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King of Glory Newsletter

March Weekly Updates

March, 23, 2022


Worship Assistant Schedule

Thank you to those that volunteer for our Sunday Services. We appreciate all that you do, and are so grateful for your service.

You may download the new (April/May) Worship Assistant Schedule below.

Download Schedule Here

Prayers for God’s Healing:

Siefkes Family

Blasch Family

Karen Starry

Gordon Swenson

Helen Gregory's Family

Mary Groth- Donna Groth's daughter-in-law

Jim Cambron

Tim Pfankuch, Son of Paul & Bonita Pfankuch.

Louise Moore

Marge Holmquist

Bob Applequist

David Fredrich, nephew of Mark Drew

Prayers for Marty Palmer

Prayers for Juliet Petersen 

Prayers for Augustine Taigam

Prayers for the Severson Family.

Prayers for Justin Boinde and Family.

Prayers for the loss and devastation experienced in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Prayers for Unspoken Needs and requests, those whose hurts are too deep to be spoken.

Prayers for those in the cycle of domestic violence.

Prayers for Discernment for the Council as they form goals for the new year.

Prayers for all Healthcare Workers, Military, and the family that surrounds them.

Lent Wednesday News

Mid-Week Lenten Services:

Several of the Treasure Valley Cluster churches are providing worship each Wednesday ONLINE at the link below. Join the Treasure Valley ELCA Churches in worship together during Lent.

Visit TV Prays


Financial Update

Income to Date (1/1/22-2/28/22)

Actual Income                                               $92,343

Budgeted Income to Date                              $89,028 ($3,315 over budgeted estimates)


Expenditures to Date (1/1/22-2/28/22)

Actual Expenditures                                      $67,111

Budgeted Expenditures                                 $66,859 ($253 under budgeted estimates)


Thank you for your continued faithful financial support of the ministries of King of Glory.


Your congregation council met on March 8 for its regularly scheduled meeting. This is a review discussed items for your information:

It has been a dream of many members, and for many years, to develop the back lot of King of Glory. The question has always been: What can we do with this parcel of land that we own? Should it be developed with housing for seniors or working-low income families? Should we expand the Community Garden? Should we develop a play area for neighborhood children? So many great ideas over the years! The Council, acting as the fiduciary body on behalf of King of Glory, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with LEAP Charities, a 501C(3) non-profit organization in the Treasure Valley to begin a feasibility study of a potential affordable housing project. The Memorandum of Understanding is a critical first step in considering whether or not such a project is even possible. Please remember that this is a preliminary feasibility study. There is no stated obligation for King of Glory. Once the feasibility study has been completed, it will be shared with the congregation. Where is God leading us regarding our property assets? This is a practical and business-wise first step in making important decisions for the future of this congregation.


Progress continues on the upgrade of the audio and visual systems approved in last summer’s special congregation meeting. Most noticeable is the installation of the monitors in the sanctuary. Backordered equipment is arriving. The next steps are installation of network cabling and additional electrical power. Neurilink, the company overseeing the project, is installing the cabling and an electrical contractor has been hired to ensure proper power needs are available for the new equipment.


 And, speaking of projects! At the 2022 Annual Meeting I proposed the formation of a Hybrid Task Force to study how we can best use the new equipment. On Sundays April 3 and April 10 between services, you are invited to participate in discussion of the concept “hybrid” church with a “show and tell” of our new equipment. Discussions will be based on the book by Dave Daubert, Becoming a Hybrid Church. The book is available from the Church Office or can be picked up on Sundays in the narthex. This book is an excellent resource for living and growing into God’s future of on-the-ground and on-line and will be a valuable aid in our discussion of “hybrid.” These two Sundays will be a time to “think” outside the box and dream how our new technology can truly enhance our worship time, as well as the potential of enhancing other ministries at King of Glory, or introducing new ways of ministry. Plan to attend!


 Approved a letter drafted by Nick Tinker supporting Interfaith Sanctuary’s request to re-locate their shelter and services to a larger facility in the downtown area of Boise. This new location will enable Interfaith to expand their services for Boise’s homeless population. The letter of support for this requested zoning change approval was sent to the Interfaith Sanctuary and the mayor and city council of Boise. This is an important show of support for this community program. Please contact me if you want to read this letter of support.


