Thursday, October 14, 2021
St. John's Mission Statement

St. John's is a Christian community that intentionally gathers 
to experience God's love through Episcopal worship, education,
fellowship, and ministry to the wider community.
The Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost
October 17, 2021 

Please join us for our celebration of Holy Eucharist at 9:00 am in the church. 

Come, pray, sing, receive Holy Communion, 
and join us for fellowship following our liturgy. 

  • If you are not vaccinated or are immuno-compromised,
aaaaaayou may want to consider wearing a mask

Collect for the Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost

Almighty and everlasting God, in Christ you have revealed your glory
among the nations: Preserve the works of your mercy,
that your Church throughout the world may persevere
with steadfast faith in the confession of your Name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns
with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

Readings for Sunday

Job 38:1-7
Psalm 104:1-6,25
Hebrews 5:1-10
Mark 10:35-45

If you are not able to attend, please join our livestream service:
Facebook Link for Services: Saint John's Episcopal Church
St. John's website:

Reflection on Mark 10:35-45

This Gospel reading opens as James and John come to Jesus and say: “Teacher, we want you to do for us whatever we ask.”  What bold words!  Did James and John actually believe that Jesus would simply obey their command?  However, Jesus does not seem to be ruffled or upset. Rather he simply asks them: “What do you want me to do for you?”  They responded: “Grant that in your glory we may sit one at your right and the other at your left.”  Jesus warns them: “You do not know what you are asking!” 
Jesus then asks them: “Can you truly drink the cup that I drink? Are you willing to be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?” James and John blithely respond with the words: “We can!” Jesus then says to them: “The cup that I drink, you will drink, and the baptism with which I was baptized, you also will be baptized. However, your request to sit at my right and left hand is not mine to give. Rather it will be given to those for whom it has been prepared.” 
Remember: this conversation takes place in the presence of the other disciples. Now put yourself in the place of the other 10 disciples. What are the emotions you think they may have experienced as these two men boldly make their request to Jesus? After all, each one of the disciples had left their families, homes and work to follow Jesus. Did James and John truly think they were better than the other disciples? Or were they simply trying to gain a higher position and also have more influence with Jesus? 
The desire for power and status is an inherent longing in most human beings. Each one of us needs to know that we do have a certain amount of power and status. Power gives us some control in our lives. We also have a natural desire for the people in our lives to love us, care for us and admire us. However, we get in trouble when our desire for power, love or status begins to control us. This is why Jesus sternly warns his disciples. Jesus desires that we serve others rather than to be served. He wants us to use our energy to serve those in need, rather than striving for first place, for acclaim or for power. 
Every day in our world numerous people jockey for power, esteem and position. This need is so inherent in us human beings that often we do not recognize the subtle ways we strive for power, esteem or position. I wonder if our need to serve others is as natural to us as our need and desire for recognition and power.  Today take a few moments and ask yourself: How strong is my need for power and acclaim? How deep is my need to serve others? Which need comes first in my life?
Jesus’ primary desire is that we quietly and simply love and serve the individuals in our lives as he did. If we do this well, we will receive the acclaim we desire from Jesus. Can we be satisfied with this? I pray we can! 
Altar Flowers

The Altar Flowers are given by Wilma Hunter
in celebration of Hunter family birthdays.  
2021 Stewardship Campaign
Our stewardship theme continues to be Time - Talent - Treasure with a focus on how love can transform our lives. While St. John's needs your monetary pledge, we hope that you will also participate in parish activities using your time, talent and spiritual gifts. Our stewardship campaign this year is focused on using the gifts that God has given us in order to transform the lives of all people.
Each week of the campaign, we will have the opportunity to hear from members of parish about their own gifts that they have been given by God and how they choose to share those gifts with St. John's and the broader community. A written reflection will appear in our
E-Newsletter and a spoken reflection will be heard at our Sunday liturgy.
Stewardship is not only about treasure; it is also our time and talent. Yes, we do need your generous contributions to operate the parish, but we also need your time and talent to transform our lives and world by serving Christ in all people and loving our neighbor as ourselves. We will explore the way that our generosity will transform us personally and the lives of others in our parish and broader community.
God has given you a gift. Please don't leave it unopened.

