Thursday, September 10, 2020


A Prayer for the Power of the Spirit 
among the People of God

God of all power and love, we give thanks for your unfailing presence
and the hope you provide in times of uncertainty and loss. 
Send your Holy Spirit to enkindle in us your holy fire. 
Revive us to live as Christ's body in the world: 
a people who pray, worship, learn, break bread, share life, heal neighbors, bear good news, seek justice, rest and grow in the Spirit. 
Wherever and however we gather, 
unite us in common prayer and send us in common mission, 
that we and the whole creation might be restored and renewed, 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In-Person Worship Services Begin on Sunday
On September 13th, 2020 we will gather once again at St. John's in the beautiful courtyard at 9:00am for our in-person/live-streamed Eucharistic service.  It is an exciting opportunity for us to gather once again to celebrate the presence of God's love and grace in our lives.

As a first step to our gathering for worship, all of our worship services will be outdoors in our courtyard. 
In accordance with the health guidelines established by the governor and bishop, we will follow our Re-gathering Action Plan.  
As we gather:
  • we will perform temperature checks and symptom assessment, 
  • we will all wear a face mask 
  • we will use hand sanitizer
  • we will maintain 6 feet social distance
  • we will greet one another verbally, regretfully no physical touch.  
  • our music will be done as solos, (except for those of you at home who can sing as loud as you would like).  
  • we will distribute Holy Communion, the Body of Christ under the form of bread.  
For those who cannot attend because of the guidelines or do not feel comfortable, the liturgy will be streamed live on the St. John's website.

We will try to make shaded seating available, but it is recommended to wear a hat and sunscreen.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must manage the size of the gathering to ensure the health and safety of all who gather. 

If you plan to attend, please contact Maria Love at the the Parish Office (619-422-4141) or by email ( with your name and the number of people in your party that will be attending.

Other Upcoming Services 
On Saturday, September 12, 2020 at 10:00am,  we will remember and celebrate the life of Rob McKay.  Rob is the son of Judy McKay.  Since Judy's family is spread across the country, our worship service will be streamed live and not in person.  
You are invited to join the service (like we have done these past Sundays) on our 
St. John's website or Facebook page.

 - - - - - - 

On Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 11:00, we will remember and celebrate the life of Rev. Al Stott.  We will join Anne and Rev. Al's family for this celebration in the courtyard. 

On Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 9:00am, Bishop Susan will join us for our Eucharistic celebration in the courtyard for her Annual Episcopal Visit.  Bishop Susan will preside and preach at this worship service.  During the service we will celebrate the new ministry of Rev. Roger Haenke with our parish.  Following the service, Bishop Susan will be available for a conversation with the congregation.

For those of you who are not able to attend because of the guidelines or do not feel comfortable, both of the above worship services will be streamed live on our website at

If you plan to attend on Sept 19 or 20th , please contact Maria Love at the the Parish Office (619-422-4141) or by email ( with your name and the number of people in your party that will be attending.
Refection on Matthew: 18:21-35

Today we have another challenging Gospel.  
comes to Jesus and bluntly asks him how many times he needs to forgive another, be that his brother, his sister, friend or co-worker. Peter asks if he should forgive the other person seven times? I wonder: did Peter have a family member, a spouse or a friend whom he had wounded multiple times? Or was Peter simply asking the question because he wanted to hear how Jesus would answer his question?

As often is the case, Jesus does not answer Peter's question directly. Rather Jesus bluntly tells Peter that he should forgive the other person, not simply 7 times, but 77 times! Now that is a lot of forgiveness! It often is easier to forgive another if the hurt or insult is minor. However, when a person has been betrayed or slandered by another person, most of us also would find it difficult to forgive the individual. And this is understandable: our trust has been betrayed!

Was Peter surprised at Jesus' answer? Was Peter thinking of a family member or friend that he needed to forgive? Or was Peter remembering someone he had hurt or wounded? Was Peter hoping that at some point, he would be forgiven?