In approving the 2022 budget at our Annual Meeting, it was decided that the practice of providing King of Glory members with a subscription to the Living Lutheran would be discontinued. We are in the process of determining when the current subscriptions expire. Families will be notified on the renewal process.

After extensive discussion, it was decided that the current Covid protocol behavior of requiring vaccinations and wearing masks will be continued. This was a difficult decision to make because we are all anxious to once again go back to “normal.” However, this conclusion was made to ensure the continued safety of this entire body of faith. Evaluation of Covid risk factors in our area will continue to be monitored. Thank you for so faithfully supporting King of Glory’s Covid protocol over the past two years.


One more item of information! Suez Water Company has alerted our Property Committee that they will be doing maintenance and construction projects during their “construction” season,” February, March and April. They will be painting the water tank and making improvements to the equipment on their property east of the church. They also plan to replace a pipeline that runs from their water tank to Maple Grove Road on the south end of our property. This project will close access at the “south” entrance to the church for a few days. Thank you for your patience during this construction time.


Thank you for your prayer support for the leadership of this community of faith!

Mary Rickerd, President

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Dulcimer Friendly Evening Prayer for Lent on Zoom

March 23, 30, and April 6th.

All Services begin at 7 pm MST

 You need to register to receive the bulletin. Once you register,

Steve will send you the Zoom link to the service. 

Register Here
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Book Club

There will be a meeting on April 2nd at church at 9:30 AM. They will be discussing The Luckiest Man - Life with John McCain by Mark Salter.

Download the updated Book list for May 2022 through June 2023 below.

Book Club Readings

Opportunities within KOG

King Of Glory Congregation


As you all know there are many opportunities to be part of a variety of different activities or groups within the King of Glory Congregation (KOG). Here is an organization that is in need of more active leaders within their group.

This group within KOG is the New Americans. Several of the New Americans have made great progress within our community. The New Americans are in need of some additional members from KOG to help create an active working committee. The New Americans have had several members from KOG part of this committee. However, some members have had to move away from the Boise area. Some members have had to back away from helping the New Americans due to personal reasons to help their own families. There are two active KOG members part of this committee now. This group could easily use two maybe three more individuals to help on this awesome committee. The biggest things the New Americans group needs is the guidance on where to go for assistance. Being able to speak French is an awesome bonus however it is not required. I am hoping that as the liaison to the New Americans for the Church Council that there are some members within the KOG congregation that could find it in their hearts to be part of the New Americans working committee.

If you would like to learn more please contact Sally Husted, Asukulue Etoka, Pastor Connie, or myself. This could be very rewarding to the right individual or individuals to be able to help a growing population within our church.

Dwayne Gjoraas



Free Meal - March 26, 2022!

Last month, the Free Meal served or sent home another 40 meals. Those that are here we’re glad to see us serve the meal inside. The next free meal is Saturday, March 26 from noon to 1:30. If you’d like to join us, we are having corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots. If you’d like to help cook, please show up around 9:30 as we will need to get the potatoes, cabbage and carrots ready for cooking. Servers can show up around 11:30-12:00

Little Library

The Little Library could use some more book donations, especially children's books and perhaps children's books of diverse cultures. The donation boxes are in the hall under the coat rack.

People of the community are definitely enjoying this KOG service!

Sandwich Sunday Update

We had Seven Volunteers this last Sunday. We made 400 sandwiches with 40 loaves of bread for the River of Life Boise Rescue Mission. Next Month, we will need more Meat & Cheese! Thank you all!


Women’s Zoom Monthly Bible Study 2nd Wednesday every month.

This monthly Bible study meets the second Wednesday of the month. It is published in the Women of the ELCA’s publication, “Gather Magazine.” But you don’t need the magazine, just come and join in. For the next two sessions the study is authored by ELCA Bible scholar, Mark Allan Powell. If you want to study ahead a little, you can read John 4: 5-30 & John 10-10.

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