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January 30th, 2020                              St. Andrew's   Episcopal Church           
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9:30 am
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Holy Communion with Baptism
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From the Annual Meeting this Past Sunday
Thank you to the outgoing vestry members, Judy Stech, Gale Pemberton and Kathryn Allen, you served us well. Congratulations go out to Rhea Dignam, Mary Alice Ray and Michelle Wetherbee who were elected to take the place of those who have served the past three years... (Kathryn Allen actually served 4 years to help transition Mother Pat into the fold!)

Bob Ridgway is now our senior warden and the vestry will elect the Junior warden at the next vestry meeting. Thank you all for hearing God's call to serve!

Other items from this annual meeting will be coming in later issues of the antiphon as the minutes and reports are sent in. 

Thank You also goes out to...
Larry Roberson for taking charge of the feast that we all enjoyed so much before the annual meeting. He had some help from Helen Faye Neeley and Arlene Ford and others that I may not have caught in the act. All I know is that we wouldn't be able to do these "covered dish events" without Larry and his helpers!

And New Help needed for the 
New Year starting in January... 2020... 
  • New Altar Flower chart for signing up on... is in place and WIDE open for dates to dedicate flowers on Sundays. We typically sign up for two Sundays in a row (back to back) as we can usually keep the flowers fresh looking for that long so keep this in mind. The new chart is color coded so you can easily see the open dates.
  • New coffee hour sign-up sheets and these too are very open! 
  • New annual statement of giving statements are in your boxes at church. Those not picked up will be mailed Jan 30th.
Basically what all this means is that we need volunteers for a whole bunch of jobs...  Please prayerfully consider... The choir could also use some more voices... just saying... 

2019 Hart Interdenominational Ministry [H.I.M.]
H.I.M. was incorporated in 2014 as a collaborative effort of Hart County Churches to pool resources and connect people in need with churches and other agencies to provide help, support and education to address the present need and to work toward preventing future repetition of the crisis.  The ministry is staffed totally by volunteers, Board oversight and is directed by Christina Silpe.
Recipients of assistance must be Hart County residents and can receive up to $200 per year in assistance.  All requests for assistance are carefully vetted and payment for assistance is made directly to the vendor such as the utility or bank.  Budget education is available to persons interested in learning ways to manage their resources.  H.I.M. has office space at First United Methodist Church and sees clients by appointment 3 days a week.
During 2019, 360 new clients were seen, 399 referrals made and assistance provided to 310 people.  The greatest categories of need continue to be utilities [199 people] and rent/mortgage [74 people].             Other forms of assistance included emergency housing, food, medical care, transportation and repairs.
Funding for HIM comes from churches [$32,907], Individual contributions [$5031], fund-raisers [$3022] and grants [$5275].  St.  Andrew's provides assistance in the form of a grant through our Outreach Committee.  If you are looking for a worthy charity that has a direct impact on our community, consider HIM [H.I.M., PO Box 21, Hartwell, GA 30643]
It has been my honor to work with HIM as a volunteer and attendee of Board Meetings as a representative of St. Andrew's during the past year.  I began my service as a Board Member starting in 2020.  I am happy to talk with anyone who is interested in volunteer opportunities or learning more about H.I.M. in general.

Submitted by Betty Martin 

Is there anyone interested in this ministry????
St. Andrew's parish is looking for one or more individuals willing to serve as parish nurses. If you have or had a nursing license, and if you would like to serve in the parish nurse ministry group, let Mother Pat know of your interest.  What we hope this individual or team of nurses can do includes:  checking AED weekly (takes one minute to verify and document that AED is functional); training interested members of the congregation in how to use the AED because a nurse or health professional may not be present when it is needed (there is a CD); writing short articles for the antiphon on health issues such as when to get flu vaccine, reminders about west Nile virus or Zika when those seasons come around; and perhaps offering a monthly blood pressure screening Sunday for those who would like to know what their blood pressure is.  The role can be expanded as the ministry grows if those serving desire to attend pastoral care team meetings in order to help the Lay Eucharistic Visitors with questions about those they see in Care Centers or the Hospital.  We really need someone who can help with this important ministry and if that individual is you, volunteer as part of the team.

Pledge Receipt Statements for 2019
The statements are in your mailboxes at church. Any that are still in the boxes will be sent our via the mail on Monday Feb.3rd. Thank you to all who gave and continue to do so! These statements are for monetary donations but I also want to say Thank you to all those who give of their time and talents in many "priceless" ways.

Upcoming Calendar Events
February 2nd: Worship committee meeting after coffee hour.
February 11th: Durkee Dinner at 6pm
February 13th: Hart Care sing-a-long at 10am
February 16th: Vestry Meeting after coffee hour
February 26th: Ash Wednesday Service 
COLLECT FOR The Presentation of Our Lord
A lmighty and everliving God, we humbly pray that, as your only-begotten Son was this day presented in the temple, so we may be presented to you with pure and clean hearts by Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Musical Notes for this Sunday from Richard Thompson

Pre-Service Music for this Sunday:
1) Excerpt from a portion of "Gloria " by Antonio Vivaldi Italian composer 1678-1741. The St Andrews Choir sang a version of this melody this past fall.
2) Melody from "Wiegenlied" by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897).  This German composer wrote this melody for a friend. It is known in English as Brahms Lullaby or Brahms Cradle Song. 

During our search process
Please keep our entire vestry, in your prayers for guidance and discernment for our future. This is a time for all to come together and work to keep St. Andrew's in line with with God's plan for us. "We" are His church! And let us look at this time as an opportunity to discern God's future plans for us at St. Andrew's. 

Also, as we go through this process please lift us up in daily prayer:
Almighty and everlasting God, from Whom all good and perfect gifts are given. Look graciously upon us at St. Andrew's.  Guide the hearts and minds of those who shall choose a priest for this congregation; that we may receive a faithful pastor who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries.  May we truly please Thee through this endeavor.  Help us to encourage and continue to love as Christ loves us. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen
Servers for this Sunday  February 2nd, 2020
Coffee Hour Host: Michelle Wetherbee & Arminda Hicks  
Altar Flowers: Vestry + 
Sunday Children's Chapel Leader: Mary Alice Ray

Betty Martin
Don Davenport
Catherine Jackson
Lector OT/NT
Betty Martin
Prayers of the People
Michelle Wetherbee
Bob Knowles & Gale Pemberton
Altar Guild            
Gale Pemberton
Carmen Soto & Joseph Soto
Eucharistic Visitors
Candy Pufall
Vestry Person
Helen Faye Neeley
Lois Noval & Asa Wages
Food Basket
Tim Czarniak and Sunday School Children

Birthdays or Anniversaries in February
Happy Birthday to all our February Birthday folks: 
                  Michael Pufall and Michelle Wetherbee (2/4)
                  Candy Pufall (2/7)
                  Betty Martin (2/12)

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