Reflection on Stewardship
Diane Gustafson
Looking for a church is like standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open. You’re hungry for something, you don’t know what it is, but you’ll know when you see it.

After decades of trying out different churches and denominations, Bill and I have now been at St. John’s for sixteen years. This church gives me what I’m hungry for.

The people of St. John’s are friendly and genuinely care about each other and the community. Years ago we collected cereal for South Bay Community Services, and the boxes literally covered an entire wall in the Narthex. There are the Thanksgiving food bags every year, the mosquito nets for Episcopal Community Services a couple of times, and the “40 items in 40 days” from Lent this year.

One of my interests is helping others find their spiritual gifts. Mine are Administration, Leadership, and Writing. Knowing these has led me to decide where to invest my time. I have served on the Vestry for a total of five years and as Vestry Clerk for six. It has been a satisfying experience that I heartily recommend to anyone who is thinking about it.

I hadn’t realized that Writing was a spiritual gift until I took the assessment, but that explains my lifelong interest. I’ve published three fiction books and enjoy writing articles for the church newsletter. I’ve discovered that spiritual gifts are not just for church. I volunteer at the San Diego Family Justice Center, a one-stop agency for victims of domestic violence. Using the shorthand I learned in high school, I interview lawyers and therapists for the FJC newsletter as well as survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Ten of the interviews were put into a booklet called “The Many Faces of Domestic Violence” that is widely distributed to show other victims that it is possible to leave an abusive relationship. It was my great honor recently to receive a Survivor Courage Award from the FJC.

One thing that brings me joy is the Prayer Quilt Ministry. I can’t sew a button that will stay on, but I sew the name labels and threads for tying knots. Thanks to Christy Gollihur, who now lives in Albuquerque, St. John’s has enough quilts to last at least through 2022.
Pastoral Care Updates

Sarah Tolley
Sarah is recovering from her open heart surgery. She is weak from such an intensive surgery, but is getting stronger each day. Sarah is alert, sitting up in a chair, and talking. Her physician is very pleased with the progress of her recovery.

Diane Gustafson
Diane is doing well following the surgery on her spine. She is able to get up and walk; walking further than expected. She will contine to have physical therapy, which will greatly improve her functionality. She is expected to be discharged in 2-3 days.

O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers:
Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to your servants Sarah and Diane
the help of you power, that their infirmity may be turned into health,
and our sorrow into joy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
We Are Here For You!

We carefully gather in person at St. John's, we would like to remind you that we are here for you!

If you are not able to join us for our celebration of Holy Eucharist, we will bring Holy Communion to you. You may call the parish office (619-422-4141) and request communion to be brought to you by one of our Euchatistic Visitors.

If you, a family member, neighbor or a friend are interested in celebrating a significant event in your spiritual life, please know that you are welcome.
We would be honored to be a part of your Baptism, Holy Communion, Quinceañera Marriage, Renewal of Vows or Anointing of the Sick.

At St. John's, no matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey - you are welcome here
We Are Available in Your Time of Need

If you have a pastoral emergency when the parish offices are closed,
please call 619-301-0724 or email
Blessings in a Bag for ECS HeadStart

Thanksgiving Food Collection for Episcopal Community Service's HeadStart Families

Sunday, October 17th through November 14th, St. John's will be collecting bags of groceries and money for our annual Blessings in a Bag collection.

Grocery bags with a list of food items will be available at church. Take a bag (or two), fill it with grocery items and return the bag when you come to church. Every Sunday, the bags will be brought to the altar along with our Eucharistic gifts during the offertory anthem.
All the bags will be blessed during our celebration of Holy Eucharist on November 14th and given to ECS HeadStart.

If you wish to make a monetary donation, envelopes will be available in the narthex.
You may place your donation in the offering plate or you may use the "Give Now" button on our website.
Toys for Tots
As a Veteran/Military Friendly Congregation, St. John's will once again be a site for the Marine's Toys for Tots community collection program. Toys for Tots collects toys for less fortunate children who would not otherwise receive gifts at Christmas.

A Toys for Tots collection box will be available inside the gates at the entrance of the church on Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
The collection will take place through December 15th.

