Weekly News and Updates for the Week of December 16, 2019
Warriors of the Week
Each week through this year we will recognize several of our students through our "Warrior of the Week" award. Students receive this award for displaying effort that goes above-and-beyond our expectations - reflecting their drive to achieve personal and academic growth. 

This week's Warriors of the Week are:

Tyler Z.
Tyler is always working hard in his classes and does more than willing to help a peer. He is always caught up on his work and takes pride in everything he does. Tyler's humor and positivity bring joy to those around him. Keep up the great work Tyler!

Lily H.
Lily has really come into her own during the 2nd quarter! In math Lily is consistently giving her best in class. She does a great job of completing her work outside of the classroom. Her checkpoints and homework are done on time and with quality effort. Lily is excited about Design & Modeling class - she enjoys designing and creating, sharing ideas with the class, and working with her design team. In language arts class, Lily writes phenomenal stories, and comes to class prepared and ready to work. You will never see her without a smile on her face! Lily is always going above and beyond what is expected! She is excelling in orchestra and developing into a great leader in the viola section and taking on leadership responsibilities in mentoring. As one can see, Lily is a great asset to any group she is working with. Lily, we are very proud of you and are looking forward to seeing you succeed the rest of the 7th grade year!

Maya C.
Maya is a very kind, polite, and hard-working student that is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She works wonderfully both independently and with others. Maya is mature beyond her years and always completes her work in a timely manner. Keep up the great work!
Summit Personalized Learning Platform (PLP)
As educators and parents, we know students learn and grow the most when they encounter challenges. Students are permitted to retake tests (content assessments) so they learn from their mistakes. If a student struggles to pass an assessment after a few attempts, their teacher will intervene and help them master the content. Learning science shows that a large percentage of learning happens in letting students persist through struggles and challenges, and that's why struggling in the safe environment at school and learning those lifelong habits is going to set our students up for success long after they've left school.

Don't forget...we still have copies of Prepared available. Please contact the MS office to inquire about getting your copy!
Food Drive
The High/Middle School Mentoring Classes are participating in a Food Drive until December 18th. Please bring in canned (tuna, soup, vegetables) or boxed food for the Fairview Food Bank. The mentoring class with the most donated food will receive a pizza party.  
Cleveland APL
We have a couple students looking for donations to the Cleveland APL. If you can, please drop off any of the following items to the MS office by Friday 12/20: dog treats, dog/cat collars, bleach, Dixie cups, peanut butter, Ziplock bags, craft sticks, and much more that can be found on their wishlist on the APL website . All items will be hand-delivered to the APL by the students and their families over break.
Math Club
LFM Math Club Meeting will be every Thursday before (7:45-8:30 AM) and after school (3:30-4:15 PM) in Room 247. LFM Math Club is available for students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th.
Math Lab
Math help is available before school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:45-8:30 AM in Room 201 for students in 6-12 grade. Students can receive help on checkpoints, power focus areas, portfolio problems, etc. 
Office Hours
Office Hours take place every Tuesday morning from 7:45-8:30 AM and are open to ALL students.
Staff Highlights

Danielle Jankowski, Educational Aide
  1. Where did you grow up?   Fairview Park.
  2. Where did you go to college? What did you study?  I went to Ohio State and Cuyahoga Community College.
  3. What other roles have you had before your current position?  I worked as a receptionist at an animal hospital for many years and I also was a stay at home mom.
  4. Do you have any children / pets?  I have three daughters. Miette is 15, Dylan is 12 and Sylvia is 10.  I have an extra large dog named Lucy, two cats named Frankie and Mavis and a bunch of fish.
  5. What do you like to do when you're not working? Favorite Hobby?  I like to go on walks in the nice weather. I like to cook/bake when I have time. I also love shopping!!!  
  6. Favorite song/artist?  It depends on my mood. I listen to a lot of different music. I am going to say Jeff Buckley, the Beatles and I have been listening to a lot of Metric lately. 
  7. Favorite food?  I could live on brie cheese and croissants.
  8. What makes you passionate about your work?  I have always liked helping people.  I love to see how happy the students are when they succeed.

Brian Weir, OA Teacher
  1. Where did you grow up?  Fairview Park
  2. Where did you go to college? Baldwin Wallace (Played Football & Baseball) & Marygrove (Masters What did you study? Elementary Education (1-8)
  3. What other roles have you had before your current position? 5th Grade Teacher, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, 6th Grade Teacher
  4. Do you have any children / pets?  Yes 4 (Molly - Freshmen OU, Meghan - 12th, Ben - 9th, Brady - 7th)  Pet - Dog (Lizzy)
  5. What do you like to do when you're not working? Exercise at Rec/Watch my kids play sports/Private Baseball Lessons/Spend time with family  Favorite Hobby - Exercising   
  6. Favorite song/artist? Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Queen
  7. Favorite food? Pizza
  8. What makes you passionate about your work? I love to see kids succeed in things they thought were too hard or they were struggling with.   