Hopefully, over time, we will forgive the person who wounded us. And in this process, we also free ourselves of the heavy burden we have been carrying. Lack of forgiveness usually has more effect on us than on the individual we need to forgive. Resentment and anger poison us. If we are not able to forgive the other person, we may be the one who carries the heavier burden. True, it is not easy to let go of our anger and hurt. However, if we can place our anger, hurt and resentment into God's hands, over time God will heal our resentment, hurt and anger. However, it may take a long time.

The grace is Jesus does not expect us to deal with these hurts and resentments alone. Jesus walks with us, encourages us and over time, gives us the grace to let go and hopefully to also forgive the one who hurt us. However, we have to be patient with this process. And, we need to keep coming back to Jesus and ask him to help us forgive. Jesus wants us to ask him to free us of this burden, this pain. Jesus is with us and He will answer our prayers!

Today may we place all our burdens, our anger and our pain in Jesus' hands. This will lighten our load immensely and it also will free us! However, will we, do we, trust Jesus?
By Sister Kristine Anne Harpenau, OSB
Scripture Readings For the Week

Readings for Sunday, September 13, 2020

Genesis 50:15-21
Psalm 103:8-13
Romans 14:1-12
Matthew 18:21-35

Facebook Link for Sunday Service: St. John's Facebook Page
St. John's website:
Upcoming Events at St. John's

September 12      10:00 am    Rob McKay Virtual Memorial Service
September 13      9:00 am      In-Person Worship, St. John's Courtyard
September 19      11:00 am    Rev. Al Stott Memorial Service
September 20      9:00 am      Bishop Susan Snook
  Annual Episcopal Visit to St. John's and
  Celebration of New Ministry
Wednesday Morning Prayer
Join us for Wednesday Morning Prayer and Bible Study
on Wednesdays at 9:30 am as a Zoom meeting. 

Please contact Rev. Cathey (
to be included in the Zoom meeting, or to update your info, if she does not have your current email.

The Morning Prayer guide can be found here:
Thank You, St. John's
Dear Family of St. John's,
Your message of love and support over the last weeks has given me and the family great comfort. The service for Jack was very special, the beauty of St. John's helps us tremendously. Jack loved you and  St. John's, his love and happy spirit will always be with you and us.

Thank you, Sarah Tolley and the family 
The Passing of Minnie Hernandez

Erminia (Minnie) Hernandez passed away on August 31, 
2020.  Her children were with her as she died peacefully.

Please keep her son Eddie and the rest of Minnie's family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time of grief.

It is with faith that we are able to embrace death, 
for as scripture tell us, "Nothing can separate us from the love of God".

Into your hands, O merciful Savior, 
we commend your servant Minnie
Acknowledge, we humbly pray, 
a sheep of your own fold, a lamb of your own flock, 
a sinner of your own redeeming. 
Receive her into the arms of your mercy, 
into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, 
and into the glorious company of the saints in light.   Amen. 
May her soul and the souls of all the departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.   Amen. 

The funeral service will take place at Miramar National Cemetery on September 29, 2020 at 10:30am.

Because of the pandemic, the funeral, burial service and reception will be by invitation. If you wish to attend please contact her son, Eddie.

Notes of care and sympathy may be sent to:

Eddie Hernandez

The Family of Minnie Hernandez
1156 25th Street
San Diego, CA  92154


Birthday and Anniversary Prayers

We would like to acknowledge and pray for anyone celebrating a birthday and/or anniversary in the coming week.  Please let us know by Thursday of the prior week so that we can get it in the Sunday liturgy.  If you have a picture of you that we could post for your birthday and/or a wedding photo or current photo for those celebrating an anniversary, please email it to us - it would be great to allow everyone to see you.