Please donate a toy:
  • ages 1-14
  • new
  • in it's original packaging
  • unwrapped

To give a monetary donation, visit
Hospitality: Hosts Needed!
Please join us for hospitality after the Sunday morning worship service. 
If you would like to host a Sunday, you may sign up on the poster in Nale Hall or by calling or emailing Maria at 619-422-4141 or

Refreshments should be individually portioned or wrapped, or served by a server who is the only one touching the serving implements.

Current Available Dates:

October 31
November 7
November 14
November 21
November 28
Welcome to the Library
The Rev. Jack Tolley Memorial Library is open! 
Please feel free to come in relax and read or borrow a book to take home. 
Book topics include Christianity, Episcopal Studies, ethics and justice, lives of the saints, history, fiction, cookbooks, children's books. 

All are welcome to come visit with each other, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the St. John's campus.
Centennial Celebration
2022 will be our Centennial Year!

Our Centennial Liturgy will be on September 18, 2022.
In 1922, we were founded as a mission of St. James Episcopal Church and two years later chose the name St. John's.
In planning for our celebration, we will need your help on the following committees:
  • Communications and Publicity
  • Gala and Fundraiser
  • Liturgy
  • History and Archives 

Lynn Young, Diane Gustafson and John Will have been sorting through many documents and photos on the history of St. John's. If you know some of our history please let them know.
Would you be interested in helping with any of these committees?
Do you have ideas of how we can celebrate this important milestone?
Please contact Maria Love in the parish office by calling 1-619-422-4141 or emailing
Sunday School
Sunday School is now available. Children ages 4 and up are welcome to come and learn about the Word of God with Heather Wallace.

Children must be masked in order to attend Sunday School. They will gather in the Sunday School Room before our service begins and return at the Sign of Peace.
Child Care

Child Care is available during our Sunday Services. Ana, the daughter of Alex Valdez-Beer, will be staffing our child care room.
Wednesday Morning Prayer and Bible Study
Join us for Wednesday Morning Prayer and Bible Study
on Wednesdays at 9:30 am as a Zoom meeting.

Please contact Rev. Roger (
to be included in the Zoom meeting.

The Morning Prayer guide can be found here:
Daughters of the King Prayers

All the women of the parish are invited to discern becoming a member of the Daughters of the King. If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Young (208-695-7735) or Linda Dennehy (619-429-4747).

If you have a special prayer request for Daughters of the King, you are invited to fill out a prayer card, found in the narthex. Drop your prayer request in the church-shaped box or in the offering plate. These requests are confidential and are separate from our printed parish prayer lists.
Parish Prayer Lists

Birthday and Anniversary Prayers

We would like to acknowledge and pray for anyone celebrating a birthday and/or anniversary in the coming week. Please let us know by Thursday of the prior week so that we can get it in the Sunday liturgy. If you have a picture of you that we could post for your birthday and/or a wedding photo or current photo for those celebrating an anniversary, please email it to us - it would be great to allow everyone to see you.

Our Parish Prayer Intentions

Today and every day include some time for prayer, for yourself,
for your church family, and for those in need.

For our Military

Matt Jensen, Drew Shorkey, Cody Crossland, Cameron Ronie, Chariti Paden, Mark Stanfield, Sean Robinson, Jonathan Martinez, TK Nguyen, Christopher Lindshield, Timothy Lindshield, Jeremy Colton, David Sanchez, Jonathan Baldera, Nick Wyatt, Jamal Warner, Matt Hernandez, Daniel Getreu, Jocelyn Hernandez, Devon Strunk, Taylor Harrold, Jorge Zuazua, Katherine Milam, Sebastian Morales, Richie Lebron, Roberto Johnson and the crew of USS Essex.

Almighty God, we commend to your gracious care and keeping 
all the men and women of our armed forces at home and abroad.
Defend them day by day with your heavenly grace; 
strengthen them in their trials and temptations; 
give them courage to face the perils which beset them; 
and grant them a sense of your abiding presence 
wherever they may be; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For Strength in Time of Need

Steve Magill, Gary & Shirley McCarren, Ann Lindshield, Lyne C., Kim B., the Mount family, Scott Hunter, the McClure family, Geraldine Adams, Helen McGrath, David Bricknell,
Diane Gustafson, Sarah Tolley, Bernie Duignan and Didi Moore.

