March 18, 2020
From our Principal

I hope that everyone is healthy and keeping all types of sicknesses away. While Covid-19 continues to be the hot topic of discussion everywhere, let us keep our focus on prayers and fellowship. I am sure you are inundated with online resources for faith and educational needs, here is a very short reflection from 2minutes2virtue with a weekly challenge of asking Jesus, “What gift do I need?”

We started our day with morning prayers. I hope that many of you were able to join me. There was one important part missing – our daily prayer intentions. I would like that tradition to continue. Please email me with what your child wants to pray about and I will include it with the daily prayers.
The faculty and staff are working hard to make your online learning experience productive and enjoyable. While this week may seem challenging, I assure you that all the kinks will be worked out and there will be a smooth transition to this new way of learning.

God Bless!
Mrs. Fernandez
Upcoming Calendar Events

March 18 - eLearning begins
Please view your Childs homework page and emails
from your Childs teacher for further information.
Paradise Island Auction is postponed
We are working to schedule a new date to hold our Paradise Island Auction.
We will be in touch with updated details as they become available.
CYO - Pictures needed
The Yearbook Committee needs YOUR PICTURES.
Please send any CYO pictures to
Any team pictures, pictures of games, etc.
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March 2020

In this issue:
Nurturing faith in children requires regular attention, the right ingredients, and help from experts. The main article on page one explains how parents can plant seeds of faith in children that will bloom throughout life.
Daily attention to God can be difficult to achieve in the pace of busy life. Blessing object and items we use in daily life consecrates them to Our Lord and helps us to be mindful of him when we use them.
One parent details the struggles of wiggly children during Mass and how her pastor helped her to solve them.
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