive environment, and more to individuals and families throughout our community. Our efforts would not be possible without your generosity, and we are grateful for the hope you bring to all our clients. 
We remain ever grateful. Thank you once again for making a difference in the lives of so many in need, and for being a catalyst of hope and change in our community. 

Lesslie Keller 
Executive Director 

Scripture Readings For This Week

Readings for Sunday, August 25, 2019

Isaiah 58:9b-14
Psalm 103:1-8
Hebrews 12:18-29
Luke 13:10-17

Readings for Wednesday Morning Prayer

Psalm 12
Acts 27:9-26
Mark 14:1-11

Celebrant's Schedule

Here is our upcoming celebrant's schedule:

August 25
Presider: Fr. Tom
Gospel: Rev. Cathey
Sermon: Fr. Tom

September 1
Presider: Rev. Cathey
Gospel: Rev. Cathey, 8:00
            Fr. Jack, 10:00
Sermon: Fr. Tom

September 8
Presider: Fr. Tom
Gospel: Rev. Cathey, 8:00
            Fr. Jack, 10:00
Sermon: Fr. Tom

Weekly Bible Study  and Morning Prayer 

Tuesday night Bible Study meets on  Tuesdays from 6-7:30 pm  in the youth room.  For information, please contact Mike Gollihur
at 619-852-4960  or  Tuesday night Bible Study is on a brief summer break and will resume on September 3rd.
Every Wednesday, Saint John's will have Morning Prayer at 9:30 am and Bible Study from 10 am to 11. 

From the Prayer Journal of Fr. Jack Tolley 

I placed this reflection in my 2003 Prayer Journal. I thought it had a good message for today's world and for me too.
Blessings and love, Fr. Jack.
1 Timothy 3:1-16. Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion...
Clergy have been taking it on the chin in the media of late, all too often deserved. Hearts break when church leaders are tied to scandalous events, sexual abuse or its cover-ups, theft of money,
or tyrannical authority. No church is exempt from the scrutiny,
and no church holds exclusive rights to having particularly bad men and women in the ministry. Wherever horrendous, illegal, or immoral acts occur they need to be addressed swiftly, correctly and morally-even if it's the church to do so.
   When people say their faith is deeply shaken by disclosure of inappropriate behavior or scandal by clergy, I remind them: no priest, no bishop died on the cross for you. Jesus did. Your salvation depends on your faith in God and in his son Jesus Christ- not on clergy, or churches or hierarchies.
If you forget that, your faith is misplaced.
   The church is composed of frail, finite and sinful human beings. It will forever face scandals and sinful behavior. Yet it remains a wonderful and sacred mystery, a vessel of unique grace, because the gift of the Holy Spirit will not be driven out of it-even by the most corrupt of members, clerical or lay.
Written in "Forward Day by Day" by an unknown  author, February 19, 2003.
A Season of Prayer and Listening
What is God calling us to become, here in the Diocese of San Diego? How are we called to love God and love our neighbors in a time of change and division in our society? In a world where church attendance is no longer a social expectation, how do we proclaim by word and example the good news of Christ?
These are the questions I want to discern with you as we enter this first autumn season of my episcopacy. I believe that God has given the Episcopal Church many challenges and also many opportunities in our beautiful part of the world. Together, we can pray, discuss, and discern how to follow Jesus in his mission to our communities.