O God of heavenly powers, 
by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies 
all sickness and all infirmity: 
Be present in your goodness with your servants, 
that their weakness may be banished and their strength restored; 
and that, their health being renewed, they may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Cycle of Prayers for the Church

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the clergy and people of St. Columba's
in Santee.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Church in the Province of the
West Indies.

In the Military Cycle of Prayer, we pray for the Sailors aboard Naval Base Point Loma.
A Prayer for the People of Afghanistan 

Eternal God, hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. There is a profound humanitarian crisis. Countless people, mostly women and children, are now fleeing and vulnerable. The lives of many are now endangered. The hopes of many are forgone. Send your Spirit, Lord, to rally the resolve of the nations of the earth to find pathways to save human lives, protect human rights, and to resolve the hardships of those seeking refuge, asylum, and safety. Hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. This we pray as followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen.

The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church
Prayer Quilts
The leaders of the Prayer Quilt Ministry would like to remind
you that there are many quilts available for anyone in need
of prayer and support. This important ministry brings comfort and healing to many people who are suffering with illness.
Please contact Diane Gustafson directly (
or through the office (
The Vestry

David Dennehy, Senior Warden
Lynn Young, Junior Warden
Bill Cheney, Treasurer
Terry Farrelly, Assistant Treasurer
Diane Gustafson, Clerk
Pamela Brittain
Tom Brzeczek
Ray Contreras
Jane Ferguson
Alejandra Valdez-Beer
Upcoming Events at St. John's

Men of St. John's Meeting
Monday, October 18
6:00 pm at the Dennehy's

Daughters of the King Meeting
Thursday, October 21
10:00 am in Nale Hall

Vestry Meeting
Wednesday, October 27
6:00 pm on Zoom

Parish Office Hours and Contacts

As our staff are now fully vaccinated, we are permitted to open our parish office.

Masking and social distance should be maintained when visitors are present.

The Parish Office will be open 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.
Please call the parish office if you have any questions or concerns
Rev. Roger's Office Hours
Rev. Roger will be working half-days in the office on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday; and all day Wednesday and Thursday. He will be available by appointment. Please call the office (619-422-4141) to schedule an appointment.

In case of a pastoral emergency, Rev. Roger may be reached on his cell phone at
Beware of Scam Emails & Phishing Attempts
If you receive a suspicious email from an address that seems to be Rev. Roger or another parishioner asking for a favor, it may be a phishing attempt. Scam emails mimic addresses we are familiar with and are very often full of grammatical errors.

Rev. Roger will never email you asking for funds or financial support by way of gift cards. If you receive an email that seems suspicious, do not open it or respond to it. Delete it immediately.
Phishing is a cyber attack that uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need - a request from their bank, for instance, or a note from someone in their company - and to click a link or download an attachment.
Your weekly newsletter highlights important events at St. John's Episcopal Church. You can also find news about St. John's at

We welcome your feedback, photos, and news items. Contact Maria Love at 619-422-4141 or

Please submit your announcements by Tuesday of each week for inclusion in the Enews.
Diocesan Convention
November 5 and 6

Declaration of Extraordinary Circumstances
We would like to point out specifically Resolution 20-01, the passed change to the canons that accommodates issues surrounding the pandemic. It seeks to allow certain activities that are unique to the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves. Examples include permission to hold a virtual convention, and calculation of number of delegates for convention 2021. The Executive Council of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego has voted to extend the declaration of extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19.

Pre-Convention Zoom Meetings
Join Diocesan leadership for the review of the budget & resolutions to be voted on at Diocesan Convention.

Budget Hearings:
Monday, October 11 at 10 a.m.
Thursday, October 14 at 7 p.m.
Monday, October 18 at 2 p.m. 

Resolution Hearings:
Tuesday, October 12 at 2 p.m.
Wednesday, October 20 at 7 p.m.
Friday, October 22 at 10 a.m.

Contact Director of Communications, Chris Tumilty for Zoom information.

Review the Resolutions Facing Convention
The resolutions facing this year's Diocesan Convention are available for your review here.