Hillery Needham, Orchestra Teacher
  1. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I am a HUGE Packer fan.
  2. What college did you attend? What did you study? I attended Baldwin Wallace University and received a Bachelors in Music Education. I also attended Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and received a Masters in Music Education. I started playing piano at the age of 5, viola at 10, and flute at 11. I was in band, orchestra, and choir growing up.
  3. What other roles have you had before your current position? I taught for a year in Westlake as an elementary general music teacher. I also taught for four years 7th & 8th grade orchestra and elementary general music in Bloomington, Indiana. I've been teaching private lessons since I was in high school, but have recently taken a break. I also have taught at the collegiate level, teaching future music teachers string techniques and music methods.
  4. Children / pets? I have identical twin boys who are ten years old. I also have an 8 year old daughter.
  5. What do you like to do when you're not working? I like to do crafts with my daughter, attend concerts, and read with my kids.  
  6. Favorite song/artist? This is a tricky question for me since I am a big fan of many different types of music. My all time favorite orchestra piece is Sibelius Symphony No. 2. 
  7. Favorite food? My favorite food is anything italian.
  8. What makes you passionate about your work? I love how each day I come to school is a new and different day. I enjoy watching the progress each student makes from one day to the next. It is my hope that I am instilling a lifelong love for the arts.
PTA - Volunteer
Basketball season is almost here and MS/HS PTA and the Junior Class are teaming up to run the concession stand for the Boy's Basketball home games. Volunteers are needed, so please consider signing up by clicking here.  
Rewards Programs
Mayer Middle School is registered with both the Giant Eagle's Apples for Students and Heinen's Teaming Up for Education programs. When signing up for Giant Eagle's program, the code for Lewis F. Mayer Middle School is 2472.  When signing up for Heinen's program, sign in to your account on the Heinen's Tasteful Rewards Program page and select Lewis F. Mayer Middle School from a list of participating schools.
Box Top Earnings (2019-2020 School Year)
Fundraising - Class of 2020 After Prom
Fundraising - Class of 2021
The Class of 2021 have added some new items to their merchandise table:  
~Grey Holloway joggers - $30.00.  They have a pocket at the back and at the side. Fairview    Warriors is embroidered on the top of the leg.  
~Fairview Warriors car magnet.  It is 7X2 inches and is $5.00.
~A stylish jute/burlap tote bag for $10.00. This bag is 16inX14inX7

For more information contact Mary Moore, Class Advisor
Fundraising - Class of 2023
Please consider a purchase from our Class of 2023 fundraiser - Yankee Candle Sale. Every little bit helps! Candles make great gifts for hostess or holiday presents. Sales are done online and are shipped directly to your home. What a convenience!! Feel free to share the online code with friends and family who enjoy Yankee Candle fragrances. Sale ends Wednesday, January 8.
Fundraising - Friends of the Fairview Park City Schools 
We are so appreciative of the continued support throughout this year. Thank you all for dining to donate, purchasing pepperoni rollers, ordering Holiday Ham gift cards or Holiday wreaths. (All order forms are available on our website at friendsfpcs.org .) You can still order your Honeybaked Ham!

Also, we are very excited to bring you something new this fall. We will be selling foam fingers during the basketball season. We need volunteers to make this fundraiser a success. Please consider signing up for a shift or two. 
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Important Upcoming Dates
Tuesday, December 17
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201
6:30 PM - Board of Education Meeting, Gilles-Sweet Cafetorium

Wednesday, December 18
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209
7:00 - 8:30 PM - Holiday Choral Concert, FHS Auditorium

Monday, December 23 - Friday, January 3
Winter Break

Thursday, January 2
Board of Education Offices re-open in the Parkview building on Mastick

Monday, January 6
Return to School

Tuesday, January 7
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, January 14
7:40 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Book Club, Room 204 

Wednesday, January 15
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209

Thursday, January 16
8th Grade Science Fair SETUP, Gemini Center

Friday, January 17
8th Grade Science Fair, Gemini Center

Tuesday, January 21
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, February 4
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, February 11
7:40 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Book Club, Room 204 

Tuesday, February 18
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Wednesday, February 19
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209 

Tuesday, March 3
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, March 10
7:40 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Book Club, Room 204

Tuesday, March 17
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Wednesday, March 18
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209 

Tuesday, April 1
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, April 15
7:40 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Book Club, Room 204

Wednesday, February 19
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209 

Tuesday, May 5
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Tuesday, May 12
7:40 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Book Club, Room 204

Tuesday, May 19
7:45 AM - Builder's Club Meeting, Room 201

Wednesday, May 20
7:40 AM - 6th Grade Book Club, Room 209 

Friday, May 22
8th Grade Dance, Bain Park Cabin
Family and Community Engagement (FACE)
Happy Holidays Fairview Park Families!

I hope things are moving along smoothly for everyone during these busy times!
This coming week should be a week of communicating.  Have your child show you their platform - if you see all green...YEAH! If you see any yellow or red, have your child send an email to that teacher (and cc you) asking "What do I need to do to make mine green?"  When you both hear back from the teacher, sit down with your child and make a plan for when the work will be done. Sooner is always better than later, plus it would be great to be done with the work and start a NEW YEAR all caught up!

C heck out the Common Sense Media Selection of the latest movies, TV shows, books, apps, etc. that are appropriate for your child!

Carrie Sullivan
FACE Coordinator 
(440) 356-3510 ext. 4117
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Student Counseling

Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

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Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
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