I invite you to begin this discernment process with me: what are we called to do and how are we called to do it? This discernment will happen in three stages:
1. Pray.
 For each of nine days, from September 14 through September 22, I ask you to pray in faith that God will open us to vibrant possibilities for mission, focused in ministry areas of discipleship, evangelism and service. By God's grace, I believe that the fruits of this season of prayer will be known in our lives, in the congregations and organizations that we serve, and for the mission and ministry of the diocese.
This prayer guide  offers focus scriptures, prayers, and reflection questions for each of the nine days of this Season of Prayer. You may download the guide and print it for your congregation; study it in congregational gatherings or home study groups; or use it in your personal devotions. I pray that the Holy Spirit inspires us all with ideas and insights about God's call to us here and now.
2. Listening Sessions.
I invite you to take part in listening sessions to be held around the diocese the week of September 23 through September 30. These listening sessions are part of my work in getting to know the diocese more completely. With the help of an outside facilitator who will moderate the sessions I will listen to your thoughts about opportunities for community building, your hopes, dreams, and concerns that will lead us into clearer discernment around God's call to us and our ministry in our communities.
Following are the locations for the listening sessions, scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. each night. While there is no cost to attend the listening sessions, please register   so that we can plan the sessions accordingly.
  • Monday, September 23: St. Bartholomew's, Poway
  • Tuesday, September 24: All Saints, San Diego
  • Wednesday, September 25: St. Andrew's La Mesa
  • Thursday, September 26: All Saints, Vista
  • Friday, September 27: St. Paul's, Palm Springs
  • Monday, September 30: Clergy Conference (Clergy Only)
We will share what we learn through the listening sessions at the diocesan convention on November 8-9 so we can hear your feedback on the results.
3. Plan. 
The results of the listening sessions will form the basis for a new strategic plan for our diocese that develop beginning in January 2020. The Executive Council has formed a subgroup that is busy gathering data to prepare for the January 2020 start time for a strategic planning committee. A full strategic plan will be created by July 2020, and we will present that plan to the diocese in August 2020. The plan we create will form the basis for our ministry for the next five years.
Throughout this development and staging time, defining who the diocese is and where God calls this body to go, hope prevails and Jeremiah says, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future'" (Jeremiah 12:11). Jeremiah reminds us that God dreams of a more abundant future for us than we can dream of for ourselves, and that planning for our future as a diocese is work that is grounded in prayer, discernment, and holy discussion with other Christians, and a sincere desire to accomplish God's vision for us.
Please join me in helping to discern God's dream for the Diocese of San Diego today.

The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook

News from Around the Diocese

Multicultural Children's Fall Festival

School for Ministry Fall Classes

The School for Ministry in Ocean Beach is a community of students, teachers and staff  who are dedicated to nurturing and preparing people for church service.  It is a place of formation that allows people to learn, grow and deepen their faith.  The School for Ministry welcomes any and all who would like to increase their knowledge  in faith formation. 
For more information please contact Rector Laura Sheridan Campbell, or Diocesan Registrar Alyson Terry,

Track your carbon footprint at home and at church

The Episcopal Church is providing a carbon tracker - Sustaining Earth, Our Island Home - for Episcopal households. This online carbon tracker lets Episcopal households take actions - some easy, some more difficult - to reduce their carbon footprints. Household actions are aggregated church wide. Yes, switching light bulbs for your household may seem insignificant, but if 10 households in your church or 100 households in your diocese switch, the impact becomes clear.

The Vestry

Karen Duignan-Senior Warden
(619) 470-1647
David Dennehy-People's Warden
(619) 429-4747
Terry Farrelly - Treasurer
Pamela Brittain
Ray Contreras
Diane Gustafson 
Mark Jordan
Jim McDevitt
Judy McKay
Lynn Young

Calling Committee

Tim Attaway
Lynn Boster
Alice Burnham
Bob Dunn
Jane Ferguson
Helena Livingston
Lynn Young

Approved Minutes for the July 24th Vestry meeting can be found here: 

To our Saint John's Family:
Here is your weekly newsletter highlighting important events at St. John's Episcopal Church.  You can also find news about St. John's at

We welcome your feedback, photos, and news items. Contact Maria Love at 619-422-4141 or .

Please submit your announcements by Tuesday of each week for inclusion in the Enews and Sunday bulletin.

Emergency Contact Information

If you had a medical emergency at church on Sunday morning, would the Wardens or church  staff know who to contact? If you would like to add someone to St. John's emergency contact  list in case of such an emergency, please contact Maria, our parish secretary (619-422-4141 or A sign-up sheet will also be available in the church lobby to collect this information. Please provide your name, the name of your emergency contact, their relationship to you, their phone number and/or their email address. This is one more way we can show how we love one another.
Reporting Misconduct
As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a safe haven for everyone, our diocese trains people in the prevention of misconduct and encourages all to report misconduct. All reported incidences are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and confidentially. If you believe you have experienced misconduct of any kind, please contact Mr. John Seitman, (, 858-793-4555 or Ms. Equilla Luke, (, 760-583-0485.

Safeguarding God's People
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