Nominations for Servant Ministry Awards are OPEN!
Every year, Bishop Susan Brown Snook is happy to honor individuals throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego for their diligent, faithful work in their church communities. Clergy have the option of nominating a layperson for the Servant Ministry Award to be presented by the Bishop at Diocesan Convention. Please fill out the nomination form for a volunteer from your community.

The Diocesan Convention agenda is listed below. (This agenda may change slightly as we draw closer to the event).

Friday, November 5
2:00 - 5:00pm Convention Workshops
5:15pm Opening Prayer and Conversation between Bishop Susan Brown Snook and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Saturday, November 6
8:00am Registration Opens
9:00am Convention Opening Worship
10:30am Business of Convention begins
4:00pm Close of Business

Please email the Director of Communications, Chris Tumilty with any questions regarding this year's virtual convention.
Caring for People With Dementia

October 21, 6:00PM with The Rev. Anne Cox Bailey
Did you know that there are over 100 different types of dementia? They affect people regardless of nationality, gender, race, faith, or age (yes, there is even pediatric dementia!) Nearly 100,000 people in San Diego County are experiencing the joys and trials of dealing with loved ones, parishioners, and friends who are experiencing a form of dementia.
What if there were a technique that one could learn, a set of tools that make the path through dementia easier? What if it were possible to create a calmer environment, with more moments of joy and grace? Come learn about a hope-filled, effective way to experience meaning for all concerned!

Creation Care Offerings

As we move through the Season of Creation this fall, the EDSD Creation Care Task Force and a number of churches in our Diocese are hosting events, services, and more to help us engage in learning and work focused on care for the earth, one of God’s most precious gifts to us. Here is the complete calendar of offerings, and below are details about two of them. To learn more about the EDSD Creation Care Task Force, contact Deann Rios at

Wednesdays, Oct. 13 – Nov. 10, 7 - 8pm: Braiding Sweetgrass Book Study will reflect on essays focused on creation care by indigenous scientist and gifted storyteller Robin Wall Kimmerer who calls us to celebrate and live in reciprocity with the rest of the living world. Sponsored by Simpler Living of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Environmental Stewardship Team of St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church. Contact Parth with any questions.

Faith to Go

A Weekly, On The Go Resource for Parents and Non-Parents Alike

Hosted by the Faith To Go team in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, David Tremaine and Charlette Preslar. Joined each week by a special guest, the Faith To Go team highlights themes from the Sunday Gospel reading for you to take into your faith discussions and reflections throughout the week.

San Diego Episcopal Cursillo Ministry-October Forward

The Forward is an informational newsletter for Cursillistas in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. It is published every other month and on special occasions. It contains useful information, dates and messages of encouragement as we live out our Fourth Day.

Resources for Emotional Support

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is changing life for all of us. You may feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, depressed, lonely or frustrated in these circumstances.

You're not alone!

Find resources to connect with real people that can help, here.
EDSD Statement of Commitment
As part of the Jesus Movement and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we pledge to love our neighbors and protect the most vulnerable among us, remembering our baptismal vows to "strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being." We live these pledges out by actively engaging in dismantling racism. For many of us, this will mean learning more about our racial identity, listening to those who have experienced racial prejudice, speaking out against racism, and showing up alongside those in our community working to change unjust systems in our society. We also live out this pledge at worship during this pandemic, by wearing face-coverings, respecting distancing guidelines, and foregoing the common cup.
Episcopal Relief and Development
What Would Love Do: 1000 Days of Love

Love calls us to care for our neighbors and for our enemies. Love calls us to attend to those in prison, to those who are homeless, to those in poverty, to children, immigrants and refugees.

What would love do? To you, who so generously support the transformative work of Episcopal Relief & Development, love calls you to continue to sow seeds of lasting change

Visit Episcopal Relief and Development: One Thousand Days of Love to see how you can help.
Reporting Misconduct
As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a safe haven for everyone, our diocese trains people in the prevention of misconduct and encourages all to report misconduct. All reported incidences are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and confidentially. If you believe you have experienced misconduct of any kind, please contact Mr. John Seitman, (, 858-793-4555 or Ms. Equilla Luke, (, 760-583-0485.