We Are Available in Your Time of Need

If you have a pastoral emergency when the parish offices are closed, 
please call 619-301-0724 or email

Prayer List
Today and every day include some time for prayer, for yourself,
for your church family, and for those in need.  

For our Military
Matt, Drew, Cody, Cameron, Chariti, 
Mark, Sean, Jonathan, TK, Christopher, 
Timothy, Jeremy, David, Jonathan, Nick, 
Jamal, Matt, Daniel, Jocelyn, Devon, Taylor, 
Jorge, Katherine, Sebastian, Richie and Roberto.

For Strength in Time of Need

Scott, Betty, Barbara, Dean, Sarah, Norma, 
Paul, Laura, Ed and Sonja, Andrew and Barb,
and for all first responders, medical professionals, 
essential workers and their families.

For the repose of the soul of Minnie Hernandez.

For Churches in Transition in our Diocese

Christ Church, Coronado
St. Paul, Palm Springs
All Saints', Vista

Stewardship is about the offering of our time, talent and treasureThank you to those who make the work and ministry of St. John's continue.

We have made it even more convenient to give online.  You can find a "Give Now" button on our St. John's website:

There are 5 other ways to stay current on your pledge:
1)  The offering plate at our in-person worship services 
2)  US mail
3)  the secured mail slot next to the parish office door on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00am and 3:00pm
4)  Sally can add an automatic credit or debit payment by providing to her in writing the necessary information (bank name, account number, expiration date and amount to be withdrawn, 
5)  you can go to your bank (physically or on line) to set up an automatic payment to St. John's by bank check once a month.

If you need help with any of these options, please contact Sally via email ( or phone call to the office on Thursdays for assistance.

Current office hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Wednesday and Thursday.
If you need assistance, please email Maria Love: 

Rev. Roger's Office Hours
Rev. Roger will be in the office Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and all day Wednesday and Friday.  He will be available by appointment.  Please call the office (619-422-4141) to schedule an appointment.

In case of a pastoral emergency, Rev. Roger may be reached on his cell phone at 619-301-0724.

EDSD Statement of Commitment
As part of the Jesus Movement and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we pledge to love our neighbors and protect the most vulnerable among us, remembering our baptismal vows to "strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being." We live these pledges out by actively engaging in dismantling racism. For many of us, this will mean learning more about our racial identity, listening to those who have experienced racial prejudice, speaking out against racism, and showing up alongside those in our community working to change unjust systems in our society. We also live out this pledge at worship during this pandemic, by wearing face-coverings, respecting distancing guidelines, foregoing the common cup and refraining from congregational singing.
The Vestry

David Dennehy, Senior Warden
Mark Higginbotham, Junior Warden
Terry Farrelly, Treasurer
Diane Gustafson, Clerk
Pamela Brittain
Ray Contreras
Mark Higginbotham
Muriel Kulikowski
Jim McDevitt
Judy McKay
Lynn Young

Approved Minutes for the July 22nd Vestry meeting can be found here:

To our Saint John's Family:
Here is your weekly newsletter highlighting important events at St. John's Episcopal Church.  You can also find news about St. John's at

We welcome your feedback, photos, and news items. Contact Maria Love at 619-422-4141 or

Please submit your announcements by Tuesday of each week for inclusion in the Enews and Sunday bulletin.

Reporting Misconduct
As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a safe haven for everyone, our diocese trains people in the prevention of misconduct and encourages all to report misconduct. All reported incidences are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and confidentially. If you believe you have experienced misconduct of any kind, please contact Mr. John Seitman, (, 858-793-4555 or Ms. Equilla Luke, (, 760-583-0485.

Safeguarding God's People
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May God's face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.
May God give you the grace never to sell yourself short;
Grace to risk something big for something good;
Grace to remember that the world is too dangerous for anything but truth 
And too small for anything but love.
So, may God take your minds and think through them;
May God take your lips and speak through them;
May God take your hearts and set them on fire.
-William Sloane Coffin

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